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Monday, October 16, 2017

How to Clean off That Messy Tape Residue the Easy Way!

Good morning crafter's today I am here to show you how to clean off messy tape residue the easy way! Since it's almost Halloween, I thought I'd show you on this neat little thrift store find! I love it!

In this photo the bowl doesn't look very big, but I can assure you it would hold a large bag of chips, candy or a large punch recipe. It's adorable!

The problem with it however is that at the thrift store they had taped the leg base, to the ceramic head, leaving tons of tape residue on the face.  

and on the back of the bowl. 

This type of thing would have normally drove me crazy, but I knew I had a secret weapon! The Best Cleaner Ever from ScraPerfect.  

I love their products because they are Environmentally responsible, and non toxic, plus they all work amazingly well. This cleaner has cleaned just about everything I have put it to the test with including markers, pine sap, paint, etc. It cleans ink off of your rubber stamps, and can even help remove hair dye from your hands, and face. 

I used just a tiny amount of spray and let it sit for about 5 minutes (longer maybe necessary if the stain, or residue has been on your item a long time or there is a larger amount of residue.) but as you can see in this photo all the tape residue is gone, and my bowl is nice and clean. You should rinse this product off after cleaning any food containers even though it's non toxic. 

As you can see it also did a fabulous job on the back of the bowl! 

So my little spider bowl is now happy as can be!

Here is a view of the inside and other side of my cute little bowl, and I don't even like spiders!

Well till next time Happy Scrapping, Love Penny 
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Sunday, October 15, 2017

How to Recycle Dishes to Make a Larger Set to Fit Your Families Needs.

Good morning crafter's Penny here to show you how to recycle old dishes with transparent vinyl to make your set larger. 

So I started off with this cute set of dishes pictured below. I picked them up at the local thrift store. Since my daughter frequently entertains friends I thought she would use this pretty set during one of her dinner parties.

The main problem is that her family needed a set of 6, and this was only a set of four.

So I found these two bowls with lids, and these two larger glasses, also from the local thrift store and proceeded to use this beautiful Transparent Glitter Vinyl from Style Tech & Tape Technologies. Here is a link to their Facebook Page

For my project I used the following colors: 

Apple Green 447TG

Orange 461TG 
FYI this photos shows this darker than it truly is.  It's actually a bright orange.

Blue 453 TG

Silver 493TG

I also used this Ultra Metallic Sea Foam 160 from the Ultra Metallic's collection. They are just as glittery as the gorgeous Transparent Glitter , but they are more opaque in nature.

There are many other colors and product types available.  You can see a color chart Here

So here are my two finished glasses. I tried to match the pattern on the original dishes as closely as possible with the vinyl colors, and my die cut machine cartridges, and a tiny fish punch. They are not an exact match but they do match closely enough to complete the set of dishes.

Here are the decorated bowls. Since my bowls had slight indention's at the base of the bowl's I had to
put my fish there, and my stripes at the top of the bowls.

Here is another look at my new larger set! I am happy with the outcome and I know my daughter will be as well! Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 

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Friday, October 13, 2017

One of the Worst Mistakes You Can Make as a Blogger

Hello fellow bloggers, and website owners, today I am going to tell you what in my opinion is one of the worst mistakes a new blogger, or site owner can make on their site.

I've been a blogger for several years now, and I still see this common blogger, and site owner mistake ALL THE TIME!  If you are making this mistake you are losing a large portion of your viewers, and / or potential customers as soon as they click on your site. 

According to the chart from this site the percentage of internet users from the ages 50 - 64 has risen 64% since 2006. 

These people are also the one's that can have more disposable incomes as well, aka they have the money to buy the items you are trying to sell. That is why they as a group should be so important to you. See this link Spending Patterns By Age

That demographic is something you need to attract for your blog or website, so it can be more successful, and profitable. You can't do that if they can't read your blog or website! 

According to American Optometric Association adults start losing their vision in approximately their mid 40s. Sure glasses can help with this issue, but if your blog or websites fonts are too light for them to read then you are losing a large portion of potential blog followers, and / or customers. 

Some of the worst offending colors in my opinion are light gray (I see this problem a LOT) light pink, light blue, and yellow. As an older adult I can't tell you how many blog posts, and websites I have been interested in, but couldn't read once I went to their site due to the owner's poor choice of background and font colors, and styles. They lost me as a follower, and as a potential customer even though I was interested enough in their content to click on their blog, or worse yet store link.

The same goes for some of those cutesy thin fonts. If they are hard for someone visually impaired to read then they are not going to be hanging around to read your blog, or visit your website, no matter how entertaining your blog's content appears to be. Nor will they stick around to buy your products. Great photos, and titles can attract potential followers / buyers, but if they can't read the content once they are there, all of your hard work posting on your blog, or store site is not going to pay off. 

Some of the worst offenders of using bad font choices are cooking blogs! When an elderly person, or someone visually impaired can't read the correct cooking measurements on your site because of your font or font color choice, their meal may end up being a disaster, and they will NOT make another meal from your site again.  

So my suggestion to you is: 
Have some elderly people look at your blog's font, and font color, and ask them for their honest opinions on how easy it was for them to read. Also if you are using light gray or any of the other colors mentioned above, do yourself a favor and change those color's now! 

Being a blogger with what you think is a hip color, is not nearly as rewarding as having a successful blog with lot's of followers and / or customers who can actually READ your content, and buy from your store.. 

Just a tip from this old granny! Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How to Make Homemade Project Life Football Cards

Good morning fellow crafter's Penny here today to show you some fun homemade Project Life football cards.

These cards were super easy to make and as you can see below we have a house divided on which teams to root for. To cut out my cards decorations I used my die cut machine, my paper trimmer, and a corner rounder. (P.s there are more cards at the bottom of this post) 

To glue all these elements in place I used this multi-purpose glue from ScraPerfect. The glue fits it's name perfectly it's the Best Glue Ever. I adore this glue since it will glue tons of different items without me having to buy a different glue for each material. It will glue metal, plastic, paper, wood, fabric, etc.. 


For these project's I was thrilled to also have their No Clog Writing Cap. This is the extra fine cap that let's me place glue EXACTLY where I want it and no where else. That made gluing those tiny letter's in place a breeze. 

To place all of these letter's and star's I used the Embellie Gellie tool that let's you place even the smallest items exactly where you want them with just the slightest touch! It's perfect for beads, paper, sequins, etc. 

No automatic alt text available.

Just when you thought I was done with all the card samples you'll see that indeed we each have a favorite team!

I hope you enjoyed these fun project life cards today! Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny
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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

How to Decorate an Amazing Fall & Halloween Ice Bucket With Vinyl

Good morning fellow crafter's Penny here today to show you how to decorate fun Fall & Halloween ice bucket with vinyl.

This is the plain white ice bucket I started with, it was cute but drab.

So my first thought was to dress it up with some amazing transparent glitter vinyl from Style Tech Craft & Tape Technologies.  They have a huge assortment of vinyl products including: Opaque Colorsfluorescent colors, and the Transparent Glitter I used for my project. Here is a link to their Color & Product Chart.  You can also find out more information from their Facebook Page

So for my project I used the following colors:

Red 464TG

Apple Green 447TG

Yellow 474TG

Black 499TG

Orange 461TG

This orange appears much brighter than this upper photo shows as you can see in the below samples on my project. I am not sure why it appeared so dark in my sample photo.

This project was a blast to make but I don't think I could have done it properly without their Application Tape ! It made my job of applying this vinyl SO MUCH EASIER! Even the tiniest pieces of vinyl were correctly lined up, and it made it possible for me to correctly place whole words at a time. I am in love with this tape.

As you can see from these photo's my decorations went all the way around my bucket. They are adorable. I used a Cricut die cut machine to make all of these designs.

This was a fun project I would gladly do again, but it did take some time.

Here is another view point.

I hope you enjoyed my project today and be sure and stay tuned for more fun up-cycling ideas in the future. Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny
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Monday, September 04, 2017

How to Use Vinyl To Decorate a Photo Mat

Good morning crafter's Penny here today to show you how to decorate a photo mat with vinyl.

So I started with an 11 x 14 gold photo frame. 

It also included a smaller photo mat just begging to have some flair added to it.  

This was the photo I wanted to use in that frame as a gift for my mom. It is a picture of my granddaughter Madison dressed up in a Tinkerbell costume while she was watering flowers at my grandmother's home. I always loved this photo. 

 So first I needed to choose the vinyl I wanted to use. For this project I chose the Gloss vinyls from
Style Tech Craft, and Tape Technologies Website. You can find their facebook page Here  They have a large assortment of vinyls in many different mediums such as Polished Metal, Transparent Glitter, Glossy, Ultra Metallic's, etc. . You can find one of their color charts Here.

For my project I chose the following colors, but these photos do not properly show off the shine on this vinyl. It is amazing!

Gloss Bubble Gum 469

Gloss Medium Green 445
 (FYI This green is more of a grass green, than the blue tint that this photo shows.)

Gloss Ice Blue 450

So after picking out my colors I then picked out a cartridge for my Cricut die cut machine, and started cutting out words, and shapes, and adding them to my photo mat. My blade on my cutting machine is not as sharp as it should be so I found that the settings that worked the best for me were "High" on speed, and "Medium" for pressure. To to help weed the vinyl's tiny pieces I used a sewing needle. I hope that information helps someone else while they are working on their projects.

To help transfer the die cut vinyl I used some Application-tape or pre-mask tape. I don't know where this stuff has been all my life, but I LOVE IT! That little word "Magical" on my photo mat would have been thrown in the trash were it not for this tape. The next time I chose to cut out something that has the word "Filigree" in the title somebody stop me! PLEASE!  Especially when it's this small.

So after using the application tape to apply my designs, I then placed my photo back in the frame.

I also learned that in order to get a better photo of my project I should remove the glass for the photo otherwise you get this horrible glare from the camera's flash as shown below. The same thing happens to the vinyl when you try to get a good photo of the glossy texture of this product which is a shame as it's gorgeous. .

Some other colors available in this gloss vinyl's are:

Gloss Black 499

Coral 433

Gloss Magenta 435

Gloss Orange 461

Gloss Red 464

Gloss Silver 493

 Well thanks for playing along today as I made my mom this gift. Come back soon for more fun making all sorts of projects.

Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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