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Monday, September 04, 2017

How to Use Vinyl To Decorate a Photo Mat

Good morning crafter's Penny here today to show you how to decorate a photo mat with vinyl.

So I started with an 11 x 14 gold photo frame. 

It also included a smaller photo mat just begging to have some flair added to it.  

This was the photo I wanted to use in that frame as a gift for my mom. It is a picture of my granddaughter Madison dressed up in a Tinkerbell costume while she was watering flowers at my grandmother's home. I always loved this photo. 

 So first I needed to choose the vinyl I wanted to use. For this project I chose the Gloss vinyls from
Style Tech Craft, and Tape Technologies Website. You can find their facebook page Here  They have a large assortment of vinyls in many different mediums such as Polished Metal, Transparent Glitter, Glossy, Ultra Metallic's, etc. . You can find one of their color charts Here.

For my project I chose the following colors, but these photos do not properly show off the shine on this vinyl. It is amazing!

Gloss Bubble Gum 469

Gloss Medium Green 445
 (FYI This green is more of a grass green, than the blue tint that this photo shows.)

Gloss Ice Blue 450

So after picking out my colors I then picked out a cartridge for my die cut machine, and started cutting out words, and shapes, and adding them to my photo mat. My blade on my cutting machine is not as sharp as it should be so I found that the settings that worked the best for me were "High" on speed, and "Medium" for pressure. To to help weed the vinyl's tiny pieces I used a sewing needle. I hope that information helps someone else while they are working on their projects.

To help transfer the die cut vinyl I used some Application-tape or pre-mask tape. I don't know where this stuff has been all my life, but I LOVE IT! That little word "Magical" on my photo mat would have been thrown in the trash were it not for this tape. The next time I chose to cut out something that has the word "Filigree" in the title somebody stop me! PLEASE!  Especially when it's this small.

So after using the application tape to apply my designs, I then placed my photo back in the frame.

I also learned that in order to get a better photo of my project I should remove the glass for the photo otherwise you get this horrible glare from the camera's flash as shown below. The same thing happens to the vinyl when you try to get a good photo of the glossy texture of this product which is a shame as it's gorgeous. .

Some other colors available in this gloss vinyl's are:

Gloss Black 499

Coral 433

Gloss Magenta 435

Gloss Orange 461

Gloss Red 464

Gloss Silver 493

 Well thanks for playing along today as I made my mom this gift. Come back soon for more fun making all sorts of projects.

Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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Sunday, September 03, 2017

How to Recycle Your Cards for Scrapbooking Layouts

Hello fellow crafters Penny here today to give you some great tips on how to recycle your cards on your scrapbook layouts.

Here are a few samples of some homemade cards I made.
Each one of these cards would make a great title on a scrapbook page.

Each of these cards also give me a color scheme to work off of, and a scrapbook layout theme as well.

You will notice that each of these cards have a variety of trims and accessories. Including gems, twine, paper, ribbon, and chipboard. Normally I would need a different glue for each of those accessories in order to hold them in place. However I found this great product that will hold each of these items without fail!

It's the Best Glue Ever made by ScraPerfect! It will hold metal, fabric, paper, plastic, etc. with just the tiniest amounts.  An unbelievable bargain when you consider that you would have had to have purchased several different glues for each of those items. Plus the time spent switching back and forth between those different products. 

To glue down those tiny gems I love to use the Embellie Gellie. I don't know how I lived without this little amazing product. It will pick up and hold even the smallest products and let you place them exactly where you want them to go. Perfect for gems, and beads. 

 So here are a couple of my layouts using some of my recycled cards as a titles.

Unless I told you first you would have never guessed these titles has a past life as cards. Simple easy, and cheap! Plus it keeps your wonderful cards out of the landfill. I hope you enjoyed my frugal tips for today! Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny
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Thursday, August 10, 2017

How to Make a DIY Dinosaur Child's Bank

Good morning, Penny here to show you how to make a cute DIY Dinosaur Child's bank, or storage container.

This is a super easy, and low cost craft. I started out with a empty used peanut can. When choosing your container please make sure your can's edges are not so sharp that they are going to cut little fingers. This step is VERY important!

 This is the can I chose. you can chose a larger can, or even make yours from a plastic container as well.

Here is my container with the label removed. It is VERY important that you save the label and try to removed it in one piece if possible.

For my next step I used the label to measure out how much vinyl I was going to need to make my project. The vinyl was too short to go all the way around, so I added another section making sure I had about 1/2 inch left over to make my label overlap some. When using the label to measure out your pieces make sure that the label covers ALL of the can. It was only after I cut my vinyl that I realized that the can's label was about 1/4 inch too small! No worries as the can's lid covered the issue, but I will watch for this problem in the future.

My vinyl colors where bright florescent to give my project some fun colors.  They came from Style Tech Crafts Fluorescent Selection. They are made with Tape Technologies company.

Red FO5

Pink FO1

Green FO6

Yellow FO3

Blue FO7

and not pictured here Orange FO4. 

Here are my die cut outs made with this vinyl. 

I added my die cuts to my vinyl label prior to putting the label on the can, since it is much easier that way when you are dealing with a round object. Just make sure you leave enough empty space to overlap your label. You'll notice I have left space on both ends.

After putting the label on the can I'll go back and add another dinosaur die cut in the empty spot.

Here it is with the added die cut, and you can clearly see where I needed about another 1/4 inch of the vinyl all the way around the top. This doesn't show when the lid is in place.

Here are some finished images to the decorated bank.

I didn't add the cutout for the money slot yet so you can see what it would look like as just a storage container. To add the money slot you just need to cut a hole in the top large enough for a quarter. I hope you had fun today, and until next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny
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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

How to Decorate an Outside Birdhouse With Vinyl

Good morning crafter's Penny here today to show you how to decorate an outside birdhouse with weatherproof vinyl.

I started my project off with this birdhouse many of you have seen advertised on TV. I chose this type because my mother is disabled and this would give her a fun view of some birds. 

This is what is looks like outside of the box. It is made from a pretty tough plastic with a clear backing so you can see inside of the birdhouse from inside of the house. (Not all parts are pictured here)

So next I needed some weather proof vinyl, so for that I went to Style Tech Craft to look at the Tape Technologies vinyl products. These vinyl's are permanent, and weather proof, and for this project I chose the Fluorescent colors FL Series.

I used the following colors on my project:

Red FO5

Pink FO1

Green FO6

Yellow FO3

Blue F07

and not pictured here Orange FO4. To make my flower designs I used a die cut machine, and to make my heart I used a punch. Both worked beautifully with this vinyl. I also hand cut the grass section. 

To start off I decorated the front first. 

You'll notice that the perch has not been added to the house yet, nor has the grass cutout. 

Then I did both sides. It was only after I added the flowers that I added the grass. I started on one side and then worked my way all the way around. The vinyl was not wide enough to make this in one strip so I added a second small strip at the end. 

For the smaller circles on the flowers I used a regular paper hole punch.

After I was finished with the front and sides I decorated the birdhouse roof with die cut letters, and the heart shaped punches. 

After that I added the perch, and the suction cups that will attach it to my mom's window. I hope you had fun following along today, and until next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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