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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

How to Make Pre-Made Scrapbook Layouts

Good morning crafter's today I am here to show you another beautiful, yet simple pre-made scrapbook layout. Here is my finished layout, keep reading for step by step directions on how it was made.

So here are some of the supplies I started with:
1 sheet of pattern paper, 1 doily, 1 pre printed journaling block, washi tape, cardstock stickers, 2 strips of matching cardstock, and vellum card holder with the inside sheet.

I started by gluing the two strips of cardstock together with ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever.  If you ever give this product a chance you will NEVER go back to other adhesives again. I just love it. It has so many different uses besides just crafts.  Be sure and check out our ScraPerfect Pinterest Board for even more project ideas.  We'd love to have you as a follower as well while you are there! 

Next I added the doily, and the washi tape.

Then I added the cardstock title sticker, the journaling block, and the vellum card holder. ScraPerfect's glue worked great on all of these different types of embellishments, which saved me time, and money.

Next I added another strip of washi tape to the inner card, and a matching tab. I also added a small tab on the bottom of the journaling block.

Here is a photo of the sheet inside of the vellum envelope.

To finish up the layout I added a DIY flower, some flower stickers, and I used a hole punch to add a ribbon tie to the vellum card cover. Then I added a sticker to the outside of the card cover.

I hope you had fun following along today, and until next time "Happy Scrapping". Love Penny 
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Monday, January 14, 2019

Hello crew, Penny here today to show you how to update a layout that you are not totally satisfied with.
This is my layout AFTER I did some work on it. 

I made this layout earlier in Jan. for Robin's Nest Scrapbooking Store, but something about it even after I thought I was finished with it, just didn't seem quite right to me. Here is what the layout looked like BEFORE I started working on it again, picture below. 

While it was nice, there was just something about it that was driving me crazy. Here is my original post as well so you can read all about their lovely products. I'm absolutely in love with the King of Hearts. I would pick up the layout, look at it, and then put it back down. I bet I did this 10 times, or more before finally doing something else to it.. 

So after doing this for about a month, ScraPerfect's Blog had a February-layout-challenge to use the color's Red, Black, White, and Grey.  Well this layout came to my mind immediately since it was still driving me crazy. So I went to work on it.  The first thing I did was turn the playing card upside down. So I gently pried it up, and turned it the right direction. The ribbon ends on the card were supposed to be on the left side of the page to begin with, but I didn't notice that I had it turned the card in the wrong direction until I had glued it in place the first time. So not wanting to damage it that close to being finished with it, I left it there. 


Thankfully ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever. let me peel it up, since it's both a permanent glue, and a re-positional glue. 

Then I started adding some more embellishments, a little washi tape, and the words "handsome, and boy". I also added some more of Robin's Nest Dew-Drops-Originals to the center of the flowers. Things were looking better already.

I've got to say I like both versions of this layout, but I love the updated one just a little more. (at least I don't pick it up, and stare at it anymore.)

I hope this inspires you to do a challenge, and perhaps update a layout that is bugging you as well. Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny
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Friday, January 11, 2019

How to Keep Track of Your Design Team Information

Good morning fellow crafters, today I am going to show you my favorite tip on how to keep your DT product information on your scrapbook layout.

If there is a tear off strip on the piece of paper, or sticker sheet that I am using, I simply glue, or place them on the back of my layout. They of course don't have to be this long, but I write other supplies on the strip as I use them. Easy, quick, and no more hunting for the name of the paper, or supply you used. I hope this helped you today with your DT posts. Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 
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Thursday, January 10, 2019

How to Make a Beautiful Layered Valentine's Layout

Good morning crafter's Penny here today to show you a beautiful layered Valentine's layout, featuring the great products from the Robin's Nests Scrapbooking Store.

I started with several of their wonderful supplies:
Robin's Nest Doillies
I adore these lace dollies. My favorite trick is cutting them in half, so that they last twice as long.

There were enough stickers on this sheet that I used them on two different layouts. 

I love these little things, and have used them on EVERTHING! 

This is beautiful paper! Double sided, and the crown's are glittered. I love it, and by cutting the crowns into strips, and even single pieces, I ended up using this on several layouts, with several different themes.

Then I used the double hearts from this collection. 

The lips on this paper are glitter in a silver, and it's also a double sided paper.

I love these alphabets, and they come in several different colors. 

So here is my finished Valentine's layout featuring of course my Miss Madison.  You can see where all these wonderful products were put to use, and how easy it was to mix, and match the various supplies to make a super easy, yet layered layout. 

Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny 
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Monday, January 07, 2019

How to Make a Beautiful Valentine's Layout

Penny here today to show you a beautiful "Heart to Heart" Valentine's scrapbook layout.

I included this layout in a wedding album I made for a friend. The large hearts are die cuts I picked up in the teacher supply section of a dollar store. The smaller heart's, and swirl shapes came in a puffy sticker pack. The cherubs were made using punches, as was the DIY flower at the top under the title, and the "love" in white on the heart. The "Vow of Love" on the bottom was a wooden accent, and the bow on the top right came from Wilton.

This layout started by gluing in place a large heart doily. This is usually a total mess to do with a glue stick, but lucky for me I had a bottle of the Best Glue Ever with the Fine Line No Clog Writing Cap attached to it from ScraPerfect. This made this delicate task a breeze to do.

It also made it easy to just add a fine line of glue to the back of the heart die cuts. What was great about using this glue on these die cuts was I was going to glue them onto some glitter cardstock (the checked paper in the next photo) now normally this is hard to do with regular glue because the glue just falls off, and takes the glitter with it. No however with the "Best Glue Ever" it has a strong bond with a lot of different surfaces.

In this photo you can see that glitter cardstock sparkle, and shine. So I hope you enjoyed this Valentine's
layout today, and until next time "Happy Scrapping."  Love Penny P.S. This is page 1, later I will show you page 2.
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Sunday, January 06, 2019

How to Decorate a Planner Cover With Beautiful Vinyl

Good morning friends Penny here today to show you how I decorated a planner cover just using beautiful Transparent Glitter Vinyl.

My planner came with the stripes already printed on the inside of the plastic. While it was cute, it was really kind of boring. So I went to my crafting supplies and pulled out some Transparent glitter vinyl, from the StyleTechCraft Company. Truly a great quality vinyl, that peels and cuts with ease, but is also beautiful in color and long lasting.

The color I chose to use was Red 464 Transparent Glitter. However this product comes in 27 colors, which can be viewed using their color charts located here. The sparkle and shine on this vinyl is amazing, and since it's transparent it can be used on windows, glassware, mirrors, etc.! 

If you'd like to purchase some of this vinyl please check out the following locations in your area:

Transparent Glitter:
ATSMCRAFT ( (Southeast US & PR only)
MidSouth Crafting Supplies (
Script Designs
(Canada) Turner Moore on Amazon Vinyl & Crafts (
Vinyl Countdown (
Vinyl Spectrum (

I hope this inspires you to create your own vinyl project in the near future. Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 

Disclosure: This blog uses products supplied by manufacturers in order to complete projects. 
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Thursday, January 03, 2019

How to Make and Decorate Homemade Planner Pages For January

Good morning crafter's Penny here again today to show you how I made and decorated my own planner pages using vinyl. These pages were made for the month of January, but I made a whole year's worth of covers, so be sure and stop back by to see next months cover reveal. .

I started making these planners by using some heavy cardstock that came in a birthday planner kit, that included metal rings to hold it together. Later as I needed more pages I just cut out heavy duty cardstock myself, and using the store bought sheets as a guide for the size, and the ring holes. I marked where my holes needed to be for my rings, and punched them out with a standard hole punch. You however could make your planner covers larger or smaller depending on what size you needed, or the size of your outer notebook.

Next I used vinyl from StyleTech Crafts to cover the cardstock, thereby making my planner much more durable, and the divider covers since they were covered in vinyl became waterproof/spill proof as well. The calendar pages, were also from the birthday kit,(these were made of regular paper so they are not waterproof) but they would be easy to buy or print off on your home computer, The pocket pages were purchased separately without decorations, but they could also easily be made at home then decorated as I did.

These decorations mainly used the beautiful Opalescence colored vinyl in the white/blue. Then the cut out decorations were then placed on the Blue Gloss vinyl. The red I believe is from the Polished Metal collection. You can find some of their color charts located here

If you'd like to see more product types, or to keep up to date on all the new products, and projects made using these vinyl types just follow along on their Facebook Page. To make it easier to apply my cut out decorations I used the Application Tape which I highly recommend, as it makes working with vinyl a breeze.

If you'd like to purchase some of this glorious Opalescence vinyl, please check these retailers.
 Opal ATSMCRAFT ( (Southeast US & PR only) 
JPI Blanks ( 
MidSouth Crafting Supplies ( 
Script Designs 
(Canada) Turner Moore on Amazon Vinyl & Crafts ( Vinyl Countdown ( 
Vinyl Spectrum (

Of course to make my planner more interesting I decorated both sides of all of my pages, except for the middle page. That one I left blank on the back side so if I needed extra space to write notes on it was available. I used my die cut machine, and punches to make all of my decorations for this planner. If you enjoyed this post be sure and look back at the future months to see how those covers turned out. 

So if you are really into making and using planners, but can't find any in the styles you like, here is an option for you. This type of planner is also very environmentally friendly because you can reuse the monthly divider covers and just replace the monthly dated pages (pictured in the center of the photo), instead of throwing away the whole planner when the year is up. Or if one page get's damaged, or you are tired of that month's theme the whole planner doesn't have to be replaced, you just make a new cover. I hope you enjoyed following along today, and till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny

Product Disclosure: This blogs is supplied products by companies for it's use in making projects.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

How to Make An All White Scrapbook Layout

I had never tried to make an all white layout before, and this one put me to the test! I took this photo of my granddaughter Madison quite some time ago, and I was just waiting on the right layout to use it on. It was a little blurry, but I loved it anyway so I decided to use it.

The layout had to be special since in this photo Madison was doing her best "Marilyn Monroe" imitation. This all white challenge seemed to fit perfectly with this photo so I went forward with the layout process crossing my fingers that I didn't screw it up. LOL

I ended up making almost all of my embellishments for this challenge myself because most of the supposedly "all white" embellishments that I already owned ended up having other colors mixed in in tiny amounts.

For the flowers I used mainly McGill punches, a few tiny silk flowers, Versa Mark ink, and glitter with an assortment of brads, and sequins to hold them in place.  

To give this layout added texture I used mulberry paper, and various edged scissors on an assortment of paper strips. The bows on this layout were pre-made by Wilton. (Thank goodness because by then I was getting tired of making embellishments.)

I first hand drew, and cut out the dress. Then I used folded torn strips of paper to give the dress a ruffled effect. Next I tucked in bits, and pieces of lace, and then added the sequins, and brads. Not perfect by any means but my old Home Economics teacher would tell you it's the best piece of clothing I ever made! LOL

I also added a piece of vellum which I had stamped flower images on with white ink. I wasn't prepared for the hardest part of this challenge however, which ended up being trying to take a photo of an all white layout! After several failed attempts I finally had to take it outside to get a decent shot, and even then the name portion of the layout which was made up with bling didn't quite show up as well as I wished it would have.  

Flower punches - McGill
Ink - Versa Mark, and Studio G
Glitter - Studio G
Sequins - Unknown, flea market find
Brads - Recollections, and assorted.
Scissors - Fiskars
Wilton - bows, and leaves. 
Small scraps of assorted lace.
Mulberry paper
Title -  Mambi
Vellum - Unknown
Stamps - Still looking for MFG. name on these.

Good luck on your own, "White" layout! I think I may try another one as soon as my punches cool down! LOL  Happy Scrapping, Love Penny 
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Friday, December 28, 2018

It's the End Of The Christmas Season!

I snapped this photo at a Christmas Parade, and thought it was fitting for this post!

Ah! Merry Christmas to one and all!  Well the photo's never got printed, but the scrapbooks are done.  Four 12 x 12 albums in 2 days! That is probably the most I've completed since doing the recipe swaps years ago!  Ran though 4-5 glue sticks and more brads than I can count, but at least it's done, and the books have been gifted.  I chose to let them decide which photo's they wanted to use and just did generic pages, holiday themes, or pages I knew they would probably have photos for.

In case you ever have to make any pre-made albums with no pictures here are the themes I made pages for:
Birthday, Memories, Christmas, Halloween, A Day at the Zoo (this could also be used for Wild kids, parties, etc.) Fairy page, Several floral themed pages since all the people getting these books were either young girls or women, that could be used for a variety of subjects, a few in brights, and a few in Heritage colors. A butterfly themed page, Hot Summer days, Pool / Beach.  I ended up with 20 pages per book, with the side by side layouts matching in both theme and in colors.  On several of the layouts

You can find a lot of my pre-made layouts, along with other's I've pinned on my Pinterest Board

I included tags, with nice fiber threads, just to give the books some added texture, and left space to do some journaling. They seemed to be a hit with the people who rec'd them so I hope they get to enjoy them for years to come.

Well I'm off to bed it's been a long day of cooking, eating, opening presents, eating, cleaning up, and eating, etc.  Love Penny who will now need a New Year's resolution for dieting.Till next time Happy Scrapping.
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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

How To Use Vinyl To Easily Decorate Your Tablescapes

Good morning friends today I'm going to show you how to dress up your dinner party charger plates with Gloss Craft Vinyl..

I was making my charger plates for my Christmas dinner party, but this can DIY project can be done to suit any holiday, or party theme. I started with a blank gold charger plate that can be picked up for just a couple of bucks each at most retail stores. This was is decorated for my granddaughter Madison.

Next I chose my vinyl. For the two finished plates shown here I used the colors above:
492 White, 445 Green, 484 Red, and 450 Ice Blue. They are made by StyleTech Craft,

If you would like to purchase some yourself this vinyl can be found at the following retailers. 

Glossy Craft Vinyl:

ATSMCRAFT (Southeast US & PR only)
JPI Blanks
MidSouth Crafting Supplies
Script Designs

This is top notch vinyl, it holds up very well, and cuts, and peels beautifully.

This is my second charge plate which was decorated for my grandson Matthew, who often has a hard time making the "Good List", but we love him just the same. 

Well I hope you enjoyed making these decorative plates with me today and be sure and make some for your own dinner party very soon. Till next time "Happy Scrapping" Love Penny 

Disclaimer: This blog receives free products in return for project use, and advertisement. 

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Monday, December 03, 2018

How to Make a Super Easy Book Marker With Scrapbook Paper

Good morning friends today I am going to show you  how to make a super easy book marker from your leftover scraps of scrapbook paper. 

I made this book marker using an older line of Foof-a-la paper that I just had bits and pieces of leftover from making scrapbook pages. It worked perfectly for this project! 

I also added some old eyelets to the top so that it would not be so prone to tearing during use. 

The black ribbon strips are really a type of flat cording, and are made of cotton that I bought on a spool, I have no idea what their orginial use was for. 

The part that say's (Read) was just made using stickers. 

This book marker would work perfectly for either a boy or a girl, and would make super easy Christmas gifts! 

I hope you had fun today be sure and leave me a comment and I'd love it if you became a blog follower. Happy Scrapping, Love Penny
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Sunday, December 02, 2018

How To Make A Santa Claus Scrapbook Layout

This was Madison's very 1st Christmas, and we couldn't wait to take photos of her Matthew, and our very own family "Santa". The photo's turned out great!  I love how Madison is looking at Santa like he's her hero, and she doesn't even know about the presents yet!

Matthew on the other hand wasn't sure who "Santa" was, but by the time all the presents were handed out he was definitely warming up to him! Luckily for him his name hadn't made to the "Naughty list" yet! LOL

For accents on my layout my frugal side broke out! The snowflake was a Christmas tree ornament. The clay Santa head was an old earring, and I stamped the Santa image on the background paper.  I used my diamond punch to make most of the other accents.  Merry Christmas to all of you, and yours!

To view this layout larger click HERE
Happy Scrappin! Love Penny
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Thursday, November 15, 2018

How to Make Matching Home Accessories, and Decor

Good morning crafter's today I am here to show you how I made some matching home accessories for my mother a couple of years ago. The first items are matching bookends.

The first thing I did here was to paint them green to match the scrapbook paper I was going to use. After gluing the paper in place I then I punched out flower's for the center and held them and the ribbon in place with furniture tacks. Super easy and Super Cute. 

This is the journal jar/box I made for my mom

This is the journal jar/box I made for my mom telling her all the way's I loved her. It was made with just a small circle box. I first covered the lid, and bottom with scrapbook paper, then I added the lace, and stickers. For the inside I also used some punches to make some flowers and cut out the circle pattern paper. I typed out all the text strips, and messages on my computer and printed those off. Then I added the punched out flowers, and cameo. It was a HUGE HIT! 

Next came the matching tissue holder.

I had found the stamped quote several years ago and couldn't wait to use it on something. So first I painted the tissue holder, then added the scrapbook paper, and ribbon. Then the mounted quote, and ribbon. SUPER EASY!

I hope you give these projects a try, and if you would like to see more altered art follow this Link, and I hope to take the time to follow this blog! Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny
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