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Friday, October 21, 2016

Shabby Chic Halloween Spider Flower with ScraPerfect

Witches Brew Layout, and Shabby Chic Halloween Spider Flower

Good morning crafter's Penny here with two small Halloween projects for you today! First up is this pre-made Halloween layout.  I had a photo in mind when I started making this layout, but could not find it so I went ahead, and made the layout, and will put the photo on later. The photo shows my niece Angel stirring Halloween candy in an old cast iron cauldron.  Perfect for this layout, and title. 

So to start it off I used some jack-o-lantern pattern paper, then I added the washi tape strips. 

The title was a painted wooden title I picked up at Micheal's Craft. store. I wanted to add the bling gems to the title however so I headed for my Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect . 

This glue will hold using the tiniest of dots of glue.  Even those photographed here are too big for these bling dots. 

Here I have them all added, and you can clearly see I should have used less glue. With this product using less is better than with other glue products. 

I found these really cute witches cauldron's that are made of foam, but I wanted to dress them up with these bling embellishments. 

So this is what my cauldron looked liked after I glued my bling in place. The glue that is showing white right now, will dry clear, so no worries if you have some on the outside of your bling dots. It will however remain tacky, so I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch and just lightly dabbed it over any excess glue that was showing after it dried. After that the excess glue will no longer be tacky. This tacky feature however is great if you want to make your own glue dots, or you want your items to be repositionable.  

So after gluing my title, cauldron, and extra pattern paper in place this is how it was looking so far. 

Next I made this cute little tag, with some string, stickers, washi tape, and of course more bling. 

More cute pattern paper accents, the tag, and the cute little skeleton cameo, and a bow added to the title area. 

So this was my finished layout.  In this layout I used wood, foam, fabric cording, plastic, and paper, while still only using ONE glue.  I love that fact, and it saves me a ton of money since I don't have to buy a bunch of different glues for each product type. 

Now on to my version of a frugal "Shabby Chic Halloween Spider". My spider was made using some eyelet lace, and old black, and white earring, and my granddaughter's hair bow (sorry Madison, I forgot to tell you where it went) and two purple google eyes. 

First I took about 12 inches of eyelet lace, and gathered it into a circle by sewing it with some loose gathering hand stitching. Then I glued the black and white earring on as a face using ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever .


Next I attached the googly eyes with the same glue, then glued everything down on top of the black hair bow.

Again, I loved the fact that I didn't have to change glue every time I changed the materials. This glue will glue fabric, metal, paper, plastic, etc..It's great !  I love how my spider turned out.  Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny 

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pre-made Anniversary Layout

Happy Anniversary Scrapbook Layout 

Good morning crafter's I thought I'd give you a break on the cruise photos today, and show you another set
of pre-made album pages I am working on for my sister in law's mother's wedding anniversary. The title is made from an actual "wedding anniversary card", that I just glued in place, adding a bow, and some bling.

The bottom section is complied of some velvet green ribbon, some pink ribbon, then topped with a punched border.  The photo mat is an intricately cut wedding invitation, a pink photo mat, green bling diamonds, Jolee's wedding bells, and a heart concho tied with some green twine. Then I added the green silk flowers, with the pink brads.

The journaling card is part of a wedding invitation kit as well, that I added a ruffle sticker, with another sticker heart on top of it, more bling diamonds in two sizes, and a DIY flower.  Hope you enjoyed the page today. Till next time Happy Scrapping, Love Penny
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This is My Happy Scrapbook Layout

This is My Happy Scrapbook Layout

Good morning crafters today I have another cruise photo layout, the reason I have so many of these right now is I am making an album for a dear friend, and these are her photos.  I mounted the photo on black cardstock. I first placed green ribbon on the top, bottom, and on the bow on the tag. Then I added the photo mat. The title came from a set of project life cards, that I added bling to.  The tag came from a tag packet by K & Co. The flower's are some I punched out, and made. I hope you enjoyed "cruising" with me this week.  Till next time Happy Scrapping" Love Penny
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2 Page 50th Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook Layout (page 2)

2 Page 50th Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook Layout (page 2)

 This is page 2 of one of my pre-made wedding layouts. I started with some beautiful embossed gold pattern paper, then added the square doily as a photo mat, attaching it with brads. Then I took a vellum wedding invitation added stickers, and a DIY flower to the outside of it. It can be used as another photo holder, or as a journaling block, and it closes with a bow. The bottom right is also a "thank you" card from an invitation kit. I added brads, sequins, sticker, washi tape, and a punched heart.

The title section is actually a gift card holder, that already had "Congratulations" printed on it.  I added the bling, and the flower sticker. It opens up to hold either a small photo, or another small wedding trinket. Hope you enjoyed this layout, and until next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

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Monday, October 17, 2016

2 Page 50th Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook Layout

2 Page 50th Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook Layout (page 1)

Lately I have had to make several wedding, and anniversary scrapbook albums for my family members. They will be adding the photo's I am just making the pages for them. I will be posting more of these in the future if you need more ideas for your own albums. 

I started with some really beautiful embossed gold paper, some sticker lace, a beautiful white bow, a cake coaster, and a metal cake charm. On the lace trim I added oval pearl brads.

Here is a close up of the cake coaster, with the rest of the accents.

Next I added a gold photo mat, a vellum enclosure, that can cold either a journaling note, or another photo.  I decorated those with matching stickers.

Then I added the title stickers on some white cardstock, and more of the gold paper.

After that I added bling to the photo mat, some DIY punched flowers, and a gold ribbon tie to the vellum enclosure. All done, I hope you like it. Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cruise Photo Layout

Cruise Photo Layout

Not a lot of embellishments or even a title for that matter, but this layout is very pretty in real life. The black, and gold ribbon on the bottom of the page is gorgeous.  At the top of the page is 3 rows of bling, which doesn't show well in this photo, but it brings a real touch of shine to the layout. The bow on the bottom is also very shiny gold.

I will give you a tip about scrapping cruise photos.  On the border edges of the photos are re-order numbers and the name of the company that took the photo.  I cut that off and mount it to the back of my layout so that later if I want to know who took the photo I have a record of it.

I truly wish I had gotten a better photo of this layout before giving it away to my dear friend, but at least I know she is enjoying it. Sometimes simple is best!  Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny  
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mom & Me Scrapbook Layout

Mom & Me Scrapbook Layout

Another cruise photo layout for my friend's album. This photo showcases her, and her daughter, so that is why I chose the title "Mom & Me". I first cut a photo mat a little longer than the photo. Then I used a border punch to punch out the bottom section.  On the rest of the photo mat I added gold bling trim. On the bottom I added a strip of ribbon, and a bow. I also added a "Smash" book note card.

For the tile I cut a black cardstock ribbon shape, added the title, bling, and DIY flowers that I made with punches. Hope you had fun following along today, and come back and see me tomorrow. Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny
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Friday, October 14, 2016

Making DIY Scrapbook Flower's With ScraPerfect

Making DIY Scrapbook Flower's With ScraPerfect

Hello fellow crafters, Penny here with a "Do it Yourself" Scrapbook flower making tutorial.

It's no secret to my follower's that I LOVE making DIY Scrapbook,/paper flowers! These are a few of my favorite punches to make flower's with.  I use lot's of manufactures, from Martha Stewart, Marvy Uchida, etc. I really do adore my punches, and use them almost daily.

I also think that in the long run the cost of punches ends up being very frugal since you can use them over, and over again.  I usually wait till they are on sale, or use a coupon to help with the costs.  I also adore the fact that even small children can use punches. I have used several of these punches with Boy & Girl Scout troops, and elementary school age children. I know my own grandchildren play with them quite often.

Now to start off I pick out the color paper I want my flowers to be.  For this project I chose a tan cardstock. I don't use heavy weight cardstock because I think it makes it too hard on my punches. So I normally punch out the largest section of the flower first. Then I get out my exacto knife.

I learned how to do this small trick with the back rounded end of my exacto knife.  You could use anything that has a rounded end on it, even the back end of an ink pen, but I prefer my knife because it slides easier.  When I use my exacto knife I normally have one handy that does NOT have a blade in it but for this photo, I used the one I had on hand, but I do NOT recommend using it with a blade in the knife shaft. I first place my flower on top of a soft mouse pad. Then I take my knife, and make small circles, in the center of the flower.

As you do this the petals on your flower will start to curl up, just like the petals of a real flower.  I do this will all parts of my flower.

You will see how they are curl, and fit together.  If you want a tighter looking flower just keep circling till you get your desired effect.

This process works for almost all punched shapes, but for some of the more intricate pieces you have to be careful so they don't tear during the curling process.


 I use ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever to hold my flowers in place until I decide what I want to use in the center of my flowers. I also use this glue around the edges of my petals if I want to dip the petal edges in glitter. These are some of the kind's of Tiny Embellishments that I would also use to decorate my flowers. After you are done you can use brads, buttons, gems, or just about anything for the center of your flowers.


 I used some of my finished flowers on this pre-made Wedding layout.

.I hope you have fun making your own flower's, and till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 
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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Red Hot Number Scrapbook Layout

Red Hot Number Scrapbook Layout

This is a layout I did for a friend, and her daughter. The photo was taken while they were on a cruise. The title was made using a coaster, that I punched holes in, and held in place with brads. It came with a matching wine glass marker that removed from the ring, and then I used it on the bottom of the layout, also attached with a brad.

The accent on the bottom left was a piece of a ladies belt that I cut up and laced some leather through. The journaling card is accented with just some simple hearts, and a black bow. I used fabric rick rack on the bottom of the page.  I hope you enjoyed this layout today, and till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Summer Scrapbook Layout with Little Mermaid

Summer Scrapbook Layout with Little Mermaid 

Up today with another layout for a friend.  This layout is not that fancy, but I wanted to show how I used a wallpaper border to create the bottom accents on this page, as a frugal scrapbooking tip of the day. I also used some brads shaped like fish, and a small flower with a brad for a center. All I did was fussy cut out the character's and glue them where I wanted them to go, and where they would still fit onto my page. Super easy, and the bright colors matched my photo, and it's theme.

.I also used some brads shaped like fish, a small flower with a brad for a center, and I attached my title, and my photo with some brads.  Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Vintage layout with Amy Love

Hello crafter's! Penny Arnold here with my second guest designer post for Amy Love's site Shabby is Chic Boutique.  For this project I decided to make a vintage, or shabby chic layout of my grandmother Nancy.

She, like Amy Love, adore the color pink! So what a great tribute to both of them starting with this beautiful folded tulle trim in blush! It was SO soft, and frilly looking, I just had to use it.

So I decided to make a flower starting with the folded tulle blush trim , cutting off about 12 to 16 inches. The more lace you use, the larger, and fluffier your flower will be in the end so keep this in mind when ordering your yardage. I started gathering it with a simple running stitch, on the sewn edge side.  While doing this you don't need for your stitches to be tiny as they will not show when your flower is done, and if they are too tiny the lace will not gather properly.  I normally pull on the thread, and lace, as I sew gathering it at the same time. (If you are unsure of this process there are many Youtube sites that show how to make a Shabby Chic flower.)  After it's gathered into a circle, I sewed the two gathered edges together, and make a few stitches in the middle of the flower just to make sure it will hold together well.

Then I repeat that process with a second beautiful Layered Scalloped Lace located in the Lace and Trims  section of the store.  It came in the lovely package that Amy sent me.  I used a bit less in length than I did on the blush tulle flower. After I am done with the second lace flower, I sew, or hot glue it to the top of the larger blush flower.(I'm not sure why this looks purple in the top photo, it's actually a soft pink., like the photo below.)

For my final touches  I glue one of Amy's blinged out cabochon's, or Embellishments to the center of the flower, and then add the teardrop spray. Beautiful!

 I used this pattern paper, the layered scalloped lace, the Teardrop spray - clear and a cabochon bling center from the Embellishment and Buttons section of the store.

I choose a floral pattern paper, for my layout, and some matching colors for my photo mat. I also added some ink splatters to the photo mat, prior to gluing my photo in place.
After deciding where I wanted to place my photo, and photo mat I glued it to the pattern paper. I added some wonderful white trim to the bottom of the photo. (In the trim link it shows a blue trim, I used a white trim on my project.)

Then it was time to add some of the butterfly dangle trim to the bottom of the layout as well. Then I decorated the trim with the tiny pink rose buds, above each section of lace that dangled down. They look like these pearl roses only mine were pink. 

Next it was time to add my shabby chic flower to the corner of the photo. I love how it turned out. It was also time to add some love to the top of my layout so I added this cute flat back pearl trim .


I also decided to add this beautiful white butterfly applique, it was great the way it was but I cut apart the flat back pearl trim, to give it a body, and antenna.

I still wanted some added goodies, so I took one of the white butterfly applique, added some of the same flat back pearl trim to the center of the butterfly, and antenna, then glued them in place on the body of the butterfly. Then I glued my completed butterfly on the right hand side of my photo on top of the pattern paper.

Thanks for looking and until next time Happy Scrapping, Love Penny 
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