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Sunday, December 25, 2011

End of the season! 
Ah! Merry Christmas to one and all!  Well the photo's never got printed, but the scrapbooks are done.  Four 12 x 12 albums in 2 days! That is probably the most I've completed since doing the recipe swaps years ago!  Ran though 4-5 glue sticks and more brads than I can count, but at least it's done, and the books have been gifted.  I chose to let them decide which photo's they wanted to use and just did generic pages, holiday themes, or pages I knew they would probably have photos for.

In case you ever have to make one of these here are the themes I made pages for:
Birthday, Memories, Christmas, Halloween, A Day at the Zoo (this could also be used for Wild kids, parties, etc.) Fairy page, Several floral themed pages since all the people getting these books were either young girls or women, that could be used for a variety of subjects, a few in brights, and a few in Heritage colors. A butterfly themed page, Hot Summer days, Pool / Beach.  I ended up with 20 pages per book, with the side by side layouts matching in both theme and in colors.  On several of the layouts I included tags, with nice fiber threads, just to give the books some added texture, and a space to do some journaling. They seemed to be a hit with the people who rec'd them so I hope they get to enjoy them for years to come. Well I'm off to bed it's been a long day of cooking, eating, opening presents, eating, cleaning up, and eating, etc.  Love Penny who will now need a New Year's resolution for dieting.
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