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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Scrapbook pencil box

This was a fun project I did one day just because I had a bunch of these really cute pencil boxe's laying around not being used.  I love how it turned out. 

1-plastic pencil box
1-12 x 12 Sheet for the outside of your layouts
1-12 x 12 Sheet for the tags.
1-8 1/2 sheet of white or other light color for journaling blocks
Approx 10 SMALL brads that match your theme, or colors (Large brads will cause your book not to fold properly.)
1 -12inch ribbon
Assorted fibers, or ribbons for tag toppers
Assorted stickers that match your theme or photos
Approx 4 small photos
1 glue stick
Standard round notebook paper hole punch

1) Start by taking the light brown piece of 12 x 12 paper and folding it in not quite in half, (top to bottom)leaving a two inch section at the top that is not covered by the bottom section of the sheet, this will make the pocket section.
2) Now take the sheet and fold it in half length wise.
3) Next take the length wise ENDS of the folded sheet and fold them in to the center fold, this will give you the "book" part of your scrapbook.  Try placing it in your pencil box at this point to make sure it will fit, and refold if necessary.
4)  Now place two brads in the pocket side of your scrapbook, on each side, to keep the outer most "pockets" in place.  Do the same for the inner pockets.
5) On my design I folded down the corners on each side and held them in place with other small brads.
6) Out of the 12 x 12 red paper next cut strips to form your photo tags, and add journaling blocks of white paper underneath each photo section.
7) Using the paper punch, punch a hole in the top of each tag, and lace fancy fibers or ribbons though the hole.
8) Now decorate the outside and inside of your scrapbook, and tie it up with the ribbon.
9) Insert your new scrapbook into it's pencil case and gift it to someone you love. Happy Crafting! Love Penny  P.S. This also makes a great teacher gift at the end of the year.
You should give it a try sometimes.   Love Penny
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Ursula Schneider said...

what fun! Working with tags was kinda new for me as I don't use them too often but I really enjoyed using them. Thanks for sharing your project. And no worries, no offence taken, gonna have to try harder, LOL ;)

I'll see about a quick tutorial, thanks for the idea!

Pamela said...

Great work!! :)

Lynn said...

great project. i love tags.

Lisa Dorsey said...

So very creative Penny! Love the kraft color too!

Christina Freeburn said...

I love this!

jelaines said...

very clever, I just love your "re-cycle" projects (pencil box)and tags are always fun!

Suzanne said...

Great project and such a sweet baby!