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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas is no longer creeping up on me, it is on the expressway coming at me at 100 mph! Today I drove about 15 miles to CVS hoping to get some photo's printed and enlarged that I needed for X-mas scrapbooks, that I am in the process of making, and AFTER I got to the store, I realized that the CD photo disc, I needed was at home laying on top of the dryer.   Oh well, back to CVS tomorrow.
So tonight I will again fight the paper trimmer, as I peel the glue stickies from my fingers, and search through all of my embellishments, for just the right sticker, that I surely will not find, till I have chosen and stuck another one, where I wanted it to go.  Ah, this is life!  What get's done, get's done, and what doesn't won't matter the day after Christmas!  So I'm off to the scrapbook room, trying to imagine how my not printed yet photo's will look like on the layouts I am making!  Oh, and by the way, did I mention that I have to bake cookies tomorrow too! LOL Love Penny

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