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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nascar 3 ring binder

This was previously just a plain 3 ring binder with plastic page pockets.  For this project you want to make sure that the spine (spine meaning the section of this notebook that say's "Allen") of the notebook will accept paper as some notebooks have their spine's attached to the plastic so that paper will not slide down into the pocket. Those types of notebook's will not work for this project! 

For my page insert's I first measured approx. how large I needed the paper to be so that it would slide into the plastic page pocket's without ruining the decorated page, giving it a test run BEFORE decorating it. Then I did the same thing for the spine of the notebook.

Next I decorated my page's, and slide them back into the page pockets, being careful with the pages.  For this example I used Nascar wallpaper border's for the main section then I added stickers, and letter's that I had cut out with my Sizzix.  

You can make these notebooks in any theme, or color! The kid's love them! This one was for my nephew. Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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mars said...

i like this...alot!! big Nascar fan here.

Suzanne said...

This is great!!