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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Homemade napkin rings
So you're planning a party of 8, and you only have 6 napkin rings! What's a girl to do?  Go out and spend $$$ on a new set of 8? That maybe in your budget, but it's certainly not in mine especially since I'll be needing to save my money to buy the food for the party, which I intend to help eat! YUMMY!

SO straight to my perfectly organized craft room I go......Wait a minute I must have been thinking of all those great looking craft rooms on Pintrest, because mine is a disaster....Sigh, yes I do try but.....a girl only has so many hours in a day, so when it's craft vs. clean do I have to tell you which one wins?? I didn't think so...

Okay back to the subject at hand...What was it I was looking for... Oh yeah all those toilet, and paper towel cardboard rolls I have been hoarding for years.  They were a little dusty but still quite usable! Great I was now looking at my new napkin rings.

After applying the outer paper, the hardest part of this project was getting the inside paper glued down in a nice flat circle, but after many sticky fingers from excess glue, I finally made my napkin rings! Yes, the party is back on! If you'd like to make some for yourself here is what I did:

In order to make 4 of these you will need the following supplies:

1 - Heavy Duty Paper towel, or toilet roll, or small wrapping paper inner roll.
4 - Flowers-mine were silk flowers plucked straight from a stray arrangement.
4 - large head gold brads
4 - small tags, these are actually optional, but if used you could change the tags out, and place each guests name on their tag, and place setting.
1- 8 1/2 x 11 white or matching paper for the inner pieces.
1 - glue stick
1 - Scissors, and paper trimmer
1 - exacto type knife
1 piece of scrap cardboard

1)  Cut the paper towel roll into 2 inch wide pieces, leaving the roll, or circle intact, being careful not to bend the roll too much while cutting them into circle strips.

2)  Cut  4 strips of the pattern paper approx. 1 inch wider than your desired tube size.  (I cut my paper strips 3 inches wide. ) The length of the strips will depend on the size of your paper roll, but it should be long enough so that you have a slight overlap of the pattern paper when it is measured to the outer part of the roll.

3)  BEFORE gluing the pattern paper to the outer portion of the roll, place the brad in the center of the flower, and cut a small slit in the middle of the pattern paper strip, and insert the flower topped brad.  DO NOT bend the brad over yet.

Caution: Please be careful during this next step as you will be using an exacto knife and it doesn't care if it cuts you or the paper:
4) Place the small scrap of cardboard in the inner circle of the roll, and being careful use the exacto knife to make a SMALL slit in the middle of the paper towel roll, this will be where the flower topped brad will be inserted.  The scrap of paper is to help you not cut through the other side of the roll. Of course I found this out the hard way!

5)  Using your glue stick spread glue over the backside of the pattern paper strips.

6)  Smooth out the paper on the outside of the roll, but DO NOT bend the paper into the inside portion of the roll yet.

7) Now bend the brad flaps over making sure they are flat against the inner portion of the paper towel roll, and do not stick out past the outer cardboard edges.

8)  Now take your scissors, and cut slits into the pattern paper just until it reaches the outer edge of the paper towel cardboard.  This will allow you to fold the edges of the pattern paper into the inner circle of the roll.  At this point you may have to apply additional glue to the strips if they have dried out before you could get the strips cut, and folded inside the roll. No problem, just more sticky fingers!

9)  Cut the white paper into strips slightly smaller (this will be the width portion of the paper) than the inner circle of your roll, but cut the length of it just a little longer than the inner circle so that it overlaps slightly, and glue in place. Tie your tags in place and you are done!

You now have brand new napkin rings to match your party's theme! Where's my dinner invite?  Love Penny
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