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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

House number plaque
This is a house number plaque that I made for my mother's home.  It was a pretty easy project, and would work with most old wooden plaques that are a dime a dozen at most yard sales, or local thrift shops. So it's also pretty inexpensive to make, and who doesn't love that in a project!

Other options would be to change out the accents to suit other themes, or color palettes, or substituting letters for the numbers to make it a name plate instead! Hey it's crafting, just have FUN with it!

To make this project you will need the following:

1- Wooden plaque of your choice in size, and shape.
1-12 x 12 sheet of pattern paper (If your plaque is larger than 12 x 12 you will need additional sheets of paper.
1-strand of matching beads (If you are making a larger plaque you might need two strands)
Wooden house numbers for your home, or letters for a name.
1- scissors
1- Cameo-mine was an old piece of  broken jewelry
Assorted Rub-on's of your choice as these may longer be available.
3 - small tacks
1 or 2-picture hangers brackets for the back of your plaque, and a small hammer.
1-silk flower
1- "Home Sweet Home" sticker or another sticker of your choice, as this one may no longer be available.
1- burnishing stick
Modge Podge
1 small bottle of white paint, with paint brush
1 glue stick

1)  First mount the picture hanging brackets to the back of the plaque.
2)  Paint both the plaque and the wooden numbers with the white paint.
3)  Since my plaque was an odd shape, I laid out the pattern paper on the plaque and used the burnishing stick (Popsicle stick) to rub the edges of the paper to the shape of the plaque cutting the paper out to the burnished shape.
4)  Using the glue stick glue the pattern paper to the plaque.
5)  Layout your house numbers till they are in a pleasing design. Then glue or nail them in place depending on the type of numbers you purchased.
6)  Tack the cameo and flower in place with small tacks, using the hammer if necessary.
7)  Add your choice of rub-on's or stickers.
8)  Glue down the beads to the edge of the pattern paper.
9)  Apply a coat of varnish or modge podge over the entire plaque except the flower.
 This plaque is not designed to hang in the rain, so please take this into consideration when choosing where to hang this number plate, or chose another coating option like varnish, or other rain proofing materials.
Have fun, and try altering some other household items!  Happy Scrappin!
Love Penny
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