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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boy toddler layout - XX-Large little boys steal huge pieces from  your heart!
I made this layout years ago of my grandson Matthew for the old "Creating Keepsakes " yearly contests. Alas I didn't win, but I did end up with some great layouts, so in a way I still won after all! Yeah me!!!!

When I first took this photo the room wasn't well lit so when the photo came back it had a horrible "red eye" effect! Well since I wasn't making a Vampire layout for Halloween I had to do something! (I did make a layout like this later that year however using a photo with red eye, it was a blast!)

This type of problem is why I first found this site:
Picasa it has a fabulous free downloadable photo editing program that has saved my oblivious lack of phototography skills many, many times over....
(I am not affiliated with this company in any way I just love this program.)

So after saving my photo, and reprinting it into a usable form, I was back in action! Most people who have known me very long, KNOW I am one FRUGAL SCRAPPER! Many of my layouts will feature some sort of re-purposed item that I have found in one place, or another since I don't live by a scrapbook store.  For this layout it's the buttons, and an actual store clothing rack divider.  Flat enough.....yeah, unusual item for a contest page......yeah.......easy to use and glue....yeah......... Okay perfect! Down it went!

I started by taking my paper, and cutting around the divider, then I took that piece of paper and laid it on top of the divider, and rubbed it lightly so that it would leave an embossed effect on the paper so I could cut it closer to the correct size.. Worked great, so I trimmed the paper, and then glued it in place! WOW perfect fit, so now I think I am a genius!.....Okay only for a second....back to reality...

Other accents on this page included a fold out folder, a hand drawn heart, inked edges, and sewn on buttons, and paint chips that I got free from the local department stores paint department. (They are the greenish accents rectangle shapes).  The title is made of a plastic alphabet made by I believe Makin Memories.

Good luck with your pages today, and I hope I have inspired you to try something new! ...Happy Scrappin Love Penny
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