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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Today I am introducing you to a great friend of mine! Nemo Christmas tree, Disney Tree ornaments, 
Hi Ladies!
Today I'd like to introduce you to a very dear friend of mine: Christina Freeburn.  Chris, and I have been scrapping buddies for almost 12 years.  I have found her to be a honorable, dependable, and compassionate person.  She is also a valued friend, mother, grandmother, and wife. She has been scrapping since before we met, and was once a moderator on a very popular scrapbooking site. Yet even while handling all of those tasks, she has still managed to follow her dream, and become a well known Murder Mystery author! I am in awe of her talents, and time management skills, since I can't seem to clean, and scrap at the same time! LOL
I can remember how excited, and proud we were of her when she published her very first book: "Parental Source, The C.C.D. Series" in 2002, and I'm not ashamed to admit that my personal signed copy is one of my most prized possessions! Below you'll find photo's of it, and other great books she's written, but the best part is she has now combined her scrapbooking talents along with her mystery knowledge, and writing skills to come out with her latest book which includes both of her favorite hobbies writing, and scrapbooking:

Sure to be a great thriller along with it being filled with scrapping terminology that we all know, and love! What a wonderful combination! It's bound to keep every scrapbooker hanging on the edge of their seat, while still letting them enjoy the craft we all love without getting glue on their fingers! Get your copy today, along with her other great works.  Some of her books are also available for kindles! Guaranteed to be an " I can't put it down edition!" Books can be purchased here:
Below the book covers you'll also find a "Guest Post" from Chris on how she created these beautiful Nemo Christmas tree ornaments using her Cricut.

 Chris Freeburn Guest post:
My Finding Nemo Tree
This year, I added another Christmas tree to our forest. We have a Christmas tree in our living room, the family room, and now in my craft/scrap room. I had intended to decorate it with the handmade ornaments my children (the youngest who is now fifteen) made when they were in elementary school but we spend more time together in the living room so I kept them there.
Now I was left to ponder what would I put on the white four feet tree downstairs. I didn't want to go out and buy new ornaments for the tree. We're cutting down on our holiday spending this year, and I didn't want to use some of the fund for new ornaments.
What to do, what to do. I could wrestle with that question as I cleaned my office and rearranged some areas for the little Christmas tree going up in my office. During my sorting, and finding a home for some new items, I came across the Finding Nemo die cuts I made to use as magnets. I never got around to using them for that purpose but as I held them I realized they'd make perfect ornaments. I had a lamination cartridge for the Xyron.
The more I thought about it, the more I knew a Finding Nemo themed tree is just what we needed. The characters would look wonderful on the white tree. And I was right. My seventeen-year-old now wants to move the tree from the scrap area to her bedroom. For now, it's still in its original home but I wondering how long before it's relocated upstairs.
The Finding Nemo characters were made using the Best of Pixar Cricut cartridge on the five inch setting.

. You can find more  of these photo's on Christina's pinboard here :

Christmas Pinboard
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Altered Skateboard for a Boy's Room

Altered Skateboard July Cricut 2012 Boy's Christmas gift.

This is the "Top Secret" (said in a low whisper while looking side to side) Christmas gift, that I made for my nephew last year, to help show off his skateboarding abilities.  The poor guy didn't make it home for Christmas last year, and by the time he did make it home, the magazine had already requested the board for publication, It was published in the July 2012 issue of Cricut Magazine. SO he has only seen images of his present, and has yet to get to hold, or touch it! (LOL sorry Levi, but what's a girl to do when a magazine calls?) He's not quite as happy about that as I am, and I can't blame him, but since he loves me he has chosen let me live for now!

This was his actual skateboard, but it was no longer usable due to a crack which appeared after a failed attempt of what I'm sure was a super gnarly trick. If the crack had been really bad I would have glued it back together before applying any decorations.

I removed the wheels, and spray painted the top black since I couldn't remove all the dust. (Not even a swiffer could have done it's magic on this board!) Then I added the paper, and sanded the edges so that it would appear distressed, or used. (Like the crack wasn't proof enough of that!)

Next I used my Cricut along with the "Dude" cartridge, and cut out the die cut shapes, and glued them together. If you don't have a Cricut you could always use stickers like I did on the second altered skateboard at the bottom of this page.

The state outline, and the "New PA" was something he had actually carved into the skateboard himself, (yes artistic blood flows through his veins as well) so I chose to highlight it by adding the blue paper to that portion.  Since this board was curved I had to add small tacks to some of the cardboard embellishments to hold them in place, which only added to the "manly" feel of this project.

I will be adding Modge Podge to this skateboard, but haven't yet due to the shine that the Modge Podge gives the project, which makes it harder to photograph properly.

 Left side
 Right side
This is the back with the wall hangers in place so his skateboard could be hung on the wall. I used really small tacks on the hangers, so that they didn't protrude through to the front of the skateboard, which I would have a hard time explaining!
The second skateboard is actually the very 1st skateboard I did in this fashion, about 5 years ago for my brother, but the main photo was too blurry to be used for publication.  This project was made on a REALLY old skateboard that I found at a local "Goodwill". 

 It reminded me of my brother's old skateboard that he rode as a child. Of course I am not old enough to remember anything that old myself! What's this you say? "He's my younger brother so I should remember them". Well okay then maybe I do remember them then, but don't tell anyone else, it'll be just our little secret! I chose to highlight his bike riding photo since I didn't have a photo of him on his skateboard, which at our age would have been almost a tin type!

This is not a very good photo of this skateboard, so I will try and get it back from him, and take another one. I tried to make this one look retro, and I didn't remove the wheels on this one since they were the old metal ones, and I didn't want to damage them, and they added to the "retro" feel of the project. 
If you have any questions on how to make these projects, feel free to drop me a line. 

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Gift Cans, Reuse, Recycle, Trash to Treasure, DIY 
My kitchen can opener, opens cans without leaving a sharp edge, so be sure you use this type of can opener if you plan on making this project, other wise it may leave a sharp edge that will cut someone, and none of us want that! 

Second Caution, do not use can's that have pull off tab tops, the edges that are left on the can are TOO SHARP, and WILL CUT YOU, I KNOW!

Good morning readers, if you are a frugal scrapper like me you hate to see anything go to waste, or add to the landfill's unnecessarily, so in this quest I came up with a way to reuse some of my numerous soup, and other tin cans.

 Luckily for me it seems that my grand kids never tire of Chicken Noodle soup, or ABC's 123's with meatballs, (apparently they are completely inedible with out the meatballs, at least according to the kid's as they refuse to eat the ABC's without what they claim to be the 7 or 8 prized meatballs per can) so I don't think I'll run out of empty cans anytime soon. The good news about that is the kid's are still young enough to think I am actually "cooking" when I microwave these for lunch! LOL Did I mention I LOVE my microwave?

I also use my special can opener on the ABC's cans since they have pull tab lids, and the small remaining portion left in the can will cut you, and you will bleed, if you try to use these cans without using a can opener on them that leaves smooth edges, and it hurts like the devil, and bleeds for at least a couple of days.... I know....

So in this endeavor I made this pencil can out of just an empty soup/vegetable can. Super easy, and a great inexpensive gift if filled with either pencils, bagged cookies, candy, or other small items.  This can actually say's: I love Golf, but you can chose any topic, or theme you might need.

For this project I used just plain white, green cardstock, some large brads, my cricut with a sports cartridge, and my crop-a-dile.  I cut the green cardstock so that it overlapped at least a 1/2 of an inch around the sides of the can, and even on the top and bottom of the can.  

I then used my cricut cartridge, and cut out the "I love Golf" in the white cardstock placing it slightly off center side to side, so that it wouldn't be covered up when I overlapped the paper on the sides of the can.  Use plenty of glue, or it will lift off your cardstock when you try to bend it around the shape of the can, see the above photos where the die cut is coming off in some places.  I learned that tip the hard way! Oppsie!

I then glued the finished piece on the can. Next I used the crop-a-dile, to punch 3 holes down the side of the can where the paper overlaps, and add the brads, to hold it in place securely. I also added holes and brads along the top of the can.  You could add ribbon if you wanted a more "girly" can, or leather as another option for men, but for this project I just used brads. 

You'll also notice I tore the border of my die cut slightly, (second oopsie!) but since this can is for my brother, and I plan on filling it with candy, he will not mind since he inheirted the family's sweet tooth!  Happy Scrapping till next time! Love Penny
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Thursday, September 06, 2012

2011 1st Year, Geneva, Nothing Prepared Me For Your Smile, Daddy

This is a layout featuring my great niece Geneva, and her daddy John! (Yes I know she's adorable, and her dad ain't to shabby either!) I wasn't exactly sure what age she was when this was taken, so I just added the year to the layout instead.  You will see her featured here more often, according to her mother, who tells me I am not showing her off nearly enough! (See Angel I told you I was listening!)

Special techniques - I liked the tags on this layout, but I wanted to add some texture to the end of the scalloped area's on the tags, so I used two different sizes of hole punches, and punched holes above each scallop shape in all the tags. I liked the way the looked after that!

The red border around the photo was added with the Kodak Picture Maker. Gotta love that machine!

This layout was my attempt at layering, and you'll notice I said attempt, I'm still not sure that this is where my true talent lies, but hey I'm trying! :) I just have to keep visiting Lisa's blog she does it beautifully, and I'm hoping some of her amazing talent will rub off on me, eventually..........sigh.....

Supplies for this layout include:
Pattern Paper - Basic Grey - Blush- BLU-644 Eternity
Quote- Quick Quotes- 2119 Nothing Prepared Me -

Daisy D's
Nesting Frames - #52
Vintage Tags- #53
Heirloom Frames Rub-ons
Layering Flowers - 15271

Martha Stewart - "Love" word
All Night Media - Flower
Marvy Uchida - Small circle
Daisy flower punch - unknown

Blue and yellow cardstock - DCWV
K & Co. Tiny Tag
Offray Ribbon
Fiskers Deckle Scissors
Recollections - Brads
Hole punch
7 Gypsies - Metal clip
Pilot Gel Pen
Zot's Glue dots
Elmer's glue stick

Have a Scrappy Day! Love Penny

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Here are a few of my favorite links, and products, and I just wanted some where to put the links as I am too lazy to look them up everyday! Enjoy!
American Crafts
Crate Paper
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

He loves me, He loves me not.... Girl Layout, Wedding layout, Baby Girl layout, Frugal Scrapping, Ribbon, Redo, Reuse, Punches, Beads, Vellum, Brads

This layout features my daughter, and my granddaughter on my daughter's wedding day.  While my daughter was posing for these photos she didn't have a clue that my granddaughter Madison was picking apart her bridal bouquet. It was just too funny! It was just like she was saying: He loves me..He loves me not... while picking apart the flowers.

You can find a larger image of this layout HERE

This is not a new layout for my blog, but some how during one of my editing spree's I deleted it, (I am talented that way!) so I am re-posting it now.  This layout won 1st place at our local fair. I was SO excited to win, and it was rumored that my head barely fit into some doorways afterwards! I'm still trying to track down the rumor's source but I'll keep you updated.

This layout also features a lot of frugal scrapbooking techniques, which are a favorite technique of mine! The clear flowers on the left are really mirror holding clips, with jewel toned brads inserted in the centers.  

The tiny lace flowers were cut from a little girl's lace hair bow, (and yes they were a PAIN in the you know what to glue down) and the other flowers are either Offray appliques, or sewing accents  from my old quilting, and sewing days. 

The beads around the main photo, were from a necklace. I also used a corner rounder on all the photos, and most of the pattern paper. This was a fun layout to complete, and I still enjoy looking at it! Be sure and leave me some of your frugal tips, and suggestions I always enjoy reading them!
Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

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July Photo Challenge- Blue and green
This is my photo for a recent photo challenge at Two Peas General Photography forum .  The challenge was to show various shades of blue, and green. Yeah I know you thought the challenge was to show "how not to weed a flower garden" fooled ya!  If that was the case I would have been the winner hands down, but alas this was a different challenge!

This photo was taken of my flower garden right at dusk.  I love how the light made all the green leaves look blue, but still kept the yellow of the flowers intact! I'd like to be able to say I did this intentionally BUT that wouldn't quite be the truth!  The real truth behind this photo is the challenge was almost over, and I had to run out nearly at dusk, and quickly snap a photo if I wanted to play along! Yes, I know I am SO organized!

I'd like to report that I won, but someone actually had a better photo, and probably better planning skills, so maybe next time! I did learn however what a photo at nearly dusk looks like, so all was not lost!

As a side note these flowers were grown from seed that my dear neighbor gave me, and they have continued to come back year after year, despite their oblivious neglect!  Gotta love that!
 Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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Monday, July 23, 2012

July Photo Challenge - Black and White Portrait 

This photo was taken for a photo challenge at Two Peas General Photography Forum.  The challenge was for Black and White portraits.  My grandson Matthew was a perfect subject for the July photo challenge, as I loved this photo, but more importantly I had already taken it a few days before the challenge was over, I'm such a planner....not.....

While it looks like he was actually eating a hot dog, we were really out feeding ducks that day, and this was "day old bread" that he was just hamming it up with! Let me assure you however he IS this enthusiastic with all of his food normally. Trust me this kid can EAT!

This photo was taken in color, and I used this free downloadable program Picasa to edit it into a black, and white format.  I have used this program for years now, and I continue to love it! It has lot's of other features that can enhance, or correct many of your photos, and if you are like me you need all the help you can get!  I am not paid by this company to endorse this product, I just really love it, and find that it meets almost all of my editing needs.

Here is the same photo in color, each format has something to offer in the way of expressing emotions in a photo, and I will probably print one off in each format:

And here are the lucky recipients of that bread, who showed equal delight in gobbling it up!

Alas, I didn't win this challenge either but tomorrow's another day, with more photo opportunites! Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shoot for the Moon card 

For this simple little card I used the Fiskars Celestial corner punch, it has a punch for a star, moon, and sun. I used both the star, and moon corners. I will however give you a tip about this punch, line it up, and use this punch upside down. This will make it a LOT easier to properly line up the correct corner positions, and guaranteed to save your sanity. (I was already a lost cause, but it may save you!) I fought it for a while before figuring this out, and then it worked beautifully. 

Since I used brads on the front of this card, I covered the inside of the card with another sheet of paper, to cover the brad backs. I think this gives the card a much cleaner appearance on the inside, and makes it look like you know what you are doing...LOL 

The vellum quote reads:
Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you'll land in the stars" by Les Brown, and I think it worked beautifully with the punches.

Fiskars Celestial corner punch
black and yellow cardstock
Vellum quote - unknown
black brads
Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Madison, When Life Gives You Lemon's Make Lemonade

The challenge was to use a fruit, or fruit colors, and make a layout using them. I chose "Lemons", since I wanted to use this photo of my granddaughter Madison, and the face she made reminded me of someone who had just taken a drink of something sour!

I used a lot of my older stash to make this layout, including the black "Makin Memories" stickers, the background green pattern paper, and the lemonade die cuts! It always feel's great, to use thing's that I have had for a long time.  
The lemon featured in the top right hand corner, was really a refrigerator magnet, that I removed the magnet from. The tag was supposed to be a gift tag, but I just dressed it up with a few drink stickers, and then added the journaling block, and pipe cleaner. 
The "bling" squares on this layout came off a Christmas  ornament, that I had bought just for that purpose.  It probably had over 50 of the square's, on it for $1.00! I just peeled them off the ornament, and then stuck them right on my page, they didn't even require anymore adhesive!
To make the banner I actually used part of some previous packaging, that I cut into strips.  The part that I used was the portion that showed you which patterns were included in the packages.  

The journaling reads: On vacation in Florida, Madison had just taken a big drink, when we snapped this photo!  I love the look on her face, it was priceless! 

I hope you enjoyed this layout today! Happy Scrapping, Love Penny

Supplies for this layout included:
Green Pattern paper - unknown
White and yellow cardstock
Miss Elizabeth's Stickers - UPC 7169300088
Wilton white bow - UPC 7089618518
Beary Patch - Die cuts (Lemonade pitcher and glass) 
Makin Memories - Black stickers
Elmer's glue stick
Large Lemon shape - Kitchen Magnet
Circle Tag- Gift tag from Target
Jewels - These I took off a Christmas ornament that I had bought just for that reason, it had over 50 squares on one ball! 
3 - word accents on located at the bottom of the page - Cook Bookin
Pipe cleaner
Sewing thread
Yellow brad - Recollections

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Today was a great news day! I just received an email, that another one of my layout's, will be featured in the August 2012 issue, of "Scrap N Art"!  That make's two in a row for that magazine, and I couldn't be more pleased! Hope you had a great mail day too! Happy Scrapping, Love Penny
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

You Can Dance Anywhere You Want, Even Outside In Your Underpants.
Today, I am featuring a layout, of my granddaughter Madison when she was very small, and loved to play outside in her swimming pants! It didn't matter how many clothes we put on her in a few minutes this is how we would find her! :)

I love the bright summer colors, on this layout.  The quote on the top portion of this page was pre-printed on vellum, and I wanted the bottom portion to match it so I made it from scraps of paper, distress inks, a label maker, and a few flowers. While not a perfect match I think it turned out pretty good.

The large flower in the bottom left hand corner is really a drink coaster!  I added the sprial paper clip on the vellum quote because it reminded me of the flower center, on that coaster. (Yeah I'm matchy, matchy like that)

The jeweled embellishment on the photo is a bobbi pin. Nope they just aren't for hair anymore! LOL  I hand cut the large circle, but I didn't like the ragged edge on it (I never could hand cut a straight line) so I covered it in silk flowers that I bought at Dollar General = Cheap, and brads! I love it when I can use things I already own, or can find locally especially since the closest scrapbook store to my house is over 40 miles one way!

Thanks so much for visiting today, and Happy Scrapping! Love Penny P.S. Don't let them catch you outside in YOUR underpants, at least not while they have a camera handy!
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Today I'm featuring a boating layout, to help us cool off!
Matthew Master and Commander, 
on the far side of the Tennessee River!
This 2 page 8 1/2 x 11 layout features my grandson Matthew, my daughter. and my boyfriend Buddy.  Even at this tiny age, Matthew knew he ruled the family, on land, sea, and air!  If the truth was told he, and his sister still run my house although now they are a lot older, and want a lot more! LOL I am such a push over Granny!

Some of the techniques included on this layout are: stickers, torn, and rolled paper, and the use of a movie title as the layout title.  The rolled paper under the top right photo, is really pretty in person, but doesn't show up very well in this photo.(Yeah, I'm afraid you'll have to blame me for that since I'm the designated layout photographer.  Alas, I really am trying to get better at this vital publication, and blog function.

Lately a lot of scrapbooker's have started using less, and less stickers on their layouts.  I, however still have a HUGE, HUGE sticker collection (cough, cough,... hoard) so stickers will still be a featured mainstay on many of my layouts, and let's face it they are easy to use, most are inexpensive, and many are still very decorative! What's not to love about that?

For example on this layout they make a very decorative background for my photos, and unlike a pre-printed background I can chose their placement to match the size, number, and position of my photos! For those of you who still don't want to use stickers on your layouts, take heart they make great card accents! Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Watermelon Baby Shower Fruit Bowl, Beauty and the Beast

Watermelon Baby
Now onto some Summer goodness! First of all as my regular followers will already know, I LOVE my Pinterest boards! You can find them here if you'd like to check them out for yourselves! Penny's Pin Board Obsession.

Well, while browsing everyone's pins, I came across this Watermelon baby
Here's a photo:  Perfect project for a "Summer Baby Shower"  I think it was originally posted here: Watermelon carvings

Now for those of you who follow my blog you have seen this photo before when I first found the pin, but since I recently needed to attend a baby shower for a dear friend I decided to make my own "Watermelon Baby"!
Here it is:           Watermelon Baby

Okay! Yeah, I know, it's not nearly as cute as the original, but it was the very first one I tried to make, and since I had left my melon scoop at Bridgeport, I couldn't make my melon pieces look as pretty as theirs.  I was also "helped" (?) by my two grandchildren Matthew 8, and Madison 7, who in between eating my decorations, helped me gently (?) place the fruit! LOL I also couldn't place my fruit all "prefect looking" on a platter, as this was a "Surprise Baby Shower", and it was being held in a skating ring.  (The expecting couple was having a birthday party for their son when we decided to give them a quick baby shower, at the same time since the due date was fast approaching.)  So I had to place my "Baby", and it's cradle in a Tupperware dish to keep the fruit from rolling all over the skating ring, and rolling around in the car on the way to the skating ring! This photo was taken AFTER the car ride there! Not very pretty, I'm afraid!

As you can see I didn't carve a nose instead I used a piece of pineapple which was much easier, (not necessarily prettier, but quicker) I also totally forgot the ears! (Yikes) During the making of this I learned that next time I will try and use my potato peeler on the cantaloupe "Head", instead of trying to trim it with a knife. I think it will give it a much smoother result.  Also for my next try I also might make a "onesie" out of grapes, and put it on my "baby"!

Having said all of this I can tell you that this baby was "COMPLETELY GONE" within 15 minutes of me putting it down! It was a huge hit with the kid's, and the adult's alike, and the kids even ignored the cupcakes, and other sweets while devouring my baby! Totally worth making again, and I have to say "Thanks" to my daughter who purchased the fruit for me to use!

Now onto a quick scrapbook layout for you! This layout is a REALLY old layout of mine that I made when I first started scrapping, but since this theme was "Summer", I thought I'd give you a peek of my daughter at 20 years old right before she was married.  (Yep, I wish I had that body too, I've got legs bigger than that waist!) LOL  but since she purchased the fruit for my basket I thought I'd make her day, and add this photo!  Love Penny, and Happy Scrapping!
P.S. For some more fun summer layouts, check out these links:
Leap into Summer
New Smile
                                           Beauty and the Beast!
Sorry this photo is a tad blurry, but I didn't have the layout handy, so I could retake the photo. 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Boy's Mini Album
I'll be featuring a "Boy's Summer  6" x 6" mini album, that I recently put together for my grandson.  I have not added his photos yet, but so far it's been great fun to make. Each page has a decorated tag, that get's tucked behind the main photo page, and the album itself is color coordinated, for "Summer Boy" photos.

Since my grandson loves to swim, and play outside, I chose blue, green, and brown, as my main color choices. To keep the costs down on this album, (those who know me, know how much I love coming up with frugal ideas) I stamped most of the titles, used a lot of my older ribbon, and fancy fibers, and then I added mainly punched shapes for embellishments. If you don't already own punches, you could easily substitute simple stickers instead.  I did this because, a lot of my friends say "They would love to join in on this craft, but it's too expensive for me to do!" With this small scale album, and basic supplies, anyone could afford this craft, and save their family memories, no matter what kind of budget, they are on! 
Happy scrapping your own summer mini album, Love Penny

This is page 1 - Always Remember

           Page 2 - Favorite Playtime            Page 3 - You Make Me Happy 

Page 4 - Totally Perfect Page        Page 5 - Always Explore
                             Page 6 - Totally Strong    Page 7 - Our Family

                 Page 8 - You Make Me Smile         Page 9 - Always Together

Page 10 - In My Heart           Page 11 - Completely Taken

Page 12 - Our Home               Page 13 - Family Memories

                          Page 16 - Traditions       Page 17 - Good Times

                            Page 18 - Pure Beauty          Page 19 - Never Enough
              Page 20 - Families are Forever              Page 21 - Always Grow

                                                          Last Page

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Very Best Frugal Scrapbooking Tips

Frugal tips and ideas

Hi Ladies, I thought I'd try to place all my frugal tip links, on one post, to make it easier for other's to find them, so here it is! I'll update this thread, with every new frugal tip, so be sure to bookmark this page, so your don't miss new one's I've added later! 
Here is another a link, featuring all my altered art goodies!
My altered art objects
For even more frugal ideas, check out this link to my frugal pinboard!
Frugal scrapping pinboard
This is a cardboard box that I made for my mom for Mother's Day 
one year. I decorated it with scrapbook paper, scrap pieces 
of lace, some sticker's, and a laber maker. Inside the box are slip's 
of paper with saying's printed out telling her how much I love
her.  All in all it probably cost me less than $2.00 to make and it's
one of her favorite gifts. 

For more frugal idea's check out the following link's! Leave me a 
comment on your favorite frugal tip!  There are many more 
frugal idea's posted on this blog so be sure, and look around. 
Each of the following link's are clickable, and will lead you to 
another frugal project. 
I also have many other household frugal, and money saving tip's posted 
on my Pinboard's so be sure, and give them a look! 
Here is a link to my pinboard Scrap-aholic Pinboard's
  1. How to use calendar images to make cards
  2. Use regular silk flowers, and box staples on a card
  3. Find metal medallions on women's belts
  4. Layout uses doll's dog tags, and little girl's barrettes
  5. Lot's of unusual scrapping embellishments from regular home items
  6. How to save your rub-on's
  7. Help for dried up glue sticks
  8. How to use leftover sticker pieces to hold your ribbon or yarn
  9. Ribbon medallions from belts
  10. Use regular silk flowers on your layouts
  11. Cut up men's canvas belts
  12. Use wedding invitations and cheap doily's
  13. Use a fold out card for a journaling block
  14. Use ribbon from a girl's hair bow, and an earring
  15. Make art accents using your thumbprints
  16. Draw your own backgrounds
  17. Recover a used frame
  18. Use a cheap die cut on a card
  19. Use pre-cut scalloped post-it notes as accents
  20. Make your own banners
  21. Use a CD cover as a journaling block
  22. Dress up a die cut
  23. Use button's and the Cricut cutting machine
  24. Use fabric strips instead of ribbon
  25. Make a title out of twine, and use a postcard for a journaling block
  26. Use goggle eyes, and strips of paper as accents
  27. Use clothing studs instead of brads
  28. Use Christmas tree hooks, and sew around your accents
  29. Use a cupcake topper as an accent
  30. Use a belt to close a mini album
  31. Use a note pad as a journaling block
  32. Use netting from a bag of oranges, and a Christmas ornament
  33. Glue down a sewing applique
  34. Make stamped accents
  35. Clothing ring accent
  36. Mirror clips and beads
  37. Jewelry to add to your theme
  38. Make a bunch of tags from one sheet of paper

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Frugal Card making - The road to a friend's house...
When I made this card, I used a trick I have been using for years! The car photo was actually cut from a small monthly calendar!  Sometimes it can be hard to find good men's images for cards, but you can find GREAT men's images from these small calenders, and this calender only cost me .50. So for .50 I have at least 12 car images. (usually its more than that because you can use the images on the cover and the back of the calender as well) 

I have found these also with images of tractors, boats, travel themes, dogs, cats, flowers etc...  They are probably not acid free but this has no worry for me since it's used on a card, instead of in my scrapbook, and I get the pleasure of not adding to our local landfill, and saving a ton of cash at the same time! Hey that work's for me!

Supplies for this card include:
Maroon and white cardstock
Fisker's border punch
Maroon ribbon
Hello sticker - this is on the inside
Quote sticker on front - this was a "super old" part of my stash, and was supposed to be used as a photo corner sticker, but I cut it where is joined in the corner, and put in it back together in a straight line, and used it that way instead. 

Calendar image - Mine were were purchased at Dollar General for a total of $.50 plus tax. What a great investment, and I didn't have to spend a ton of cash or hours of time trying to color my own stamped images, or spend a bundle on scrapbooking paper!
Until next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

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Friday, June 08, 2012

Just found out that one of my layout's was picked to be in the July issue of "Scrap Art Magazine"!  Whoo Hoo! I will also have another mixed media item featured in the July issue of "Cricut Magazine", so July will be a great month! Love Penny Happy Scrapping! P.S. Here are some photos from my garden this week!

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