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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Frugal Scrapbooking
Rub-on's tips
Here's my tip of the day:
A long time ago, (and I mean YEARS) I purchased a LOT of rub-on's.  WELL while trying to use many of them I found that they were becoming dried out and useless, SO I started taking the ones that I could still use and applying them to black or white card stock, and so that later I could use them as titles or accents, before they became totally useless.   Sorry I don't have a photo for this tip.  Love Penny P.S.
A poster on this thread
suggested that you might be able to re-hydrate them from the back by using an embossing heat gun, I have never tried it but it's worth giving it a try.  Happy scrapping today. Love Penny P.SS, if you have another idea, I'd love to hear it, please post it here!
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Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Definitely a good idea, Penny. I have some older dry ones too. Another thing you can do is if a rub on doesn't transfer cleaning, you can use a white gel pen or black marker to help fill in the empty spots. :)

coconut said...

great idea, I have so many that are dried out that I hate to toss out.

Sylvia said...

that's a good idea. tfs.