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Sunday, January 08, 2012

How to fix dried up glue sticks

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How to fix dried up glue sticks
 Hi Ladies,,
A while ago I purchased over 30 large glue sticks at a great bargain price, however....I forgot where I had stored over half of them, 18 to be exact. When I finally did find them they were all dried up, and unusable.  SO... since I really needed them for the girl scout troop activity, AND I really didn't want to spend the extra cash to re-buy them, and I had nothing to lose if it failed, I tried to re-hydrate them.

First I tried just putting water in the glue stick tube. This worked okay, but often the water just ran right through the tube onto the counter top.  So I found that 4 would fit standing upright in an old plastic cake frosting container like the one pictured Here (I save these as they make great storage for kid's small toys, leftovers, buttons, etc..) 

At any rate after placing them in the container, I added enough water to the top of each tube (tube meaning the glue stick tube it's self) to fill it to the top of the tube, (not the top of the frosting container), replaced the glue stick tops, and then placed them in the frosting container,.  Next I added about 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches of water to the bottom of the frosting container, and then placed the lid on the container. 

Each day I checked the re-hydrating process, by opening the glue stick tubes, and looking at the glue inside filling them back up with water as needed.  Within 3 days all the glue sticks were re-hydrated, and after testing the glue on a layout I found that the glue was "good a new". Just perhaps not quite as firm as it was before, but worked just fine, and held anything I tried to glue down. I did however wipe off any remaining water from the top of the glue stick before using it.  

I hope this helps someone else who is on a forced budget, and has the same problem.  Love Penny
If you like this tip, be sure and check out this site for other great card, and scrapbooking tips! Love Penny
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Fuzzy Slippers said...

Oh Penny this is fab! I'm on the design team for Top Tip Tuesday. We are always looking for great tips! You should enter this to the Top Tip Tuesday Challenge this week. You could win a prize as best tipper!

Jennie said...

This is an awesome tip! I have a couple of those glue sticks at home that I thought were dead for good, had no idea you could do this. Thanks!

Abigail Springer said...

Thank you for taking the time to share!!