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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Frugal Scrapbooking -Trash To Treasure

Frugal Scrapbooking -Trash To Treasure
Today's theme is: Trash to Treasure - This is all about altered art, whether it's something you've totally re-used, or just something you've brought back to life in a new way!

Now on to my "Trash to Treasure".  I bought this ladies belt at our local "Goodwill" for $2.00.
 After cutting it apart, I now have 13 medallions, that I can thread with ribbon, and use as page accents!  I have done this with many belts, and also shoe lace medallions! Good luck hunting your own treasures!  Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Petals of my Life - Starting Point - Walk in the Park
Today's theme is: Petals of my life - It's all about flowers, gardens, or just flowers on a layout!
This layout started out as a full sheet of the light blue in the top right hand corner. Then I added the other 3 patterned squares.  The middle strips were next, then the flower from Dollar General. The journaling block on the bottom was really a card, that had the "U" printed on it, so I added a rub-on "S" to turn it into "US".  I fussy cut the butterfly on the top of this layout! Love Penny For some garden tips for your flowers check this out: Garden tips Here's some of my favorite images from this site:
saving money on watering my garden15 Garden Crafts for Kids I Kids' Spring Craft Ideas - ParentMap
Starting seeds❀ Weeds for sale, pick your own ❀

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Let's Go Outside - Starting Point - Simply Perfect
Today's Theme is Let's Go Outside! - Something in nature, camping, playing in the water, or just having fun outside!
This started out as the maroon sheet in the top right hand corner, then I added the other 3 - 6 x 6 patterns. I love how these colors give this layout a masculine feel.  I used Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress ink to distress the Prima flowers, tag, and journal box. I also added the brown ribbon and title block. I hand cut the brown strip on top of the journaling block with some fancy scissors, to give it a "rick rack" feel. For those of you who love camping like I do, here's a link to a site with lot's of great camping tips! Camping tips  Some of my favorite images from that site are: (You'll have to excuse some of these photo's as they were copied from a pin board, and are not my own, but I thought they were great ideas!)
Pretty clever -- cheap pillbox becomes travel spice container.
Orange Cinnamon Rolls over a campfire!Cooler Corn!  Completely cover raw corn on the cob with boiling water, close lid, wait at least 30 mins for perfectly cooked corn on the cob!  DO NOT OPEN LID while waiting, it will let the heat out!  Easy!Camping!  Prepare pancake mix as stated on the box.  Then pour all the batter into a large ziploc bag and freeze!  Once you are ready to use it, take it out of the freezer to thaw, snip off a corner of the bag, and you have quick & mess free pancake mix!  It's a great way to use up a few cups of milk before it expires!

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Today's theme is:
Love is in the Air- Who or what you love, this could be a person, place or thing!

This page started out as the blue in the lower (yeah something different than top) right hand corner, thanks goodness!.)  I then added the other 3 - 6 x 6 patterns, and the middle strip.  Next came some rub-on's to make the title, and some blue stickers of butterflies and flowers, a little ribbon and a tag, and it's all done. Love Penny Happy Scrapping!
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bling it on - Starting Point - Bling
Today's theme is:
Bling it on - It's all about bling, whether it's on your layouts, photos, glitter, or just something shiny!
This layout started out as a full 12 x 12 sheet of the orange in the top right hand corner (I don't know why most of these ended up in the top corner! ),and then I added the other 3 - 6 x 6 sheets, of matching patterns.  This fabric ribbon came with the sequins already on it (but they were all falling off) so I added all the pink  brads to each center, and I think  it added extra bling, and held the sequins in place to boot! Perfect! The foldout journaling block was really a blank card, that I re-purposed.  I also added the sequins and brads to it, and the tag.  Later I will add some flashy ribbon to the tag, with perhaps a charm! Happy Scrapping, Love Penny

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Spell it so Pretty - Starting Point -
Today's theme is: Spell it so Pretty - It's all about fonts, letters, or stamped images, and how they can me mixed on a layout!  
This started out as the blue in the top right hand corner, I then added the other squares of patterns and solid colors.  Then the middle strips and the tag.  The accents on this page came as a kit, and I love how they mixed the different fonts in  the kit! Love Penny Happy Scrapping!  If you would like to see other fonts available for scrapbooking you can check out this link: Fonts
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Teacher Clipboards - Quick Quotes
Be sure and scroll down as there are two clipboards on this post.
This is my second post for today! My grandchildren and I made these clipboards as "Thank You!" gifts for each of their teachers.  Both clipboards used "Quick Quotes" pattern paper.
1st Clipboard
My granddaughter's teacher's room is decorated with monkey's so she actually did the monkey punch art, and she is only 7!
Quick Quotes Pattern Paper:
Cherry Truffle - Item Number - QQP-CT300
Cherry Truffle - Item Number - QQP-CT400
We also used small amounts of cardstock in brown, white, black, red and tan.
Assorted ribbons by Offray, where used at the top and the bottom strip of beige.

For the monkey we used the following punches:
Small circle - this was both parts of the eyes, and the inner circle of the ears.
Large scalloped circle - Head
Med. Circle - this was the outer portion of the ears.
Large oval - this was the mouth, we had to make it a little smaller so we folded it and trimmed the ends.
Tiny Bow - This was used to make one monkey a girl.
She then used a sharpie marker to make the nose and lips.

2nd Clipboard

Supplies for this clipboard include:
Quick Quotes pattern paper:
French Quarter - Item number - QQP-FH400
French Quarter - Item number - QQP- FH300
This was my grandson's clipboard he is 8.
The large flower on the top is a McGill Punch, but the inner part of the flower was fussy cut from the pattern paper.
The bottom border was also fussy cut, from the pattern paper as well.
Assorted ribbons by Offray, where used at the top.
We could have made these clipboards a lot fancier, but often when you do that it causes problems when trying to actually use the clipboards, and we wanted these to be used. Both clipboards will also need to be covered with varnish or decoupage. These clipboards will be entered in this contest:
Quick Quotes
Happy Scrapping with your children or grandchildren today! Love Penny
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Top Model- Starting point - The Best Part Was
Today's theme is: Top  Model-Whether that means a new photo pose, a new or an old fashion statement, a cool camera technique, or a neat photo editing tip!
This started out as a full sheet of the orange in the top right hand corner.  I then added the other 3 pieces, of 6 x 6 squares.  The flower in the center was from a Dollar Store bunch, and I added a sparkly brad just to make it pop.  Next I found a matching tag.  My granddaughter loves peace signs so I will later add photos of her on this layout.  For those of you who would love to see some great photo's and lot's of poses, and camera tips, here's a link for you! Happy Scrapping, Love Penny    Photo poses and tips Here's some of my favorite images from there:
Photography Tutorialphotography  OMG I LOVE THIS!More model poses

An awesome photo tutorial ~great tips!!!!!!Photography Tips
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Still working on my blog button so it's not working yet, but I'll fix it soon! Love Penny
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Let's Celebrate - Starting Point - You are Special- New Baby
Today's theme is: Let's Celebrate! - It can mean birthday's, anniversaries, Graduations, or this month's holiday theme, new babies, homes, job, etc..
This page started out as a full sheet of the green in the top left hand corner.  I then added the other 3 - 6 x 6 patterns, and the additional middle strips and title block. The tag is decorated with part of a baby shower "Bingo" game piece, a flower and some tiny bling! Matching ribbon completes the rest of the page. Here's a link for some great party ideas if you need some, to help with your next celebration!  Party Ideas Happy Scrapping! Love Penny P.S. Here are some of my favorite images from this link:
watermelon babyThis is BRILLIANT!
Baby carriage diaper cake

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Starting point -  Best Friends
Today's theme is: Best Friends - This could be a person, pet, your children and their friends, brothers, or sister, your spouse, etc., it's all about relationships! 
This started out as a full 12 x 12 sheet of the flower pattern in the top right hand sheet.  I then glued the other 3 - 6 x 6 squares on top of it. I loved the tiny flowers used on the tag, and as accents on this page it's self. The center of the flowers are clothing studs.  Most of the larger tags placed on these layouts have not been glued down so that they can later be moved for accommodate photos of various sizes. Happy Scrapping! For your viewing pleasure today I have included a link to a board that has a ton of scrapbook printables on it so you can make your own printables, happy viewing! Scrapbook Printables Love Penny

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Toddler layouts -  Hold onto your Memories - Starting Point 

Today's theme is: Are you Kidding me 
That could mean your own kids, the children of a friend, nieces or nephews, yourself as a child, grandchildren, or how you are still a  "kid at heart".
So for here's my take on that theme today:
This is not a new layout for me, but one that I love.  It is of my grandson Matthew when he was a toddler.  The squares that make up his name in this title were already pre-sewn, as was the tag.  

The top pieces on each side of the word "Always" are really part of an old men's belt that I cut up, and used as accents.  The eyelets were already in the belt, and I just added the knotted cording, then placed them on the torn border. Frugal scrapbooking at it's best! 

A vellum quote, a couple of paper strips, and a MME word tag - Always.  I also rounded all the corners on the photos.  Perfect layout for me, but pales in comparison to the chubby cheeked angel actually in the photo's! 

Next onto our starting point layout for today: Perfection
This started out as a full 12 x 12 sheet of the green paper in the top right hand corner. I then added the 3 - 6 x 6 sections of pattern paper. I have used this technique a lot to help control the huge stash of pattern paper that seems to have grown in my scrapbook room! No, your honor I have no idea how it got there....... 

I used deckle scissors (yes people DO still use these) to cut the middle strip, and used a scallop punch for the small blue square, on the outside of the block. The journaling block unfolds for added journaling space, or additional photos, your choice! I'm so liberal when it comes to scrapbooking!

The lower tag was punched out with a "Whale of a Punch" tag punch.  I then inked the middle strip, journaling block, and tag, with Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink, then added the bling! Every layout needs a little bling! The title strip was from K & Co. 

This layout would be perfect for a vacation page, or pool photos. Happy Scrapping Love Penny  

For more punch ideas check out this link: Punch tips  P.S. Here's a great book by a dear friend of mine: 
Dying For Redemption
You can get a copy here: Dying For Redemption

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Brand new or old and dusty + Starting Point
Today's theme is:
 Brand new or old and dusty - This will highlight new products, or something old that you have finally used on a project. For me in this post it will be the tag, that I have had for MANY, MANY years!
For this starting point I started out with a full 12 x 12 sheet of the light yellow in the top right hand corner.  The flower in the center of this layout was taken off of a silk flower bundle, from Dollar General, I love it. It was actually fuller but I removed the middle sections so that it didn't damage the opposing pages when it's  placed in an album, and frankly I liked it better this way.  The tag used on this layout is not glued down, so that it can be moved when necessary, to accommodate photo placement. I have had this tag for YEARS, (this is the old and dusty part of this theme) as I received it in a tag swap, and was saving it for a special layout.  You can't tell it here but the flowers on the tag are stamped images, then glitter was placed on top of them. I will probably change out the simple string for some fancier ribbon, but I have not done so yet.  Happy Scrapping, Love Penny .

For those of you who would like to see a lot more fantastic scrapbook tags here's a link for your enjoyment Beautiful scrapbook tags

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Standing Tall + Starting Point Treasure
Today's theme is:
Standing Tall- Whether this means military service, pride in your country, children, home, your work, or just some accomplishment, let's explore this theme. 
This is my youngest brother James, (yeah I know he got all the looks in the family) in his "Honor Guard" uniform for the Chattanooga Police Department.  My mom was so proud when he decided to become a police officer, but she still worries everyday, whether or not, he will come home safe, and sound. Too often, we take it for granted as we go to and from our jobs, that we will come home without thought to injury, or death.  It's only when your own family is confronted with jobs in Military or Police service, that those thoughts start to occupy your mind.  Once during a routine stop he was trying to arrest someone,  he became trapped by the criminals car door, and when they fled, James was drug by their car for almost 2 blocks, damaging his knees, and giving him some head trauma.  It was the call my mother dreaded and feared the most!  Thankfully, he has recovered, but it was a harrowing event, that will not soon be forgotten.
 Also what most people don't know is that most of the time, he does not get paid for his "Honor Guard" duties, it's a service that he chooses to do, with his own time out of loyalty to his fellow men, and country. So today I salute you James, Thank you for keeping us all safe, and sound, despite the risks you take everyday. Yesterday he received news that his heart is not working properly.  This was quite a shock to all of us since he is a fitness buff, and in what we thought was in great shape. So I hope they have better news at his next Dr.'s appointment.
If you have something that fit's today's theme be sure and include a link in my comment section, so we can all take a look at it. 

Starting point - Treasure
For this starting point I started with the solid red 12 x 12 color in the top right hand section. I then added the 3 - 6 x 6 squares.  Next I added the red dollie and white bows.   I cut the word "Treasure" out with my cricut machine.  The journal block, and decorated envelope is really an un-printed wedding invitation, that I added a Bo Bunny die cut heart on to. I cut this photo off just a little bit too short for you get a full picture of the heart, and when properly inserted in the envelope it is even with the top of the layout, and does not hang out over the edge. The journaling block is large enough to add journaling or even more photos. I love the colors on this page.  Sorry about the photo, but this camera I'm using is still giving me a fit! If you need additional inspiration today check out this pin board for scrapbook sketches: Sketches
Happy Scrapping Love Penny

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Hello, are you in there?  + Starting Point Blue Flower
Hello ladies, I going to start a new daily theme on my blog that will change with each day , but will be repeated monthly, and today's theme is :
"Hello, are you in there?" 
This theme is to remind us to take photos of things that are special in our lives, at least until we can find the time to scrapbook them.  For me it's this: 
For those of you who are not old enough to recognize them, it's my really old collection of "Nancy Drew"  mystery books, from my childhood.   (Yeh, I know my book shelf needs painting, trust me it's on my "to do" list but it's way down there.) I have a lot to "thank" these books for, because they actually taught me how to read.  When I was in 2nd grade my mother married a military man, and from then on we moved, a LOT.  During these moving periods, it was easy for myself, and my brother's to fall behind in school. (Except for my gifted brother Joel, who never studied at all, and had almost straight A's, his whole life, even through college.  I followed him in school, and had to tell more than one of his teacher's, when it was time for me to be in their class, that I was NOT my brother! LOL ) At any rate it was after one of these major moves that my mother bought me my first "Nancy Drew Mystery".  From then on I was hooked, and read as many as she could afford to buy me.  They truly helped me to become a more proficient reader, at a time in my life when I was lagging behind other students my age. I don't have the whole collection, but I have collected most of them, and even though some are torn and tattered, they will always hold a special place in my heart.  If you have something that fit's today's theme be sure and include a link in my comment section, so we can all take a look at it. 

Now on to today's starting point
Starting point - Blue flowers

This started out as a full sheet of the light blue, then I added the 2 - 6 x 6 squares of the yellow patterns. Next I added the zig zag divider strips, and stapled them in place. The flowers used on the page and the tag, are die cuts. I loved the eyelash yarn on this tag, and the overall colors on this layout. As with most of my pages this tag is not glued down. Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sew Pretty!
My second post today is about some of the really neat sewing stitches I have found lately and how they could be used in your scrapbook! Here is a blog link to some simple stitches that are easy to do and would work beautifully on your scrapbook pages. You can find these and more tips on this site: Hand stitching.  Hope this inspires you to try out some of these stitches! Love Penny
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Starting point - You are loved
This is not nearly as crooked as it appears in this photo, I'm not sure what happened here.  It started out as the yellow 12 x 12 sheet in the top right.  Then I added the other 3 - 6 x 6 squares of other patterns.  The fold out journaling strip is decorated with punched flowers and mulberry paper, along with butterfly stickers that were also used on the tag.  This layout has really pretty colors on it in real life, and I love the yarn on the tag. On some of these journaling blocks I have decorated both the inside and the outside.  Love Penny Happy Scrapping.

Updated to answer a question:
"Will all of these pages be in one album?"
Yes, all but a few of these pages will be going in one gift album, that I'm giving to a dear friend of mine who does not scrap, as much as I do, although she quilts BEAUTIFULLY. That is why I chose this simple 4 block theme for these pages.  I thought that style would be the easiest for her to actually put her photos on.  Also since I don't know the size of her photo's this style leaves most of the page open to a lot of options, without covering up the page decorations, whether they are 4 x 6, 5 x 7, or for some even an 8 x 10.  It's was a lot harder on me to make these without the photos than it would have been if I had the photos to pull the colors from and what sizes they would end up being. I tried to use colors that I thought she might use for her grand kids and family as that is her most photographed topics, and most of her grandchildren (and she has 9 bless her heart) are under age 8. (Now you know why she doesn't have time to scrap!) Thanks for asking. Love Penny

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This one shows the hidden jouranling block exposed.

This layout is of my granddaughter Madison, she is always closing her eyes when she smiles! Since this photo was large, and the layout had a lot of embellishments, I added a hidden journal box, behind the photo.  (It's the brown label next to her face.)  I left the journal block empty so that her mother could write her a note on it herself. (Trust me she has plenty of my handwriting!) 

The supplies for this layout include:
Pattern Paper - 
Recollections Glorious Garden - Chelsea Garden 125172 83916-2009-11
Brown heart - unknown, I've had it forever
Yellow polka dot border - Basic Grey
Cardstock - Green & Black - DCWV
Border strips - K & Co. 30614772 SW Nature Icon, the other strip is from K & Co also but I don't have that number. 
Flower Punch - McGill Buttercup petal - P/N 64005L
Heart Punch - Marvy Uchida
Brads - Recollections - round and square
Large Butterfly - This is actually a Christmas tree ornament - Holiday Time - BC Butterfly X10481 
Martha Stewart - Gems
Letter Stickers - Colorbox

For a neat technique I added the square brads in the holes of the light tan border strip.  I hope I have inspired you to create something this week! Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

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Starting point - Hippie Orange flower

 This page started out as the plain orange 12 x 12 sheet that I added the other 3 - 6x6 squares to.  The beige paper in the lower right was supposed to be used as the printed part of a baby shower invitation, then I added the cream orange on top of that along with the punched out flowers.  I used scalloped scissors on the middle dividing strip.  Buttons will be placed in the center of the flowers at a later time. The circle at the top is really a post - it note. Later I will add an alphabet title in a semi circle shape in that area. I love the ribbon that was used in this tag. Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Starting Point - Grandfather
This started out as a full 12 x 12 page of the light green in the top right hand corner. (I just noticed that most of my full sheet colors actually ended up in the top right corner, I don't know why! LOL, I certainly didn't plan it that way!)I then added the 3 - 6 x 6 sheets and the middle strips. (My favorite pattern on here is the swirl pattern in the top left, but it was overwhelming pattern for a whole sheet) The bottom journaling block is a fold out card that has plenty of  room for either more photos or lot's of journaling.  The flowers are from Dollar General stems.  The small checked square of blue paper on this journaling block comes from the sheet of paper that let's you preview what paper styles are included in the pack of paper you purchased, and most people would have thrown this away with their packaging.  I choose to use it instead, not because I don't have a huge selection of paper but because I am a "use it, don't waste it and put it in the land fill" kinda girl.  Next I added the title which is from K & Co. I held it and the flowers in place with clothing studs. Then I added the top tag. I stapled these sheets together just to help make sure the glue held well. The blue strips are ribbon. Happy Scrapping. Love Penny

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Starting point - Together
This page started out as a full sheet of 12 x 12 light yellow as pictured in the top right hand corner.  I then added the 3 - 6 x 6 squares.  Next I added the two gold cardstock frames. I used brads to hold them in place, so that the person that get's this album as a gift can remove them to place their photo's in the correct position. Then I added the title and bows.  The small flower is from Prima.  The gold medallion is from a ladies belt that I took apart.  You can see a belt like it here: medallion belt.  Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Starting Point - Mother
Since today is Mother's Day I thought this was a good starting point layout to share with you today. The title is a little hard to see, but is says: "Wonderful Mom, we love you!", and it's made of chipboard.  This started out as a full sheet of the blue dotted paper in the top right hand corner, then I added the 3 - 6 x 6 squares of other patterns.   The heart accent is made of wood, and came painted that way.  The white paper in the right hand corner is really from a wedding invitation kit, but it went well with this layout. The checked paper on the bottom of the tag is made from vellum, and also came from the wedding kit.  The silk flower is just from a bunch I bought at Dollar General and took off the stems, it was already tinted when I purchased it.  I hope these gift album pages help you to mix and match patterns and colors, and perhaps help you to use up your scraps! Happy Mother's Day to one and all! Love Penny
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Starting point - Remember When - Red
This started out as a 12 x 12 sheet of the rose color in the top right hand corner.  I then added the 3 - 6 x 6 squares and middle strips, which I cut with fiskers scissors and inked.  This starting point was inspired by Shimelle.  The bottom flower is from a Prima collection, and I used Tim Holtz Vintage Photo ink to distress the flowers and the edges of some of the paper. The other embellishments are from an old cut out collection by Rebecca Sower, that I have had forever.  This book will have about 20 starting point pages, in it by the time I give it to my friend.  It will also include tags, and flowers that will not be attached but will match the pages, so she can use them to decorate the pages after she glues her photo's in place, or she can place on an opposite page to make herself a two page layout.   Happy Scrapping today! Love Penny

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sisters & Friends - Starting point

This started out as a full 12 x 12 sheet of the orange in the top right hand corner.  I then added the remaining 3 -  6 x 6 squares of the other patterns.  I am trying to make a lot of these pages in different colors, but basically the same design, to make it easy for the person who get's this album to place her photos, on each page.  This layout pattern is also letting me use up the many scraps of paper I had on hand and some older 6 x 6 paper packs, that had been sitting around for years. The circles and flowers were punched shapes, they will have brads, buttons or gems added to the center of the flowers after the photo's are attached, that match the photo colors.  The ribbon on the top is really not crooked but it moved during the photo shoot, and it's actually quite pretty in real life. The tag is also a punched shape, and since this photo I have added more ribbon to make it look fuller.  Since this is a gift album I didn't embellish the tags too much as I was afraid they would later be used for journaling.  What looks like brads holding the title on is really clothing studs. Happy Scrapping Love Penny
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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

 Joy - Starting point
This page started out as the 12 x 12 cream colored page, I then added the other 3 - 6 x 6 squares, and then scissor cut middle divider strip.  The orange strips with the tiny flowers on it is really just plain material that I used on both the tag and the page. It was kinda hard to get it to fold up and inserted in the tag hole, but I love texture of it.  Flowers are just regular silk flowers.  I will be including buttons to hold down the fabric strip on the right hand side, but I didn't place them on this page in case they wanted to add a larger photo, since this is a gift album.  Love Penny
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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Be sure and check out this great giveaway located here! You don't want to miss it!
Love Penny
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Remember When - Starting point
This started out as a plain 12 x 12 purple page and I added 3 - 6 x 6 squares and the stripes.  The lower left corner features a punched shape and a purple polka dotted ladies single earring that I had lost the mate to.

The curled ribbon on the tag and under the flower are from a little girls head band.  The head band had about 20 pieces of this ribbon on it and they were already pre-curled.  The hardest part was untying them from the rubber band they came on.

The small flower on the tag is a punched flower and the flower in the center is just a regular silk flower picked off of a floral bunch sold at Dollar General.  These pages are for a gift album I'm making for a friend who will be adding her own photos.  I will be posting one page a day for a few weeks since she has 9, yes I said 9 grand children.  Have a great scrappy day! Love Penny
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Monday, May 07, 2012

Simple Pleasures - Starting Point
During the next few weeks I'll be sharing some pre-made pages that will be used in  a couple of 12 x 12 album's. One is for a dear friend, and the other's will be going in either my mother's album, or my granddaughters. These pages will not be very fancy, because I am not sure how many photo's will end up being used on each page. But each page will have a tag of some sort included, or a journaling block.  Some of these starting points I learned in a class at Two Peas In A Bucket, taught by the very talented Shimelle.  You can find her blog located Here.  If you should copy these starting points please be sure to give her credit and they are not to be used for submissions or DT work.  Thanks for looking, and have a great day!
For this starting point page, I added 3 - 6 x 6 squares to the plain orange page.  I added the glittered leaves to the tag, because they matched the other colors so well, and let's face it a girl can never have too much glitter on a page! I love the colors on the ribbon on this tag!
Love Penny

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Friday, May 04, 2012

Cooking / Food storage tip
Our family LOVES cranberry sauce, and sorry to say I buy mine pre-made in a can.  Too often part of the can would be wasted due to trying to store it properly in the refrigerator.  So now I recycle my icing containers and place my cranberry sauce directly in those as soon as I open the cans! Works great, fit's perfectly and doesn't spill like a bowl would! Love Penny
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