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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Standing Tall + Starting Point Treasure
Today's theme is:
Standing Tall- Whether this means military service, pride in your country, children, home, your work, or just some accomplishment, let's explore this theme. 
This is my youngest brother James, (yeah I know he got all the looks in the family) in his "Honor Guard" uniform for the Chattanooga Police Department.  My mom was so proud when he decided to become a police officer, but she still worries everyday, whether or not, he will come home safe, and sound. Too often, we take it for granted as we go to and from our jobs, that we will come home without thought to injury, or death.  It's only when your own family is confronted with jobs in Military or Police service, that those thoughts start to occupy your mind.  Once during a routine stop he was trying to arrest someone,  he became trapped by the criminals car door, and when they fled, James was drug by their car for almost 2 blocks, damaging his knees, and giving him some head trauma.  It was the call my mother dreaded and feared the most!  Thankfully, he has recovered, but it was a harrowing event, that will not soon be forgotten.
 Also what most people don't know is that most of the time, he does not get paid for his "Honor Guard" duties, it's a service that he chooses to do, with his own time out of loyalty to his fellow men, and country. So today I salute you James, Thank you for keeping us all safe, and sound, despite the risks you take everyday. Yesterday he received news that his heart is not working properly.  This was quite a shock to all of us since he is a fitness buff, and in what we thought was in great shape. So I hope they have better news at his next Dr.'s appointment.
If you have something that fit's today's theme be sure and include a link in my comment section, so we can all take a look at it. 

Starting point - Treasure
For this starting point I started with the solid red 12 x 12 color in the top right hand section. I then added the 3 - 6 x 6 squares.  Next I added the red dollie and white bows.   I cut the word "Treasure" out with my cricut machine.  The journal block, and decorated envelope is really an un-printed wedding invitation, that I added a Bo Bunny die cut heart on to. I cut this photo off just a little bit too short for you get a full picture of the heart, and when properly inserted in the envelope it is even with the top of the layout, and does not hang out over the edge. The journaling block is large enough to add journaling or even more photos. I love the colors on this page.  Sorry about the photo, but this camera I'm using is still giving me a fit! If you need additional inspiration today check out this pin board for scrapbook sketches: Sketches
Happy Scrapping Love Penny

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Julia said...

Beautiful layout today Penny!!!!

Jennifer Grace said...

No wonder you're proud of him, he is very brave to do so much, and he does look very smart in his uniform! x

Madeline said...

Beautiful starting point page...and great tribute to your brother. He sounds like a great role model.

Tina said...

Great starting point! Gorgeous!

Tracey Sabella said...

I so appreciate the service of those who take the risks in protecting us!! Thanks for sharing about your brother! Gorgeous project and love how you used the doily! Thanks for working out with us at ScrapFIT! ~ Blessings