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Saturday, June 23, 2012

You Can Dance Anywhere You Want, Even Outside In Your Underpants.
Today, I am featuring a layout, of my granddaughter Madison when she was very small, and loved to play outside in her swimming pants! It didn't matter how many clothes we put on her in a few minutes this is how we would find her! :)

I love the bright summer colors, on this layout.  The quote on the top portion of this page was pre-printed on vellum, and I wanted the bottom portion to match it so I made it from scraps of paper, distress inks, a label maker, and a few flowers. While not a perfect match I think it turned out pretty good.

The large flower in the bottom left hand corner is really a drink coaster!  I added the sprial paper clip on the vellum quote because it reminded me of the flower center, on that coaster. (Yeah I'm matchy, matchy like that)

The jeweled embellishment on the photo is a bobbi pin. Nope they just aren't for hair anymore! LOL  I hand cut the large circle, but I didn't like the ragged edge on it (I never could hand cut a straight line) so I covered it in silk flowers that I bought at Dollar General = Cheap, and brads! I love it when I can use things I already own, or can find locally especially since the closest scrapbook store to my house is over 40 miles one way!

Thanks so much for visiting today, and Happy Scrapping! Love Penny P.S. Don't let them catch you outside in YOUR underpants, at least not while they have a camera handy!
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Today I'm featuring a boating layout, to help us cool off!
Matthew Master and Commander, 
on the far side of the Tennessee River!
This 2 page 8 1/2 x 11 layout features my grandson Matthew, my daughter. and my boyfriend Buddy.  Even at this tiny age, Matthew knew he ruled the family, on land, sea, and air!  If the truth was told he, and his sister still run my house although now they are a lot older, and want a lot more! LOL I am such a push over Granny!

Some of the techniques included on this layout are: stickers, torn, and rolled paper, and the use of a movie title as the layout title.  The rolled paper under the top right photo, is really pretty in person, but doesn't show up very well in this photo.(Yeah, I'm afraid you'll have to blame me for that since I'm the designated layout photographer.  Alas, I really am trying to get better at this vital publication, and blog function.

Lately a lot of scrapbooker's have started using less, and less stickers on their layouts.  I, however still have a HUGE, HUGE sticker collection (cough, cough,... hoard) so stickers will still be a featured mainstay on many of my layouts, and let's face it they are easy to use, most are inexpensive, and many are still very decorative! What's not to love about that?

For example on this layout they make a very decorative background for my photos, and unlike a pre-printed background I can chose their placement to match the size, number, and position of my photos! For those of you who still don't want to use stickers on your layouts, take heart they make great card accents! Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Watermelon Baby Shower Fruit Bowl, Beauty and the Beast

Watermelon Baby
Now onto some Summer goodness! First of all as my regular followers will already know, I LOVE my Pinterest boards! You can find them here if you'd like to check them out for yourselves! Penny's Pin Board Obsession.

Well, while browsing everyone's pins, I came across this Watermelon baby
Here's a photo:  Perfect project for a "Summer Baby Shower"  I think it was originally posted here: Watermelon carvings

Now for those of you who follow my blog you have seen this photo before when I first found the pin, but since I recently needed to attend a baby shower for a dear friend I decided to make my own "Watermelon Baby"!
Here it is:           Watermelon Baby

Okay! Yeah, I know, it's not nearly as cute as the original, but it was the very first one I tried to make, and since I had left my melon scoop at Bridgeport, I couldn't make my melon pieces look as pretty as theirs.  I was also "helped" (?) by my two grandchildren Matthew 8, and Madison 7, who in between eating my decorations, helped me gently (?) place the fruit! LOL I also couldn't place my fruit all "prefect looking" on a platter, as this was a "Surprise Baby Shower", and it was being held in a skating ring.  (The expecting couple was having a birthday party for their son when we decided to give them a quick baby shower, at the same time since the due date was fast approaching.)  So I had to place my "Baby", and it's cradle in a Tupperware dish to keep the fruit from rolling all over the skating ring, and rolling around in the car on the way to the skating ring! This photo was taken AFTER the car ride there! Not very pretty, I'm afraid!

As you can see I didn't carve a nose instead I used a piece of pineapple which was much easier, (not necessarily prettier, but quicker) I also totally forgot the ears! (Yikes) During the making of this I learned that next time I will try and use my potato peeler on the cantaloupe "Head", instead of trying to trim it with a knife. I think it will give it a much smoother result.  Also for my next try I also might make a "onesie" out of grapes, and put it on my "baby"!

Having said all of this I can tell you that this baby was "COMPLETELY GONE" within 15 minutes of me putting it down! It was a huge hit with the kid's, and the adult's alike, and the kids even ignored the cupcakes, and other sweets while devouring my baby! Totally worth making again, and I have to say "Thanks" to my daughter who purchased the fruit for me to use!

Now onto a quick scrapbook layout for you! This layout is a REALLY old layout of mine that I made when I first started scrapping, but since this theme was "Summer", I thought I'd give you a peek of my daughter at 20 years old right before she was married.  (Yep, I wish I had that body too, I've got legs bigger than that waist!) LOL  but since she purchased the fruit for my basket I thought I'd make her day, and add this photo!  Love Penny, and Happy Scrapping!
P.S. For some more fun summer layouts, check out these links:
Leap into Summer
New Smile
                                           Beauty and the Beast!
Sorry this photo is a tad blurry, but I didn't have the layout handy, so I could retake the photo. 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Boy's Mini Album
I'll be featuring a "Boy's Summer  6" x 6" mini album, that I recently put together for my grandson.  I have not added his photos yet, but so far it's been great fun to make. Each page has a decorated tag, that get's tucked behind the main photo page, and the album itself is color coordinated, for "Summer Boy" photos.

Since my grandson loves to swim, and play outside, I chose blue, green, and brown, as my main color choices. To keep the costs down on this album, (those who know me, know how much I love coming up with frugal ideas) I stamped most of the titles, used a lot of my older ribbon, and fancy fibers, and then I added mainly punched shapes for embellishments. If you don't already own punches, you could easily substitute simple stickers instead.  I did this because, a lot of my friends say "They would love to join in on this craft, but it's too expensive for me to do!" With this small scale album, and basic supplies, anyone could afford this craft, and save their family memories, no matter what kind of budget, they are on! 
Happy scrapping your own summer mini album, Love Penny

This is page 1 - Always Remember

           Page 2 - Favorite Playtime            Page 3 - You Make Me Happy 

Page 4 - Totally Perfect Page        Page 5 - Always Explore
                             Page 6 - Totally Strong    Page 7 - Our Family

                 Page 8 - You Make Me Smile         Page 9 - Always Together

Page 10 - In My Heart           Page 11 - Completely Taken

Page 12 - Our Home               Page 13 - Family Memories

                          Page 16 - Traditions       Page 17 - Good Times

                            Page 18 - Pure Beauty          Page 19 - Never Enough
              Page 20 - Families are Forever              Page 21 - Always Grow

                                                          Last Page

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Very Best Frugal Scrapbooking Tips

Frugal tips and ideas

Hi Ladies, I thought I'd try to place all my frugal tip links, on one post, to make it easier for other's to find them, so here it is! I'll update this thread, with every new frugal tip, so be sure to bookmark this page, so your don't miss new one's I've added later! 
Here is another a link, featuring all my altered art goodies!
My altered art objects
For even more frugal ideas, check out this link to my frugal pinboard!
Frugal scrapping pinboard
This is a cardboard box that I made for my mom for Mother's Day 
one year. I decorated it with scrapbook paper, scrap pieces 
of lace, some sticker's, and a laber maker. Inside the box are slip's 
of paper with saying's printed out telling her how much I love
her.  All in all it probably cost me less than $2.00 to make and it's
one of her favorite gifts. 

For more frugal idea's check out the following link's! Leave me a 
comment on your favorite frugal tip!  There are many more 
frugal idea's posted on this blog so be sure, and look around. 
Each of the following link's are clickable, and will lead you to 
another frugal project. 
I also have many other household frugal, and money saving tip's posted 
on my Pinboard's so be sure, and give them a look! 
Here is a link to my pinboard Scrap-aholic Pinboard's
  1. How to use calendar images to make cards
  2. Use regular silk flowers, and box staples on a card
  3. Find metal medallions on women's belts
  4. Layout uses doll's dog tags, and little girl's barrettes
  5. Lot's of unusual scrapping embellishments from regular home items
  6. How to save your rub-on's
  7. Help for dried up glue sticks
  8. How to use leftover sticker pieces to hold your ribbon or yarn
  9. Ribbon medallions from belts
  10. Use regular silk flowers on your layouts
  11. Cut up men's canvas belts
  12. Use wedding invitations and cheap doily's
  13. Use a fold out card for a journaling block
  14. Use ribbon from a girl's hair bow, and an earring
  15. Make art accents using your thumbprints
  16. Draw your own backgrounds
  17. Recover a used frame
  18. Use a cheap die cut on a card
  19. Use pre-cut scalloped post-it notes as accents
  20. Make your own banners
  21. Use a CD cover as a journaling block
  22. Dress up a die cut
  23. Use button's and the Cricut cutting machine
  24. Use fabric strips instead of ribbon
  25. Make a title out of twine, and use a postcard for a journaling block
  26. Use goggle eyes, and strips of paper as accents
  27. Use clothing studs instead of brads
  28. Use Christmas tree hooks, and sew around your accents
  29. Use a cupcake topper as an accent
  30. Use a belt to close a mini album
  31. Use a note pad as a journaling block
  32. Use netting from a bag of oranges, and a Christmas ornament
  33. Glue down a sewing applique
  34. Make stamped accents
  35. Clothing ring accent
  36. Mirror clips and beads
  37. Jewelry to add to your theme
  38. Make a bunch of tags from one sheet of paper

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Frugal Card making - The road to a friend's house...
When I made this card, I used a trick I have been using for years! The car photo was actually cut from a small monthly calendar!  Sometimes it can be hard to find good men's images for cards, but you can find GREAT men's images from these small calenders, and this calender only cost me .50. So for .50 I have at least 12 car images. (usually its more than that because you can use the images on the cover and the back of the calender as well) 

I have found these also with images of tractors, boats, travel themes, dogs, cats, flowers etc...  They are probably not acid free but this has no worry for me since it's used on a card, instead of in my scrapbook, and I get the pleasure of not adding to our local landfill, and saving a ton of cash at the same time! Hey that work's for me!

Supplies for this card include:
Maroon and white cardstock
Fisker's border punch
Maroon ribbon
Hello sticker - this is on the inside
Quote sticker on front - this was a "super old" part of my stash, and was supposed to be used as a photo corner sticker, but I cut it where is joined in the corner, and put in it back together in a straight line, and used it that way instead. 

Calendar image - Mine were were purchased at Dollar General for a total of $.50 plus tax. What a great investment, and I didn't have to spend a ton of cash or hours of time trying to color my own stamped images, or spend a bundle on scrapbooking paper!
Until next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

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Friday, June 08, 2012

Just found out that one of my layout's was picked to be in the July issue of "Scrap Art Magazine"!  Whoo Hoo! I will also have another mixed media item featured in the July issue of "Cricut Magazine", so July will be a great month! Love Penny Happy Scrapping! P.S. Here are some photos from my garden this week!

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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Homecoming 1945 - Frugal Scrapbooking
This layout features my mother's first cousin Jay Jr. when he came home from the war.  This was a popular pose for returning servicemen so they could show off their Honorable Discharge papers, and express their joy at returning home alive!

The journaling reads:
"Homecoming 1945, Honorable Discharge! Like many servicemen being discharged Jay Sharpe Jr. had this photo taken to express his joy at finally being able to return home. "

You will have to excuse the blurred lettering as this was my very first attempt to print on a transparency.  I promise I will get better at it, however for a first try it ain't too shabby! From what I have since read you can get a better result by adjusting your printer to a transparency setting or a low / economic ink setting which uses less ink, and therefore produces less blurring. 

Some of my frugal tips on this layout also include fake "dog tags" that I stole from my grandson's GI Joe.  Shhhh.......I didn't tell him, he thinks he lost it! 

The stars surrounding the "1945" are really little girl's hair barrettes! They already had the look of aged brass so they fit in perfectly with this military themed layout. 

The supplies used were:
The stars are really little girl's barrettes
Dog tags, were removed from a child's doll.

Happy Scrapping! Love Penny 

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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Starting point - Laughter is the best medicine.
This started out as a full sheet of the light green in the top right hand corner, then I added the other 3 patterns.  Next I  cut a strip off of the "peace" symbol paper and threaded it through the title like ribbon. The tag was punched from a whale tag punch, and the journaling block was supposed to be a card, but I decorated to fit this layout. I love the colors of this layout! I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink to distress the tag and journaling block. It was raining here when I took this photo so it's not as clear as I would like, sorry.  This is the last of the album pages, for a while, (I know you are proud to hear that!) next up will be a mini album I've been working on! Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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Madison - All White Layout Challenge

I had never tried to make an all white layout before, and this one put me to the test! I took this photo of my granddaughter Madison quite some time ago, and I was just waiting on the right layout to use it on. The layout had to be special since in this photo Madison was doing her best "Marilyn Monroe" imitation. This challenge seemed to fit perfectly with this photo so I went forward with the layout process crossing my fingers that I didn't screw it up. LOL

I ended up making almost all of my embellishments for this challenge myself because most of the supposedly "all white" embellishments that I already owned ended up having some other colors on them in tiny amounts.

For the flowers I used mainly McGill punches, a few tiny silk flowers, Versa Mark ink, and glitter with an assortment of brads, and sequins to hold them in place.  

To give this layout added texture I used mulberry paper, and various edged scissors on an assortment of paper strips. The bows on this layout were pre-made by Wilton. (Thank goodness because by then I was getting tired of making embellishments.)

I first hand drew, and cut out the dress. Then I used folded torn strips of paper to give the dress a ruffled effect. Next I tucked in bits, and pieces of lace, and then added the sequins, and brads. Not perfect by any means but my old Home Economics teacher would tell you it's the best piece of clothing I ever made! LOL

I also added a piece of vellum which I had stamped flower images on with white ink. I wasn't prepared for the hardest part of this challenge however, which ended up being trying to take a photo of an all white layout! After several failed attempts I finally had to take it outside to get a decent shot, and even then the name portion of the layout which was made up with bling didn't quite show up as well as I wished it would have.  

Good luck on your own, "White" layout! I think I may try another one as soon as my punches cool down! LOL Happy Scrapping, Love Penny

Flower punches - McGill
Ink - Versa Mark, and Studio G
Glitter - Studio G
Sequins - Unknown, flea market find
Brads - Recollections, and assorted.
Scissors - Fiskars
Wilton - bows, and leaves. 
Small scraps of assorted lace.
Mulberry paper
Title -  Mambi
Vellum - Unknown
Stamps - Still looking for MFG. name on these.
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Friday, June 01, 2012

Her Body Never Left the House, but Every Night She Rode the Range

Her body never left the house......
This is not a new layout for me, but it's still one of my favorites.  It features my grandmother, before she passed away. Here she was reading one of her favorite Louis La'mour western books which was her favorite pastime.

I created this layout years ago, but I wanted to add it to my blog in her honor. I could go back, and dress it up some but that's not why I love it.  I love it just because it reminds me of her, and how she made the best of what life had dealt her, and never once complained that I know of! What spirit!

The journaling reads:
"Her body never left the house, but every night she rode the range.  Due to a deteriorating bone disease my grandmother Nancy Henson spent the last 17 years of her life confined to a wheelchair.  Nightly she would escape her crippled body by reading her favorite western books written by Louis La'mour.  She especially loved the rowdy tales of the Sackett family. "

I hope you find something you love about your family members, and get photos of them before it's too late. Love Penny Happy Scrapping.
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