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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Very Best Frugal Scrapbooking Tips

Frugal tips and ideas

Hi Ladies, I thought I'd try to place all my frugal tip links, on one post, to make it easier for other's to find them, so here it is! I'll update this thread, with every new frugal tip, so be sure to bookmark this page, so your don't miss new one's I've added later! 
Here is another a link, featuring all my altered art goodies!
My altered art objects
For even more frugal ideas, check out this link to my frugal pinboard!
Frugal scrapping pinboard
This is a cardboard box that I made for my mom for Mother's Day 
one year. I decorated it with scrapbook paper, scrap pieces 
of lace, some sticker's, and a laber maker. Inside the box are slip's 
of paper with saying's printed out telling her how much I love
her.  All in all it probably cost me less than $2.00 to make and it's
one of her favorite gifts. 

For more frugal idea's check out the following link's! Leave me a 
comment on your favorite frugal tip!  There are many more 
frugal idea's posted on this blog so be sure, and look around. 
Each of the following link's are clickable, and will lead you to 
another frugal project. 
I also have many other household frugal, and money saving tip's posted 
on my Pinboard's so be sure, and give them a look! 
Here is a link to my pinboard Scrap-aholic Pinboard's
  1. How to use calendar images to make cards
  2. Use regular silk flowers, and box staples on a card
  3. Find metal medallions on women's belts
  4. Layout uses doll's dog tags, and little girl's barrettes
  5. Lot's of unusual scrapping embellishments from regular home items
  6. How to save your rub-on's
  7. Help for dried up glue sticks
  8. How to use leftover sticker pieces to hold your ribbon or yarn
  9. Ribbon medallions from belts
  10. Use regular silk flowers on your layouts
  11. Cut up men's canvas belts
  12. Use wedding invitations and cheap doily's
  13. Use a fold out card for a journaling block
  14. Use ribbon from a girl's hair bow, and an earring
  15. Make art accents using your thumbprints
  16. Draw your own backgrounds
  17. Recover a used frame
  18. Use a cheap die cut on a card
  19. Use pre-cut scalloped post-it notes as accents
  20. Make your own banners
  21. Use a CD cover as a journaling block
  22. Dress up a die cut
  23. Use button's and the Cricut cutting machine
  24. Use fabric strips instead of ribbon
  25. Make a title out of twine, and use a postcard for a journaling block
  26. Use goggle eyes, and strips of paper as accents
  27. Use clothing studs instead of brads
  28. Use Christmas tree hooks, and sew around your accents
  29. Use a cupcake topper as an accent
  30. Use a belt to close a mini album
  31. Use a note pad as a journaling block
  32. Use netting from a bag of oranges, and a Christmas ornament
  33. Glue down a sewing applique
  34. Make stamped accents
  35. Clothing ring accent
  36. Mirror clips and beads
  37. Jewelry to add to your theme
  38. Make a bunch of tags from one sheet of paper

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sutty said...

What super ideas thank you :)

Sherry C said...

Great tips - thank you! :)

Izzy Anderson said...

That's a fun list. Good tips!