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Monday, September 10, 2012

Gift Cans, Reuse, Recycle, Trash to Treasure, DIY 
My kitchen can opener, opens cans without leaving a sharp edge, so be sure you use this type of can opener if you plan on making this project, other wise it may leave a sharp edge that will cut someone, and none of us want that! 

Second Caution, do not use can's that have pull off tab tops, the edges that are left on the can are TOO SHARP, and WILL CUT YOU, I KNOW!

Good morning readers, if you are a frugal scrapper like me you hate to see anything go to waste, or add to the landfill's unnecessarily, so in this quest I came up with a way to reuse some of my numerous soup, and other tin cans.

 Luckily for me it seems that my grand kids never tire of Chicken Noodle soup, or ABC's 123's with meatballs, (apparently they are completely inedible with out the meatballs, at least according to the kid's as they refuse to eat the ABC's without what they claim to be the 7 or 8 prized meatballs per can) so I don't think I'll run out of empty cans anytime soon. The good news about that is the kid's are still young enough to think I am actually "cooking" when I microwave these for lunch! LOL Did I mention I LOVE my microwave?

I also use my special can opener on the ABC's cans since they have pull tab lids, and the small remaining portion left in the can will cut you, and you will bleed, if you try to use these cans without using a can opener on them that leaves smooth edges, and it hurts like the devil, and bleeds for at least a couple of days.... I know....

So in this endeavor I made this pencil can out of just an empty soup/vegetable can. Super easy, and a great inexpensive gift if filled with either pencils, bagged cookies, candy, or other small items.  This can actually say's: I love Golf, but you can chose any topic, or theme you might need.

For this project I used just plain white, green cardstock, some large brads, my cricut with a sports cartridge, and my crop-a-dile.  I cut the green cardstock so that it overlapped at least a 1/2 of an inch around the sides of the can, and even on the top and bottom of the can.  

I then used my cricut cartridge, and cut out the "I love Golf" in the white cardstock placing it slightly off center side to side, so that it wouldn't be covered up when I overlapped the paper on the sides of the can.  Use plenty of glue, or it will lift off your cardstock when you try to bend it around the shape of the can, see the above photos where the die cut is coming off in some places.  I learned that tip the hard way! Oppsie!

I then glued the finished piece on the can. Next I used the crop-a-dile, to punch 3 holes down the side of the can where the paper overlaps, and add the brads, to hold it in place securely. I also added holes and brads along the top of the can.  You could add ribbon if you wanted a more "girly" can, or leather as another option for men, but for this project I just used brads. 

You'll also notice I tore the border of my die cut slightly, (second oopsie!) but since this can is for my brother, and I plan on filling it with candy, he will not mind since he inheirted the family's sweet tooth!  Happy Scrapping till next time! Love Penny
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Mary Pat Siehl said...

very very cute

soapHOUSEmama said...

Seriously adorable!

lisaplus6 said...

those are so so cute!

gale said...

Great idea to recycle cans! I've done this before too but you're right-you have to be careful what kind of can opener you have.