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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Green Photo Challenge Part 2
Well since I decided to do the photo challenges over at the Two peas board, I figured I might as well do all of them for this month. This one was for "Spring Green" , so I browsed through my old photo's, and here are a few I thought would fit this challenge.

Some of these are the usual subjects like the flowers, and grass, other's are a little more unusual, and make for a little more amusement.  Have fun looking through them, and if you can't get enough on this post, scroll down, and look at part one of this photo challenge.

So as promised here are more green photo's:
Matthew 1st year playing outfield, shockingly he is actually standing up with his glove on.  During most games he sat in the dirt, and played with his cars, despite his coaches protests!

The hydrangea bush at my grandmother's old home. I should have cropped this photo a little better, but at least it's green!

 Coleus beautiful greens, and purples, one of my favorite annual flowers! Annual meaning in my zone I have to plant it every year, sad but true!

 Madison playing Tinker Bell hide, and seek.  We had so much fun with this Halloween costume, but next time I think I'll make her a Witch, I think it will be just as much fun as these were.

 The lonely not found on Easter, Easter egg! I found this poor soul about 4 day's after Easter, but luckily the candy inside was still good, don't ask me how I know!

 I'm not sure what kind of bush/tree this is but I can tell you that it has been in my Grandmother's yard since I was a child.  We used to beg my Grandfather not to cut the lower branches so we could use them to make a fort.

 Ahhh...Perennial Candytuft, my all time favorite garden flower. It stays evergreen, and had masses of white tiny blooms in the springtime. I love it...and did I mention it come's back every year?? Yeah, I love that part too!

Part of my Hosta collection/obsession.  I probably have 15 or more varieties of this plant in my shade garden. This one is Green and White, along with a long technical name, that I can neither spell nor pronounce properly..

Japanese ferns...they are SO slow growing but they are BEAUTIFUL, and well worth the wait!

Who doesn't love wet grass, and bare feet?  I know the kid's had a ball outside playing that day, and nearly stopped up the tub drain with all the grass clippings.

 Now these are my style of croc's! I LOVE these shoes, and if I could find them in my size they would be on my feet right now, and I would proudly wear them EVERYWHERE, despite my families protests.

I captured this little girl Grinch during the local Christmas parade.  I don't know who she is, but her outfit is FABULOUS!

Matthew climbing the school's version of a rock wall.  I thought it was great how his face ended up in the holes, not like I planned it that way or anything, or made him hold that pose till I could get the photo! :)

While this photo is a little blurry I thought it was great that the turtle had all that moss camouflage on it.  I almost didn't find it in the tank, it was that good.

 Calla lilies, great flowers, I can't wait for them to bloom every year. I just wished the bloomed a little longer, but the foliage is great anyway.

 Matthew in his green check St. Patrick's Day shirt.  I call it that because that was the only day we could get him to wear it!

 More Hosta love, this variety is more Yellow and Green, and the snails love them almost as much as I do!  I have read recently however that if you put out a dish of beer the snail will drink it, (I have friend's that would do that too, so I'm not sure if it's safe to put out a dish of it or not, my friend's might trample my flowers trying to get at the beer!) and you can keep them out of your garden that way.

 This is one of my favorite Hosta's I love the mint green color, mixed with the wrinkled look of the leaves. Maybe I should fertilize it with Oil of Olay!

 My daughter actually took this photo on a recent camping trip, the waterfall is beautiful, and steep.

Here is another set of photo's that I used an editing program on.  They were taken inside of a covered water park which gave every photo a green cast. The top photo has not been edited.
While not exactly the same photo it was taken at the same water park, and after the editing I really liked the fact that her face color was drastically improved, and her bathing suit had a much pinker color. To change this photo I brighten it then used the warming edit, which brought out the flesh tones much better than on the original photo.

Matthew doing his best to look like an English Lord watering his garden.  He probably could have pulled it off a lot better if he would have took off those "Cars" crocs, but he still reigns Lord and Master around here anyway.

Ah yes, football push ups! They were so much easier to watch, than they were to do, according to Matthew.  I'll just have to take his word for it, I haven't be able to do a push up in years!

Well I hope these photo's inspire you to go out and take your own "green" photos!
Happy Scrapping

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nine Patch Girl's Quilt
When I am not scrapbooking, or taking photo's, I like to try my hand at sewing a little bit. This is a quilt top I made for my soon-to-be granddaughter Olivia.  It's a rainbow nine patch.  It has rows of Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Green, and Blue.

This photo shows the yellow and orange rows. The quilt is 5 block's wide and 7 blocks long. Each of the small squares started out as a 5 inch square.  The white sash was cut at 2 inch strips. It has 35 blocks all together.

 These photo's show the blue and green rows.  These photo's were taken at the local Wal-Mart because the department manager knew I had used mainly their "fat quarters" to make the top, and she wanted to see it.  Some of the character material was purchased at JoAnne's, like the "Scooby" and a few other's.

Since Olivia is soon to be 10, I went ahead and made this top to fit her double size bed.
I wish I would have gotten a better shot of the red, pink and purple rows, but you can get the general idea from these photos. Hope you like it, and make one for yourself, or your own loved one.

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Spring Green Photo Challenge
Well since I decided to do the photo challenges over at the Two peas board, I figured I might as well do all of them for this month. This one was for "Spring Green" , so I browsed through my old photo's, and here are a few I thought would fit this challenge.

Some of these are the usual subjects like the flowers, and grass, other's are a little more unusual, and make for a little more amusement.  Have fun looking through them, and tomorrow I'll post some other's that I think also fit this "green" challenge. Hopefully I'll get outside soon, and grab a few fresh one's before this challenge deadline is over with if the rain will give me a break. 
 Some of my "fancy" Daffodils, I love their pink blooms.

 Fish at the aquarium, I enjoyed their color, but I kept thinking that some of them would look oh so much better on my plate.  Oppsie!

 Hollyhocks getting ready to bloom. Their stalks are usually taller than me, but that's not saying a whole lot!

 Purple Coneflower's about to bloom, I love that these are perennials  and thereby don't require me to get on my knees, and replant them every year! Thank you Mr. Coneflower!

 Matthew's Dragon Birthday Cake, the wings on it were made from fruit roll ups, which of course were eaten first!

 Flossy when she was a puppy, if only she could have stayed this small forever, and her tail had not become a lethal weapon that could knock over a small child, and clear a coffee table with a single swoop!

 Trillium a wild flower in our state, and no your honor I don't know how it got in my flower garden, but I am doing my part to help it reproduce.

Mom in her lime green pants at the aquarium, even in the dark areas of the aquarium we found her without any problems.

Matthew in his John Deere shirt, and his green sippy cup, which I still have today and occasionally he still drinks out of when he is feeling especially needy.

Both of these fish are the same fish, one is just pictured with it's huge mouth open, they were fascinating to watch, and reminded me of the kid's at dinner time.

Arrgh!  Pirates ahead me matey's, and they are being attacked by a giant octopus, somebody call Spongebob, and Mermaid Man!

Butterfly from the aquarium's butterfly garden, they have a sign posted that say's you can't steal the butterflies, good thing as I was tempted, they were gorgeous.

Madison garden photo before editing.  These color tones would work with scrapbook paper that has white undertones.

Madison's garden photo after editing.  Each photo still looks great, but when making a scrapbook layout sometimes it helps to edit your photo just a little bit to make it match the paper's color tones that you have on hand, and want to use. These are my example's of just that. The top photo would work with a white tone paper, the bottom photo would work with beige undertone colored paper's. This little trick has saved me more than one trip to the scrapbook store trying to find that perfectly matching paper for my layout. 

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Something Sweet" Photo Challenge
Today I thought I would give the new photo challenge on the Two Peas website a try.  The challenge this week was to photo "Something Sweet", well since February is the month of Valentine's Day, and my daughter had just presented me with a huge box of chocolates, I thought why not, so here are my photo's:
I will not admit to you however, how many pieces of chocolate were missing from this box later on in the afternoon! I will only say that they tasted as good as they looked like they would in these photos! :)
I can see the layout title for these photo's already: 
"Somebody stole a piece of my heart"! (they wouldn't live to tell about stealing my candy!) For these photo's I placed the chocolates next to a VERY bright window covered by only a lace type curtain to help cut down on the sun's glare, but still give me enough light to make the chocolates shine! Give it a try yourself! 

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Moshi Monster Drawing

This is a Moshi Monster drawing my granddaughter Madison drew for me today. It's supposed to be some sort of Moshi tiger. She came home sick from school today with a bellyache, and this is how she spent her time recovering. Don't worry over her too much however, because the bellyache went away after school was out! :)

To only be in 2nd grade I think she did a great job on this Moshi Monster drawing.  If anyone in my family is crafty after me, it will be her, although Matthew also like's to play with my paper, and punches..  Luckily I have enough scrapbook paper, and supplies hoarded up to last them till they are at least 30.

I'm also including my Portrait photo challenge, for the Two Peas February challenge: Love
It's of my daughter and her fiance Chris, that I took at the local college. It was a beautiful location, and I probably should have edited the phone lines out of the photo, but I was far too lazy for that today.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Martial Arts Photo
Today I am up again with yet another pose for anyone who is interested in great poses for Martial Arts Photos.   I love the difference textures between the hardness of the weapons compared to the softness of his uniform. While this is a photo of my brother, I did not take this photo. I think it was taken by Nate King.

and here is a video game image that was made from that photo, don't ask me how it was done, as I am so not that talented.

and another one like it:

I think the first pose is great because it shows a pose involving martial arts weapons, which you don't see very often. Hope these photo's have given you some new ideas! If you would like to see more just check out the other photos that are posted on this blog..
Happy Scrapping, Love Penny
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Ah.. a new photo challenge is has been posted on the "pea" board today for: SYMMETRY 
So before I grabbed my camera and starting taking photo's I thought I'd better decide what it meant to me in the photography world.  So off I went to the web to look up exactly what they said it meant! 

Here is what I found: 
Symmetry = Explains where bilateral and radial symmetry occurs in nature.  
So that explains a lot...NOT!!! So back to the web I went this time looking just for a pure definition of Symmetry, and 

I found this:
Symmetry - has two meanings. The first is a vague sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance. The second is the exact mathematical "patterned self-similarity" with the rules of a formal system, such as in geometry or physics.
Okay that helps a little bit, but still leaves a lot to be desired. 

Keeping all of this in mind I looked at some of my older photos to see if I could find examples of what I thought it meant, and I found these:
My lovely calla lilies, I am so glad my mom convinced me to plant these!

Another one of my favorite flower's the columbine! I have several colors of these planted in my yard, and they are adorable, and thankfully very easy to grow. They do however require a shady spot, but that just makes me love them all the more.

My daughter, and granddaughter at the festival, enjoying the super high slide. They had a blast and tried to get me up there but there was "no way" I was climbing all those stairs, just for a fun ride! 

The cheer leading team all lined up at the nursing home, giving the residents a much needed break from their everyday routine. They did an amazing job!

These lilies were a great buy one year when we had a local drought, and our neighborhood Lowe's couldn't keep up with watering all their plants. I was able to buy ton's of lilies at a great price, due to that drought. The hardest part was trying to get them all planted before they died, but now every year they bloom, and  I enjoy, so it was all worth it.  I now find myself praying for another drought, about the time roses come up for sale.  :)

Madison posing next to a well weeded landscape, that should be your first clue that it's not my yard! 

Matthew, and Madison's football, and cheer leading team line up to receive their trophy, for another winning season. Three years of being undefeated, what an accomplishment  I like to think it's because of all the cheer leading a couple of us granny's do from the stands, but some how I don't think so.

My attempt at the famous railroad photo shoot.  While it's okay, I'd much rather have people in my shots, and I find the railroad tracks rather a drab accompaniment. So I don't think I'll be doing these very often. 

These are not great examples of Symmerty, but just one's I could find rather quickly using my own photos. Hope this helps you to find symmetry in your own photos. Happy Scrapping, Penny

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