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Monday, February 25, 2013

Moshi Monster Drawing

This is a Moshi Monster drawing my granddaughter Madison drew for me today. It's supposed to be some sort of Moshi tiger. She came home sick from school today with a bellyache, and this is how she spent her time recovering. Don't worry over her too much however, because the bellyache went away after school was out! :)

To only be in 2nd grade I think she did a great job on this Moshi Monster drawing.  If anyone in my family is crafty after me, it will be her, although Matthew also like's to play with my paper, and punches..  Luckily I have enough scrapbook paper, and supplies hoarded up to last them till they are at least 30.

I'm also including my Portrait photo challenge, for the Two Peas February challenge: Love
It's of my daughter and her fiance Chris, that I took at the local college. It was a beautiful location, and I probably should have edited the phone lines out of the photo, but I was far too lazy for that today.

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