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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Something Sweet" Photo Challenge
Today I thought I would give the new photo challenge on the Two Peas website a try.  The challenge this week was to photo "Something Sweet", well since February is the month of Valentine's Day, and my daughter had just presented me with a huge box of chocolates, I thought why not, so here are my photo's:
I will not admit to you however, how many pieces of chocolate were missing from this box later on in the afternoon! I will only say that they tasted as good as they looked like they would in these photos! :)
I can see the layout title for these photo's already: 
"Somebody stole a piece of my heart"! (they wouldn't live to tell about stealing my candy!) For these photo's I placed the chocolates next to a VERY bright window covered by only a lace type curtain to help cut down on the sun's glare, but still give me enough light to make the chocolates shine! Give it a try yourself! 

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1 comment:

Tammy said...

Fabulous green photos! Daffodils are my favorite flower. We don't really have them in Florida so I always love to see photos and know they are blooming elsewhere. :)