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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Green Photo Challenge Part 2
Well since I decided to do the photo challenges over at the Two peas board, I figured I might as well do all of them for this month. This one was for "Spring Green" , so I browsed through my old photo's, and here are a few I thought would fit this challenge.

Some of these are the usual subjects like the flowers, and grass, other's are a little more unusual, and make for a little more amusement.  Have fun looking through them, and if you can't get enough on this post, scroll down, and look at part one of this photo challenge.

So as promised here are more green photo's:
Matthew 1st year playing outfield, shockingly he is actually standing up with his glove on.  During most games he sat in the dirt, and played with his cars, despite his coaches protests!

The hydrangea bush at my grandmother's old home. I should have cropped this photo a little better, but at least it's green!

 Coleus beautiful greens, and purples, one of my favorite annual flowers! Annual meaning in my zone I have to plant it every year, sad but true!

 Madison playing Tinker Bell hide, and seek.  We had so much fun with this Halloween costume, but next time I think I'll make her a Witch, I think it will be just as much fun as these were.

 The lonely not found on Easter, Easter egg! I found this poor soul about 4 day's after Easter, but luckily the candy inside was still good, don't ask me how I know!

 I'm not sure what kind of bush/tree this is but I can tell you that it has been in my Grandmother's yard since I was a child.  We used to beg my Grandfather not to cut the lower branches so we could use them to make a fort.

 Ahhh...Perennial Candytuft, my all time favorite garden flower. It stays evergreen, and had masses of white tiny blooms in the springtime. I love it...and did I mention it come's back every year?? Yeah, I love that part too!

Part of my Hosta collection/obsession.  I probably have 15 or more varieties of this plant in my shade garden. This one is Green and White, along with a long technical name, that I can neither spell nor pronounce properly..

Japanese ferns...they are SO slow growing but they are BEAUTIFUL, and well worth the wait!

Who doesn't love wet grass, and bare feet?  I know the kid's had a ball outside playing that day, and nearly stopped up the tub drain with all the grass clippings.

 Now these are my style of croc's! I LOVE these shoes, and if I could find them in my size they would be on my feet right now, and I would proudly wear them EVERYWHERE, despite my families protests.

I captured this little girl Grinch during the local Christmas parade.  I don't know who she is, but her outfit is FABULOUS!

Matthew climbing the school's version of a rock wall.  I thought it was great how his face ended up in the holes, not like I planned it that way or anything, or made him hold that pose till I could get the photo! :)

While this photo is a little blurry I thought it was great that the turtle had all that moss camouflage on it.  I almost didn't find it in the tank, it was that good.

 Calla lilies, great flowers, I can't wait for them to bloom every year. I just wished the bloomed a little longer, but the foliage is great anyway.

 Matthew in his green check St. Patrick's Day shirt.  I call it that because that was the only day we could get him to wear it!

 More Hosta love, this variety is more Yellow and Green, and the snails love them almost as much as I do!  I have read recently however that if you put out a dish of beer the snail will drink it, (I have friend's that would do that too, so I'm not sure if it's safe to put out a dish of it or not, my friend's might trample my flowers trying to get at the beer!) and you can keep them out of your garden that way.

 This is one of my favorite Hosta's I love the mint green color, mixed with the wrinkled look of the leaves. Maybe I should fertilize it with Oil of Olay!

 My daughter actually took this photo on a recent camping trip, the waterfall is beautiful, and steep.

Here is another set of photo's that I used an editing program on.  They were taken inside of a covered water park which gave every photo a green cast. The top photo has not been edited.
While not exactly the same photo it was taken at the same water park, and after the editing I really liked the fact that her face color was drastically improved, and her bathing suit had a much pinker color. To change this photo I brighten it then used the warming edit, which brought out the flesh tones much better than on the original photo.

Matthew doing his best to look like an English Lord watering his garden.  He probably could have pulled it off a lot better if he would have took off those "Cars" crocs, but he still reigns Lord and Master around here anyway.

Ah yes, football push ups! They were so much easier to watch, than they were to do, according to Matthew.  I'll just have to take his word for it, I haven't be able to do a push up in years!

Well I hope these photo's inspire you to go out and take your own "green" photos!
Happy Scrapping

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Katherine (sutty) said...

Super green photos...I particularily love the grassy green legs...I see those a lot in summer too :)

gale said...

Beautiful pictures! Love that cute little turtle-how interesting that he has moss on his back. That's really cool. Sorry I haven't been visiting as much-we've been battling one illness after another around here.

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

These make me yearn for spring even more. :)

emily said...

I loved the photo of candytufts...I didn't know what they were called but I associate them with my parents house. I can remember being with my mom when she planted them when I was little and they have been there since! I want spring now too:)

Connie Mercer said...

my fave is the crocs!! Super cute and my faveorite footwear!!

Suzanne B. Webb said...

Beautiful, vibrant photos!

LauraB whosthischick said...

Wonderful photos...i am so looking forward to some green now.

soapHOUSEmama said...

Gorgeous pictures and great job on the editing. Love that quote too :)

Izzy Anderson said...

What fun photos. Had me thinking of St. Patty's Day! The one of the hydrangea bush is so pretty.