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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Green Photo Challenge
Well since I decided to do the photo challenges over at the Two peas board, I figured I might as well do all of them for this month. This one was for "Spring Green" , so I browsed through my old photo's, and here are a few I thought would fit this challenge.

Some of these are the usual subjects like the flowers, and grass, other's are a little more unusual, and make for a little more amusement.  Have fun looking through them, and tomorrow I'll post some other's that I think also fit this "green" challenge. Hopefully I'll get outside soon, and grab a few fresh one's before this challenge deadline is over with if the rain will give me a break. 
 Some of my "fancy" Daffodils, I love their pink blooms.

 Fish at the aquarium, I enjoyed their color, but I kept thinking that some of them would look oh so much better on my plate.  Oppsie!

 Hollyhocks getting ready to bloom. Their stalks are usually taller than me, but that's not saying a whole lot!

 Purple Coneflower's about to bloom, I love that these are perennials  and thereby don't require me to get on my knees, and replant them every year! Thank you Mr. Coneflower!

 Matthew's Dragon Birthday Cake, the wings on it were made from fruit roll ups, which of course were eaten first!

 Flossy when she was a puppy, if only she could have stayed this small forever, and her tail had not become a lethal weapon that could knock over a small child, and clear a coffee table with a single swoop!

 Trillium a wild flower in our state, and no your honor I don't know how it got in my flower garden, but I am doing my part to help it reproduce.

Mom in her lime green pants at the aquarium, even in the dark areas of the aquarium we found her without any problems.

Matthew in his John Deere shirt, and his green sippy cup, which I still have today and occasionally he still drinks out of when he is feeling especially needy.

Both of these fish are the same fish, one is just pictured with it's huge mouth open, they were fascinating to watch, and reminded me of the kid's at dinner time.

Arrgh!  Pirates ahead me matey's, and they are being attacked by a giant octopus, somebody call Spongebob, and Mermaid Man!

Butterfly from the aquarium's butterfly garden, they have a sign posted that say's you can't steal the butterflies, good thing as I was tempted, they were gorgeous.

Madison garden photo before editing.  These color tones would work with scrapbook paper that has white undertones.

Madison's garden photo after editing.  Each photo still looks great, but when making a scrapbook layout sometimes it helps to edit your photo just a little bit to make it match the paper's color tones that you have on hand, and want to use. These are my example's of just that. The top photo would work with a white tone paper, the bottom photo would work with beige undertone colored paper's. This little trick has saved me more than one trip to the scrapbook store trying to find that perfectly matching paper for my layout. 

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Connie Mercer said...

green is my favorite color~love the photos!! Nice to see you blogging again penny!!!

emily said...

I love the quote. it is a fun idea to go through photos and find a variety with a similar link like the color green. The humor in some of them was great:)

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

So nice to see a post from you, Penny! I've missed your blogging. I love all of your wonderful photos. The puppy photo of Flossy made me say "Awwww". :)

Penny said...

Tammy said...
Fabulous green photos! Daffodils are my favorite flower. We don't really have them in Florida so I always love to see photos and know they are blooming elsewhere. :)
11:16 AM

Julia said...

Lovely photos!!

Fleursbydesign said...

Great photos, love the editing on the last one :)