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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pastel Photography Challenge
Ahhhh... With Easter just around the corner Two Peas Photography board has announced their new color challenge for this month: Pastels !!

I haven't taken any photo's yet for the challenge, but here are some of my previous shots that might fit this pastel challenge. You'll notice that most of the photos are of Madison my granddaughter, it's just so hard to get boy's to wear pink nowdays!
Madison in her Easter bunny mask. I loved her blue dress, and pretty blue eye's peeking out from behind her mask. This photo was taken when she was in Kindergarten.
 Geneva my wonderful great niece when she was about two months old.  I love how happy, and clean little babies are at this age. However it doesn't take them long to figure out how to get dirty in 0-60 seconds flat~
Matthew with his favorite "blankie". This must have been a terrible day because you'll notice that it's a "two" sippie cup night! I hate to think what must have happened, but he was prepared for it by bedtime!
Daffodils beautiful, and thankfully they come back every year without any help! Yes! My kind of flower! Just so you know if you spend tons of money, and time on your knee's planting tulips in your flower beds, AND you have squirrels.....You have just supplied them with their winter food storage...just sayin'....
I captured these little holographic fish decals at the Aquarium wall.  This photo really doesn't do them justice, they are SO much better looking in person, and this wall is HUGE~
 Madison again, with her big blue eyes, and pretty blonde hair! Perfect! She is SO easy to get a great shot of, Matthew on the other hand, whew now that's a challenge!
 Madison clutching her Easter basket from the school Easter egg hunt. She had  filled up the basket so much that egg's were falling out as she ran to collect more, it was hysterical, and it didn't slow her down one bit!~
Just a shot of the eggs themselves! One year we put chocolate in the eggs, BAD mistake, by the time the kids finished their hunting, the chocolate was melting everywhere, and every kid was coated in a chocolate mess! Lesson learned it was jelly beans after that!  You're Welcome~
 I love this photo, it shows how much they love each other! Madison had just fallen, and Matthew was helping her up, and trying to comfort her. Not two minutes later they were fighting over the same egg!

Now if you looked at these sweet adorable faces you'd never guess that in two seconds flat they could super hero change into the kid's below! 
 I love it when I trying to get a great shot, and this is the way they act! LOL It's funny when I finally get to look at the photos, but when I'm out there taking the pictures in the blazing sun it drives me crazy! Short drive I know but still..... Matthew gives me 3 chances to get a good shot, after that it's the cross eye'd pose for me~
 Madison in the Butterfly garden at the aquarium.  She must be a "butterfly whisper'er" because she could walk up to them, and they'd crawl right up onto her finger! I chased them all day, nothing.....
Climbing "Peace" rose bush right outside my kitchen window.  This poor bush get's little, or no special treatment, but every year it's a show stopper! Love that!
 Madison standing outside her mom's house in front of the blooming cherry tree! This girl would pose ALL DAY LONG! If she wasn't so short, I could see "Project Runway" in her future!
 Madison as the Disney Aristocat "Marie" for Halloween one year. She was SO cute in this costume, but is was SO dirty when she got back home!  Chocolate + White, not a good idea...just so you know....
 Close up of that "Peace" climbing rose bush, the blooms are enormous, and smell SO good! This has got to be one of my favorite flowers in my garden.
 One of my all time favorite Easter photo's.  Madison was about 2 years old, and while her Mother was in the other room, she decided to drink the blue Easter egg dye! Of course at the age of two she was used to drinking out of sippy cups not cups with large openings, therefore resulting in this priceless photo! She was doing her best to look all innocent, however we didn't have to call someone from CSI to figure out who spilled the blue egg dye. Her mother just called me to come quick, and bring the camera! The rest is history~
 Don't tell me this girl doesn't like how she looks, this was her favorite pastime for quite sometime! Just spending time looking at herself in the mirror!
 My mom, and Madison during Madison's Pre-Kindergarten graduation! She was all decked out, and doing her best to show off, twirling that dress like there was no tomorrow. All the boy's gave her a second look in that beautiful dress!
 Madison with her first dyed Easter egg, she was in awe of it, and how they changed colors, and how her name magically appeared. She could have dyed eggs all night~
 What a difference a new hat, and glasses can do for a boy's mood! Of course these were Madison's accessories,  but Matthew was not above trying it on! I wish I would have gotten a sharper photo, but I had to take these quick before he took them off!
 I loved this photo not just because is shows all the pastel colors, but because it shows what "real" eggs look like, after you've let little kid's dye them.  I'd say over half of them were cracked beyond repair! I know we are supposed to believe that those perfectly dyed eggs in most photo's were done by children, these however show what they really look like along with all of their battle scars! All causalities were promptly eaten~

Madison doing her best to look like an angel, but you'll just have to trust me here she has her day's! I hope I've not bored you to death with all these photo's, and my mindless chatter, but instead given you some great ideas for this new pastel challenge~ Love Penny Happy Scrappin
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Connie Mercer said...

sweet pictures with some sassy in there too!! Love them:):)

gale said...

Lots of cute pictures! They make me so anxious for warmer weather.

Connie Mercer said...

Hi penny- thanks for stopping by today. The last photo must be a classic little URL pose, my grand would do that same pose. Funny little girls!