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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Finally getting his stitches removed!
Well the day's finally arrived, Matthew is getting his stitches out, and he couldn't be happier! It's not that he doesn't like being waited on hand, and foot, it's that he hasn't been able to go swimming! Plus he can finally get rid of those crutches! 

Of course Madison had to get in on the action so she was ready to do some "Top Model" posing right there in the Dr.'s office, doing her best to show off her new purse!  She is definitely not camera shy!

Now here's a little secret game we play while waiting for the DR. The waiting room floors have different colored tiles, so while we wait the kid's play "Twister"  on those tiles to keep them out of trouble! It's something we started doing when they were very small, and into everything.  It's wildly fun, and hysterical to watch! Till next time Happy Scrapping, Love Penny
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