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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Warning if you are squeamish don't look at the photo below because it's rather graphic! It's a little blurry due to the photo being taken with a cell phone, sorry.

I know I promised to tell you about my recent soap making adventures however, we had an accident in our family, and I thought we'd update everyone about that first instead.
On Matthew's first day of summer camp his mom received a call that he had cut his leg, and he needed to go to the doctor right away.  It seems that the school's gym had installed some new electrical outlets that were not completely embedded into the wall, so when he was jogging his laps in the gym, he ran into the edge of one, and it gashed his leg.

This was the cut, it needed 7 stitches to close the wound!

 My poor baby will be on crutches for the next 10 days! Of course he will be waited on like a king, but I'm sure he'd rather be running around, and not injured.  He told me that: "Some kid's think scar's are "cool", but he said: "He doesn't want to ever be this "cool" again"! I hope your family stay's safer than mine has this week! Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

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1 comment:

soapHOUSEmama said...

oh my! Poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon! My little one had to get 7 stitches last month - but no crutches...