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Monday, June 24, 2013

June's photo challenge: Bold Color
So this month's photo challenge on the Two Peas In A Bucket web site is the use of Bold color! So to give myself some inspiration I went back to some of my older photo's to see what I could find that I think would have fit this challenge!
Here are a few of my favorites:
 First on the list we have the blooms of the purple cone flower.  I choose this photo because I like the boldness of color between the orange flower center's compared to the purple flower pedals! These were about 2-4 foot tall perennials, and look best planted towards the back of a garden.

 Next we have Matthew doing his best Spiderman pose! While the colors aren't extremely bright in this photo, I choose it mainly for the wild graphic's on his shirt! Go Spidey~

 Then it was back to the garden for some great striped tulips! I love how bright the colors of the flower's were compared to the green foliage background! Sadly due to some ravenous squirrels in my yard this was the only time I saw these bloom!

 While the color's alone would have made this a "bold" photo, I loved how the pieces of Madison's pom pom's looked in this photo, giving it an even more graphic look!

 All my grand kid's at the Aquarium! While they were having a blast posing, I loved how the bold background in this photo was used in Olivia's "fake shark bite" pose!

 Another shot taken at the Aquarium, and while the color's on this photo don't scream out at you like some of the colors in the previous photo's, the wild pattern's on the fish more than make up for the lack of bright colors.

 I think this photo is a great contender from the color's of her clothing, to her fabulous pose, to her totally pink hair! What more could you ask for in a "bold" photo shot!

 This photo is from the local car show and the red paint job on this truck is almost too bold to look at!

 I chose this photo not only because of the bold graphic's of his uniform, and helmet guard, but also because it was a great bold expression on Matthew's face!

I loved the color's of this shot with Madison at the bottom of this blow up slide, with all the bright linear color stripes leading down to her at the bottom.

 Besides the fact that I am in love with the Alabama football team, this shot was great due to the maroon and white college colors, the contrast of the bright green of the artificial turf, and the many fans dressed alike. "Roll Tide!"

Great summer shot of Matthew in the sparkling water's of their pool, along with the bright colors of his life vest! Well this is the last of the inspiration photo's I have for this month's challenge.  I can't wait to see what the challenge is for next month! Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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Gorgeous photos!