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Saturday, June 08, 2013

DIY Homemade Liquid Soap

Liquid Soap Making DIY

Well now on to the promised homemade liquid soap making, with my granddaughter Madison.  We made approximately 6 bottles, not including the personal size one that Madison made especially for her purse! You know a girl can never tell if a public bathroom is going to have soap or not!

Since my granddaughter Madison is only 8, we tried the easy version of liquid soap making! So the first thing we did was go to the Pinterest boards, and hunt for an easy recipe!
We found one here: 
How to make liquid soap, from bar soap (bar soap must be the kind that has a moisturizer already included in the soap. Like Dove, Oil Of Olay, etc.
I think it was originally posted on this BLOG

We used 6 bars of Dove soap, and 12 cups of bottled water. (Some tap water contains germs, so we opted for bottled water instead of tap water.) We also needed some empty bottles, a funnel, a grater, and a large pot. (You can make smaller amounts we just opted for this much soap so we could give some away.)

The recipe was really easy, all we had to do was grate the bar soap, add the bottled water, put both in a pan, and cook it on the stove over medium heat till the soap was COMPLETELY melted, stirring occasionally. 

Then you let it cool, and pour it into bottles.  The soap thickens as it cools, and it turned out really great.  I think next time we make it however we will add just a little less water, but it was a great DIY for someone my granddaughter's age, as long as they have adult supervision. I let my granddaughter use the grater when the soap bars were new, and I took over when the bars were half gone to prevent her from getting her hands too close to the grater.  Just remember to only let the adult around the stove, and the hot soap mixture to prevent accidental burns.

We ended up with about 6 bottles of liquid soap, 3 of which we gave away as gifts.  Everyone who received a bottle loved it, and asked us how we made it, so I'll call this project a success, especially when you consider we also had fun~

Tomorrow I'll be posting about the DIY snow cone syrup recipes we made today, they came out REALLY yummy, and we'll be making those again, probably soon!
Happy Scrapping, 
Love Penny
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gale said...

Great idea!! I'll look forward to that snow cone syrup recipe. It's finally starting to warm up here!

Kimberly Kett said...

Cute idea and great bonding time with your granddaughter!