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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rain, Rain go away! Well folks it's been one heck of a rainy two weeks here. It flooded my daughter's yard, home and garage, and because my brother lives behind her it flooded his yard as well! This is a photo of her 4ft chain link fence that the water tore out of the ground, and knocked over.  Can you imagine how much force that took, considering that water was able to flow through the fence! The leaves show how high the water was before it finally receded.

This is what it looked like under my daughter's home! As you can see it tore out all of her insulation, flooded her wiring, and almost all of her duct work!

This is her garage! It normally doesn't look this messy but the water was kind enough to rearrange everything for her!  You can see the watermark on the door showing how high the water was.  When you clean up after a flood it's not that water that is the problem it's the coating of mud that it leaves everywhere that is the real issue. Nasty to clean, and Oh so slippery!

I took this photo to show you the box of Christmas ornaments that was just peacefully floating around! It's amazing what is spared, and what isn't during a disaster of this nature.

The poor riding mower took a beating!  Water, and mud all the way up to the seat!

Close up of all the wonderful mud! YUCK!

More disarray, and destruction! What a week this was! Now onto the worst part cleaning it all up!

Here is what her house looked like the last time if flooded, which was only supposed to happen every 100 years.  Looks like they were off by about 92 years!
In this photo her whole 4ft fence pictured at the top is under water! Well here's hoping for dry weather! Happy Scrapping and be safe, Love Penny
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soapHOUSEmama said...

Oh no Penny! I am so sorry!!! Are you ok?

Linda said...

Hi Penny, so sorry to hear about the flood. If you are still interested in the Linnie Blooms design team, please email me at Thank you

Dictionary said...

Oh your poor dd, what a mess! Hopefully everyone is ok..I can't imagine having to deal with all that.

Pinky Hobbs said...

Oh what a mess so sorry :(