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Monday, November 03, 2014

Children's poses and ideas for outdoor photo shoots

Update: I later found out that the reason my focus was so bad in these shots is that my camera battery was going bad at the time, and I didn't know it! Live and Learn!
Today I am continuing my posts on playing around with the kid's in a children's outdoor photo shoot.  Today's model is Madison who would gladly pose all day long if I would just stand there! I just wish I could say that for the boys! 

These poses up in the tree were her idea as she had seen me pose my grandson up in a tree once, and she was now determined that she was going to have some photo's like that in her portfolio as well! LOL Yes, she think's she a model, and I guess that is partly my fault since  have been snapping photo's of her as far back as she can remember!

My suggestions for these poses is to bring a small ladder, or a strong man with you if you want to try these poses out, as we had a heck of a time getting her both up, and down out of the tree!

 This pose (if that's what you want to call it) came about because she was in the process of almost falling out of the tree so we had to stop, and get her down! LOL

I would have liked to get some better images but I was pressed for time to really focus, and the sun was still too bright to make for great photos.

I did like the mix up of having some shots in the tree, and then some shots at the base of the tree however.

Then of course we played the peek-a-boo tricks.  All in all a fun day playing with the kid's, and the camera.

Here are the sepia tones...

Followed by the black and white..

 Till next time when tomorrow we do the boy's!  Happy Scrapping, Love Penny
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