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Friday, July 29, 2016

DIY Scrapbook Embellishment's, and recycling.

DIY Scrapbook Embellishment's, and Recycling.

These are the jewelry, or craft embellishment's I made from recycling just one women's belt! If I had tried to buy these items from a craft store, or make them myself they would have cost a fortune.

These two photo's showed what the belt looked like prior to me taking it apart. The small silver link's holding it together were super easy to take apart, by just inserting a flat head screwdriver in the links and prying them up till the pieces could be removed. If the metal on the belt is super soft you might need to be cautious when bending the connecting links so that you don't break, or bend the other pieces that you want to reuse.

This is a close up of the pieces while they are still together. You will notice that the links are already spread apart because I forgot to take the photo first. So I had to go back, and reconnect them for this photo. You could also use pliers to get these links to separate. 

Now here are my new embellishments ready to use for a fraction of the cost if I had bought them at a craft store. I only paid .99 cents for this belt! For the belt buckle, I will probably reconnect it to the tail end of the belt, and use it to close a mini scrapbook album. Some of these pieces could easily be turned into bracelets as well just by threading a little ribbon in the connecting holes. 

I have done this with lot's of ladies, and men's belts, so keep an eye out for some you might be able to take apart, and save yourself some extra cash. This blog has a ton of frugal scrapbooking ideas so stick around awhile, and browse older projects. Till next time Happy Scrapping, Love Penny P.S. Check out this link to a bunch of my other favorite frugal scrapping tips.Frugal Scrapbooking Ideas
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