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Friday, July 15, 2016

ScraPerfect Design Team Announcement - Penny Arnold


Good morning crafter's Penny Arnold here waving a big hello from Tennessee, with my thrilling
 announcement that I have been accepted as a new Design Team member for ScraPerfect they have lot's of wonderful product's so be sure and give the store a peek, you won't be disappointed!

ScraPerfect Design Team

disclaimer this was taken a LONG time ago, the photo, and the person has aged considerably since 
then, including grey hair, and wrinkles) 
                                                      My Photo
If you have visited the ScraPerfect Facebook page lately you would have seen some of my project's 
posted there already.  It seem's in my delight after receiving my ScraPerfect Design Team package 
that was filled with lot's of goodies, I started making thing's right away, and forgot to introduce myself! 
My bad! So I am trying to catch up on that process now. My resume can be found  here 
Penny's Resume if you would like to see some of my other projects. My blog is located here:

I have been a crafter since I was a child, so that mean's I have been doing this kind of thing for a 
LONG, LONG time. I enjoy quilting, sewing, card making, drawing, painting, altered art, and 
scrapbooking. I have been lucky enough to have my work featured in several magazine's, online 
magazine's, idea books, the Home Shopping Network, and product websites. It has been a lot of work, 
and a lot of fun. I have made projects that turned out great, and some that will never see the light of day 
again because they were a total fail. In each project however I have learned something new, even if it 
meant what NOT to do the next time. 

I enjoy finding new, and unusual items for my projects.  This trend started out mainly because I didn't 
live near any craft, or scrapbook stores, so I had to find other items that would work for those projects.
 I also enjoy being frugal with my crafts so that I can show other's you don't have to be rich to enjoy the 
hobby of scrapbooking. So you will find many of these subjects in my posts, and finished projects. 

In this scrapbook page for example the netting in the back of the photo was from a bag of oranges. 
The "fairy" was supposed to be a Christmas ornament.  Many of the flower's were normal silk flower's 
that I just picked off the stems, and used brads to hold them in place. The flower on the title was taken 
from a little girl's barrette. The lace flower's on the bottom of the photo were cut from a little girl's hair 
bow. The adorable little girl fairy is my granddaughter Madison. (You will often see my grandchildren 
featured in my layouts, sorry I am in love with all 4 of them. Jack, Matthew, Olivia, and Madison) She is 
wearing a "Tinker Bell" Halloween costume. I printed the photo mat, and her name on the photo at the 
same time I had it made. Saving me the trouble of finding alphabet stickers, or using more cardstock 
for a photo mat.

Like other's I also find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest.  If you would like to follow me, or see my boards 
they are located here: Penny's Pin Boards . Once there you will see I am truly a Pinterest addict. Till I 
see you next time, "Happy Scrapping". Love Penny P.S. Please feel free to ask any questions 
concerning any project I post, I would be more than happy to answer them for you if I can. 
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