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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pre-Made Scrapbook layout "Magic with ScraPerfect

Pre-Made Scrapbook layout "Magic with ScraPerfect

Good morning crafter's Penny here again, up with another scrapbook layout featuring ScraPerfect products. 

Okay so this is what I started with: Some Pattern paper, some cardstock cut into different sizes, a doily, a vellum wedding invitation with the inner card that already has washi tape applied to it, a memo pad sheet, and a sticker title. 

So first I applied the washi tape to the border strips, and glued them in place.  I did the same with the doily. I ADORE using ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever accompanied by ScraPerfect's Extra Fine Tip with Pin Cap it is an add on for ScraPerfectt's No Clog Writing Cap . When using this extra fine tip I can apply glue around the edges of the doily, with ease, and I don't have to worry about getting glue in places I don't need it on. When you use a glue stick for example it makes a huge mess, and you have to try, and remove the glue from all the little holes in the doily. Totally a sticky disaster! 

This glue was also perfect for gluing down the vellum on this invitation. I loved the fact that I don't have to switch back, and forth between different glues when I switch embellishment types, because this glue will hold any type of product. This saves me a ton of time. I also added the memo pad holder as a journaling card, or photo mat. I don't know if it's acid free, or not but, if I just use it as a journaling card I don't really care about the acid level. 

Next I added the photo mat, or journaling card to the inside of the vellum pocket, and glued the vellum in place. The inner card is decorated with washi tape, and some embellishments that match the paper, that I also applied to the memo pad paper. 

Here you get a better view of the card before it was glued in place. 

Here is what the card looks like placed inside the vellum folder. I glued this is place, but you can also make it removable. 

For the finishing touches I added some flower stickers, some bling, an additional sticker to the outside of the vellum folder, along with some holes to close the folder with some nice ribbon. Using folder's like this is great for when you want to hide journaling, or photos that are of a personal nature. Hope you enjoyed making the layout with me today! Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

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