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Friday, October 14, 2016

Making DIY Scrapbook Flower's With ScraPerfect

Making DIY Scrapbook Flower's With ScraPerfect

Hello fellow crafters, Penny here with a "Do it Yourself" Scrapbook flower making tutorial.

It's no secret to my follower's that I LOVE making DIY Scrapbook,/paper flowers! These are a few of my favorite punches to make flower's with.  I use lot's of manufactures, from Martha Stewart, Marvy Uchida, etc. I really do adore my punches, and use them almost daily.

I also think that in the long run the cost of punches ends up being very frugal since you can use them over, and over again.  I usually wait till they are on sale, or use a coupon to help with the costs.  I also adore the fact that even small children can use punches. I have used several of these punches with Boy & Girl Scout troops, and elementary school age children. I know my own grandchildren play with them quite often.

Now to start off I pick out the color paper I want my flowers to be.  For this project I chose a tan cardstock. I don't use heavy weight cardstock because I think it makes it too hard on my punches. So I normally punch out the largest section of the flower first. Then I get out my exacto knife.

I learned how to do this small trick with the back rounded end of my exacto knife.  You could use anything that has a rounded end on it, even the back end of an ink pen, but I prefer my knife because it slides easier.  When I use my exacto knife I normally have one handy that does NOT have a blade in it but for this photo, I used the one I had on hand, but I do NOT recommend using it with a blade in the knife shaft. I first place my flower on top of a soft mouse pad. Then I take my knife, and make small circles, in the center of the flower.

As you do this the petals on your flower will start to curl up, just like the petals of a real flower.  I do this will all parts of my flower.

You will see how they are curl, and fit together.  If you want a tighter looking flower just keep circling till you get your desired effect.

This process works for almost all punched shapes, but for some of the more intricate pieces you have to be careful so they don't tear during the curling process.


 I use ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever to hold my flowers in place until I decide what I want to use in the center of my flowers. I also use this glue around the edges of my petals if I want to dip the petal edges in glitter. These are some of the kind's of Tiny Embellishments that I would also use to decorate my flowers. After you are done you can use brads, buttons, gems, or just about anything for the center of your flowers.


 I used some of my finished flowers on this pre-made Wedding layout.

.I hope you have fun making your own flower's, and till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 
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Raechelle Bellus said...

What lovely flowers! I am frugal, too, Why pay full price unless one has to. ;) bl