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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Making Stick Pins with ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever

Making Stick Pins with ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever

Good morning crafters, Penny here! Today I am going to show you how to make some super easy beaded stickpins.They look adorable stuck into some shabby chic flower's on a scrapbook page, or any other craft of your choice.  So in an effort to hunt for some cheaper beads my granddaughter Madison, and I went to a few garage & yard sales, and thrift stores. We bought up all the beaded jewelry we could find that we could cut apart.  Necklaces that have the string glued, or molded into the bead it's self will not work for this project, so make sure your beads are movable on the sting prior to purchasing the bracelets, or necklaces that you want to use.

Then we went to the store, and purchased any extra beads that we wanted to use, but that we didn't find in our yard sale travels. (That's my frugal crafting tip for you today, find cheap one's first, then buy the pretty one's that you really want to show off later!) We found a ton of beads in all colors, and shapes. This would also be the perfect crafty way to use your Mother's, or Grandmother's broken jewelry bits, and pieces. Beads smaller than a dime, and no fatter than a large pea, are about the size we were going to use, along with some seed beads, (not the TINY, TINY beads as they will not slide up onto the pin shaft, because the center hole in the bead is too small for the pin) and an assortment of beading items to go in between the beads. The choice it totally up to you, and you can save any of the larger beads for another project!

Of course you will also need the corsage pins.  This box cost about $5.00, and included 144 pins. We also used ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever . This glue is amazing, and you could use it two different ways for this project.

First you could put a small amount of glue all the way up the pin shaft, leaving the bottom 1/2 inch uncovered, and then slide all the beads on the pin shaft first, like the photo below. (You can use much less glue than I did here, but I wanted the glue to show up in the photo. Actually this glue will hold many projects with just tiny dots of glue.)

You could also put all your beads on the pin, then add a tiny drop of glue on the pin under the last bead that you put on the bottom. The glue will dry, but will still be slightly tacky. So to fix this I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch, made by ScraPerfect, and just lightly tapped it on the tacky part of the glue droplet, that was below the bead, It worked perfectly, and the glue dot held the bead, but would not stick to anything else.

We normally added the largest bead close to the top of our pin, but the design is totally up to you, which is what makes this craft so fun.  After adding the beads to the pin we left about 1/2 inch of pin left at the bottom so that we could stick the pin into our decoration, or layout.  This craft was easy for Madison who is only 11, and I think it would be easy for even younger kid's as long as they had an adult there to keep an eye on them, and they were large enough to not swallow the beads, or stick themselves with the pins. I found it to be fun as well, and between Madison, and myself we made probably 30, or more of these stickpins. Here are some of our completed pins

Some of our beads had two holes, so we used two pins for them. Here is a photo of the back of one of those pins.

and then the front side of the pin.

Then the completed pin.

Lot's of more pins, after we started making them we couldn't stop!

We even made some with flowers at the top of the pin. 

So give this project a try, and have some fun crafting today by yourself, or with your family! Till next time Happy Crafting! Love Penny

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phamil said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous stick pins!! I absolutely LOVE stickpins and this was very interesting and inspiring, they are all beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!! BL

Meraj Zaidi said...

These are awesome....thanks so much for sharing such wonderful tips....i live them all n will sure give a try to make these :)BL

Bev Code said...

OMG amazing stick pins.. so many different stunning and beautiful combos.. BL

Denise Donald said...

You are so brilliant, going to yard sales to get beads. You make gorgeous pins.

Laura Cox {aka scrapaddict} said...

These are beautiful! I love making these as well, but haven't in a've inspired me to pull my beads and pins out! BL

Colleen said...

Very fun project and they turned out so good. BL

Karen said...

Thanks for the tutorial...great inspiration to give these a try too! BL