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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Saturday, January 21, 2017

How to Make Your Own Beautiful Purse With ScraPerfect Glue

Good morning crew, Penny here showing you how to make your own beautiful purse with ScraPerfect glue, some pattern paper, and a kid's craft box. I made this purse for my granddaughter as a gift. Really it was super easy, and didn't cost a lot to make.

So this is what the box looked like prior to covering it with pattern paper. I think it came with felt flower's inside of it when I first purchased it. 

This is what the inside of the box looked like. Pretty cute, but not cute enough. It was also missing the top button that you use to close the purse with, although the elastic loop was still intact. 

So I loved a paper pack I had, but I had used the sheet inside of the pack already, but it had the same image on the cover of the pattern paper pack. So being the frugal scrapper that I am I measured it, and saw that it would still fit the cover of my purse. So I cut it our, and used it. In the long run it turned out ever better than just using the pattern paper sheet, because it was much thicker, and would hold up to the wear, and tear that my granddaughter would put the purse through. Here it is before I cut it out. 

Of course this project was going to need some sturdy glue, because I was going to be using some cardstock (the cover) some pattern paper, some fabric for the hinge, some bling, bows, and ribbon.  So I needed a glue that would hold all of that in place, without me having to buy a different kind of glue for each type of material. That is where ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever came to my rescue! Not only will it hold all of these materials in place, but the frugal side of me only had to buy one bottle of glue, which saves me a ton of cash. 

So I started by inking the edges with distress ink prior to gluing down the ribbon. Which I placed around the inside edges, and the outside of the top.  I also used a piece of fabric for the hinge because it was starting to crack. You'll also notice in this photo that I replaced the button closure with a simple gold brad. You could replace it with any item of your choice, but this was a quick, and easy fix. 

Then I added a matching pattern paper to the inside of the purse, a strip of ribbon, and more fabric to the inside edge of the purse. The ribbon was actually glued down flatter than this photo shows. I also glued a strip of ribbon to the bottom of the other side to cover the gap where I measured the paper incorrectly. Oopsie! I cut a hole in the ribbon mounted on the top closure, so I could pull the elastic loop though it. 

Here it is from another angle.

On the outside of the purse, I then glued the cardstock, and some ribbon with a lace backing. You'll notice in this photo there is part of the cardstock advertisement showing in the top right, in the form of a small part of a circle. This only happened on one side. 

 The other side was fine.

Here is a photo of the purse with the top locked, and showing the ribbon on the top edges.

I left the bottom of the purse uncovered, even though it had a slight tear on it where a price tag had been removed. Trust me this purse will see more wear, and tear than that little scrape.

To help cover the advertisement I added a strip of bling to the purse's front, and a bow.  It didn't quite cover up the whole ad, but my granddaughter will not care. 

In order to make both side matching I added a tag, bling, and bow to the other side as well. (The bow was not glued on yet in this shot.)

Next I added a tag to the other side. This was really an easy project, and my granddaughter was thrilled with her new purse.

I hope you enjoyed this project today, and till next time, Happy Scrapping, Love Penny 
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I'm Absolutely In Love With The King Of Hearts!

Good morning crafter's Penny here just saying: I'm absolutely in love with the "King of Hearts". Okay, maybe not him, but at least my grandson Matthew.

This is my newest layout designed using products from Robin's Nest Scrapbooking Supplies . I started with the double side paper
Side A This was the side I choose to use, it would be beautiful for a girl's layout, but I am using it for a boy page.

Side B  Also beautiful, and would also go with may themes, and subjects.

To the side A paper I added an old Halloween doily, cut in half, and a strip of washi tape.

Next I took out The King of Hearts Card from the Flame-Clippies I loved this card, and struggled on which layout I wanted to use it on. I also wanted to use it on another layout with my main squeeze Buddy, but my grandson Matthew finally won out, so here it is.

I used part of this sheet last week on a girl's layout, and today I am putting the rest of it to use, but on a boy's layout. I love that these paper's can switch theme's, and gender's so easily, that is really a money saving advantage to these papers. 

 I also used two pieces from the Vintage-Card-Kit This black, and the following Newsprint piece, both of which would have made great cards, but I wanted them for this layout. .

I'll be using all 4 of these pieces of pattern paper to decorate, and mat the "King of Hearts" card.

So here it is all matted, and with a little red bow for drama. This looks good, but I just wanted to add a bit more to this card.

So I took out a variety of Dew-Drops-Originals, and Diamond-Dew-Drops, and added some accents to my card. and mat. 

To glue all these tiny dew drops, I'll be using this amazing glue from ScraPerfect. It's the Best Glue Ever

and if you add the No Clog Writing Cap it makes gluing these little Dew Drops a breeze.

Now my card really looks like royalty. I also used a small heart punch to add the red plaid to the center of the hearts on the card. 

So here is what my layout look's like with the card added. I also added a larger heart punched shape surrounded by more Dew Drops, and some tiny black flowers.  

In this finished photo you will see I also added sticker letters, an arrow punched from the Vintage card kit paper, and some star stickers. .  

I am also entering this layout in the challenge from this page.
Well I hope you had fun today, and enjoyed this layout. Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny 

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Beautiful Heart to Heart Valentine's Scrapbook Layout.

Penny here today to show you a beautiful "Heart to Heart" Valentine's scrapbook layout.

I included this layout in a wedding album I made for a friend. The large hearts are die cuts I picked up in the teacher supply section of a dollar store. The smaller heart's, and swirl shapes came in a puffy sticker pack. The cherubs were made using punches, as was the DIY flower at the top under the title, and the "love" in white on the heart. The "Vow of Love" on the bottom was a wooden accent, and the bow on the top right came from Wilton.

This layout started by gluing in place a large heart doily. This is usually a total mess to do with a glue stick, but lucky for me I had a bottle of the Best Glue Ever with the Fine Line No Clog Writing Cap attached to it from ScraPerfect. This made this delicate task a breeze to do.

It also made it easy to just add a fine line of glue to the back of the heart die cuts. What was great about using this glue on these die cuts was I was going to glue them onto some glitter cardstock (the checked paper in the next photo) now normally this is hard to do with regular glue because the glue just falls off, and takes the glitter with it. No however with the "Best Glue Ever" it has a strong bond with a lot of different surfaces.

In this photo you can see that glitter cardstock sparkle, and shine. So I hope you enjoyed this Valentine's
layout today, and until next time "Happy Scrapping."  Love Penny P.S. This is page 1, there will be a page 2 later.
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Introducing an Exclusive Sneak Peek for Robin's Nest

Good morning crafter's Penny here introducing an exclusive sneak peek for Robn's Nest Scrapbooking supplies today.

Come back tomorrow for a full view! Till then Happy Scrapping! Love penny
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

What is the Best Way to Store Ink Pads?

Good Morning crafter's Penny here today to show you what I think is the best way to store ink pads.

So here are some of my favorite ink pads. Sadly, the lids do not stay on very well, especially since I like to store my pads upside down in a plastic box. Since I rumble thorough it regularly. it causes my ink to dry out when the lid's come off. These ink pads start out a little on the dry side any way, just because of the distress ink nature. So I had to think of something, and it was driving me crazy. (Those who know me, know this was a short drive) So first of all I started putting a hair tie around the base, and the lid to help keep the lid tightly in place. This helped a lot, and I was happy with the results. However, I then noticed that I never had a cosmetic pad handy that matched that ink pad's color. I was always picking up the wrong pad, and mixing my colors up. Not so much fun when you are almost done with a layout, and you have added the wrong color to it.

So then is when I realized that a cosmetic pad would slide under the ink pad bottom, and the hair tie. Perfect! Now when I reach for an ink pad, I have a tight lid, and the correct matching cosmetic pad as well. I hope this helps some of you combat your ink storage problems as well. Till next time "Happy Scrapping". Love Penny 
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fabulous Way to Boost Your Blog Followers Immediately

Good morning today I am going to try a fabulous way to boost my crafting blog follower's immediately. It may work, and it may not, but if you don't try, you can't succeed.

Yep, it's just that simple.  You follow my crafting blog, and my Pinterest, and I'll follow yours. Just post a comment here to let me know what your blog's, and Pinterest account link is, and I'll follow you, if you follow me! G-rated accounts ONLY. Thanks for stopping by today, and we'll see how this experiment turns out. Till next time Happy Scrapping. Penny
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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Beach Wedding Scrapbook Layout 2 pages

2 Page Layout for a Beach Themed Wedding

Good morning crafters Penny here with a 2 page beach themed wedding layout. I did these for my sister-in-law's daughter who was married at the beach this fall.

So to begin with I started with a sand pattern paper.  On top of that I added some really cool looking shell ribbon.

Next I wanted to add these photo mats, but the edges were really small, and hard to glue so I took out my favorite tool for this job The Best Glue Ever and it's No Clog Fine Tip Writing Cap. This amazing glue, and it's fine writing cap are great for gluing those tiny areas where other glues, and their caps would be a disaster.

Here are my photo mats glued into place.  I left the top's open on both mats so that all I have to do it slide the photo's in place.

On the top of the page I added a word sticker that say's, " I've spent my whole life looking for you".

Then on the bottom of the 1st page I added a large bow, and two journaling cards.

To finish it off I added some silver brads to the journaling cards, some white bows to the top of the photo mats, and some bling gems to the corners of the photo mats, and the shell ribbon. Now onto the 2nd page.

I started it off with the same sand pattern paper, and shell ribbon.  Then I added the large photo mat, and matching journaling card. 

To make it look more "beachy" I added the palm trees.  To glue them in place I also used The Best Glue Ever so that I knew that all the little edges of the palm trees would stay in place.

To the corners of the photo mat, and the journaling card I added bling gems.

To finish off this 2nd page I added gold bows. These pages were super easy, and will not overwhelm your photos, but still give off the beach wedding theme we were going for. Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 
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