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Saturday, January 21, 2017

How to Make Your Own Beautiful Purse With ScraPerfect Glue

Good morning crew, Penny here showing you how to make your own beautiful purse with ScraPerfect glue, some pattern paper, and a kid's craft box. I made this purse for my granddaughter as a gift. Really it was super easy, and didn't cost a lot to make.

So this is what the box looked like prior to covering it with pattern paper. I think it came with felt flower's inside of it when I first purchased it. 

This is what the inside of the box looked like. Pretty cute, but not cute enough. It was also missing the top button that you use to close the purse with, although the elastic loop was still intact. 

So I loved a paper pack I had, but I had used the sheet inside of the pack already, but it had the same image on the cover of the pattern paper pack. So being the frugal scrapper that I am I measured it, and saw that it would still fit the cover of my purse. So I cut it our, and used it. In the long run it turned out ever better than just using the pattern paper sheet, because it was much thicker, and would hold up to the wear, and tear that my granddaughter would put the purse through. Here it is before I cut it out. 

Of course this project was going to need some sturdy glue, because I was going to be using some cardstock (the cover) some pattern paper, some fabric for the hinge, some bling, bows, and ribbon.  So I needed a glue that would hold all of that in place, without me having to buy a different kind of glue for each type of material. That is where ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever came to my rescue! Not only will it hold all of these materials in place, but the frugal side of me only had to buy one bottle of glue, which saves me a ton of cash. 

So I started by inking the edges with distress ink prior to gluing down the ribbon. Which I placed around the inside edges, and the outside of the top.  I also used a piece of fabric for the hinge because it was starting to crack. You'll also notice in this photo that I replaced the button closure with a simple gold brad. You could replace it with any item of your choice, but this was a quick, and easy fix. 

Then I added a matching pattern paper to the inside of the purse, a strip of ribbon, and more fabric to the inside edge of the purse. The ribbon was actually glued down flatter than this photo shows. I also glued a strip of ribbon to the bottom of the other side to cover the gap where I measured the paper incorrectly. Oopsie! I cut a hole in the ribbon mounted on the top closure, so I could pull the elastic loop though it. 

Here it is from another angle.

On the outside of the purse, I then glued the cardstock, and some ribbon with a lace backing. You'll notice in this photo there is part of the cardstock advertisement showing in the top right, in the form of a small part of a circle. This only happened on one side. 

 The other side was fine.

Here is a photo of the purse with the top locked, and showing the ribbon on the top edges.

I left the bottom of the purse uncovered, even though it had a slight tear on it where a price tag had been removed. Trust me this purse will see more wear, and tear than that little scrape.

To help cover the advertisement I added a strip of bling to the purse's front, and a bow.  It didn't quite cover up the whole ad, but my granddaughter will not care. 

In order to make both side matching I added a tag, bling, and bow to the other side as well. (The bow was not glued on yet in this shot.)

Next I added a tag to the other side. This was really an easy project, and my granddaughter was thrilled with her new purse.

I hope you enjoyed this project today, and till next time, Happy Scrapping, Love Penny 
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BrendaB said...

What a beautiful project! BL

Colleen said...

Nice job Penny. BL

Stephanie Bargelski said...

WOW!! LOVE your purse!! Your grand daughter will LOVE it!! BL

Carole Wright said...

Hi this is fabulous, great project BL x

Jean said...

This is so cute! Love the fun details! bl