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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I love this one!
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

How to Update a Layout You Are Not Totally Satisfied With.

Hello crew, Penny here today to show you how to update a layout that you are not totally satisfied with.
This is my layout AFTER I did some work on it. 

I made this layout earlier in Jan. for Robin's Nest Scrapbooking Store, but something about it even after I thought I was finished with it, just didn't seem quite right to me. Here is what the layout looked like BEFORE I started working on it again, picture below. 

While it was nice, there was just something about it that was driving me crazy. Here is my original post as well so you can read all about their lovely products. I'm absolutely in love with the King of Hearts. I would pick up the layout, look at it, and then put it back down. I bet I did this 10 times, or more before finally doing something else to it.. 

So after doing this for about a month, ScraPerfect's Blog had a February-layout-challenge to use the color's Red, Black, White, and Grey.  Well this layout came to my mind immediately since it was still driving me crazy. So I went to work on it.  The first thing I did was turn the playing card upside down. So I gently pried it up, and turned it the right direction. The ribbon ends on the card were supposed to be on the left side of the page to begin with, but I didn't notice that I had it turned the card in the wrong direction until I had glued it in place the first time. So not wanting to damage it that close to being finished with it, I left it there. 


Thankfully ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever. let me peel it up, since it's both a permanent glue, and a re-positional glue. 

Then I started adding some more embellishments, a little washi tape, and the words "handsome, and boy". I also added some more of Robin's Nest Dew-Drops-Originals to the center of the flowers. Things were looking better already.

I've got to say I like both versions of this layout, but I love the updated one just a little more. (at least I don't pick it up, and stare at it anymore.)

I hope this inspires you to do a challenge, and perhaps update a layout that is bugging you as well. Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Learn How to Make Lovely Outdoor Layouts of Women

Good morning crafters Penny here today to show you how to make lovely outdoor layouts of women. I started by taking some outdoor photos of my daughter. I like this fountain background so we took several shots of her here.

Nest it was off to pick out some paper, and other supplies. Some of those supplies came from Robin's Nest Scrapbook Supplies and they are as follows:





Well if you are going to use Dew Drops you really need to stop by ScraPerfect's Website and pick up the ever versatile: 

This product is FANTASTIC for picking up those tiny bits, and beads that can be so hard to glue in just the right place. 

and to glue them in place you really need:
This glue works on plastic, metal, wood, paper, fabric, etc.  Just about all of your gluing needs are right here in this little bottle. This glue last's and last's as well.

So to start off with I glued my photo down on my photo mat.

Added my title stickers which also came from  Robin's Nest Scrapbooking Supplies. They are really lovely, and the glitter is amazing.

Then some rosettes, washi tape, more dew drops, a flower, and a butterfly, a bow, and some stickers.. All done. 

I hope you had fun today following along, and until next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny
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The Best Way to Keep Your DT Product Information on Scrapbook Layout

Good morning fellow crafters, today I am going to show you my favorite tip on how to keep your DT product information on your scrapbook layout.

If there is a tear off strip on the piece of paper, or sticker sheet that I am using, I simply glue, or place them on the back of my layout. They of course don't have to be this long, but I write other supplies on the strip as I use them. Easy, quick, and no more hunting for the name of the paper, or supply you used. I hope this helped you today with your DT posts. Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How to Make a Beautiful, Yet simple Pre-made Scrapbook Layout.

Good morning crafter's today I am here to show you another beautiful, yet simple pre-made scrapbook layout. Here is my finished layout, keep reading for step by step directions on how it was made.

So here are some of the supplies I started with:
1 sheet of pattern paper, 1 doily, 1 pre printed journaling block, washi tape, cardstock stickers, 2 strips of matching cardstock, and vellum card holder with the inside sheet.

I started by gluing the two strips of cardstock together with ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever.  If you ever give this product a chance you will NEVER go back to other adhesives again. I just love it. It has so many different uses besides just crafts.  Be sure and check out our ScraPerfect Pinterest Board for even more project ideas.  We'd love to have you as a follower as well while you are there! 

Next I added the doily, and the washi tape.

Then I added the cardstock title sticker, the journaling block, and the vellum card holder. ScraPerfect's glue worked great on all of these different types of embellishments, which saved me time, and money.

Next I added another strip of washi tape to the inner card, and a matching tab. I also added a small tab on the bottom of the journaling block.

Here is a photo of the sheet inside of the vellum envelope.

To finish up the layout I added a DIY flower, some flower stickers, and I used a hole punch to add a ribbon tie to the vellum card cover. Then I added a sticker to the outside of the card cover.

I hope you had fun following along today, and until next time "Happy Scrapping". Love Penny 
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How to Scrapbook Beautiful Studio Portrait Photos.

Good morning crafters Penny here to show you how to scrapbook those beautiful studio portrait photos.

I started with some wonderful Robin's Nest Products.

For my main background piece I choose this Rosy-Chevron double sided cardstock This is side A

This is side B. I loved both sides, and had a hard time choosing which side I wanted to use.

 I also chose this Girl-Crown-Glittered-Cardstock I think this is one of my favorite paper's.  I have used this one sheet on several layouts, and I just love it!

Next up was this Girl-Swirl-Glittered, and it's more pink than it appears in the link, more like the photo pictured here. It's quite pretty, and it is also double sided. I love the fact that a lot of their papers are double sided. 

I also used some stickers from this Vintage-Card-Kit .

and who doesn't love the ever versatile Dew-Drops-Originals , Diamond-Dew-Drops and Tear-Drops

Then I used some of the words from this Glitter-Word-Titles.  I love that you can cut them apart and used them on different, or the same layouts.

I also used this lovely Pink-Glitter-Chipboard

To glue all these lovelies in place I used the amazing Best Glue Ever.  Perfect for any project.

So to start the process I cut, and glued strips of the crown paper in place at the top, and bottom of the Chevron cardstock.

Then I added the swirl paper to a photo mat, and some other brown cardstock.

The I mounted the word title onto the pink glittered chipboard.

To that I added some hearts.

Then I started adding some other small embellishments, along with the vintage stickers, and the dew drops.

 To put the dew drops in place I used the Embellie Gellie which makes this process a breeze.

Here is my final layout, I hope you like it, and it inspires you to create some wonderful layouts featuring those beautiful portrait photos. 

Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Another Fun Robin's Nest Sneak Peek!

Good morning crafters Penny here with another fun Robin's Nest Store sneak peek!

 That's all you get till Tuesday! I hope you'll be back to see the full layout! Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

How to Make a Beautiful Pre-made Birthday Layout

Good morning fellow crafter's Penny here to show you how to make a beautiful pre-made birthday layout!

These are some of the products I started with: 
3 lace doilies, some fabric trim - (which I decided not to use by the way), washi tape, matching title strips, corner rounder punch, photos mats, gems, cardstock stickers, and a sheet of background pattern paper. 

Of course I also needed some of the Best Glue Ever with the No Clog Writing Cap made by ScraPerfect. This glue is perfect for scrapbooking, and your other crafting needs. For other unique way's to use these products please check out some of these fun videos. You will be amazed at all the uses you'll find for these amazing products.

In this photo you can see the cardstock sticker's clearly, the letter's were already joined into word's when I purchased them.

and the doily, and washi tape.

Here I have already glued down the photo mats, and the doilies. This was a breeze because of the fine tip cap on my glue bottle. I used to hate trying to glue doilies in place, because I ended up with more glue on my hands than on the doilies, or I ended up with a bunch of leftover glue stick poking through the holes of the doilies.  I don't have that problem with the no clog writing caps.  Now I use doilies all the time, and don't end up with a mess everywhere, and I no longer end up wasting a ton of glue, which the frugal side of me loves.

Next I added the banner washi tape.

Now for the layout titles.

I also added another strip of washi tape, and some gem dots which were super easy to put in place using the
Embellie Gellie tool. This little tool is a major time saver since it let's you pick up, and place even the smallest of beads, or other embellishemts with ease.

So here is my finished layout, I hope I have inspired you to break out your crafting supplies today, and make one of your own.

Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny 
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