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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Amazingly Easy Way to Decorate Your Photo Frames

Good morning crafters Penny here to show you an amazingly easy way to decorate your photo frames. This is Part 1 of what I did to these photo frames, the finished frames will be in another post, but this will give you some of the steps I did.

So my dear sister-in-law gave me some wooden picture frames that had been previously been painted. (Thank you Denise, Love YOU!), but that she no longer wanted, and she knows I'm a craft hoarder, so she brought them to me! :) 

There was a variety of different colors, and shapes. 

So for the most part I left them basically the same color shade since I didn't have a lot of white paint on hand to repaint them all with. The only one I didn't repaint was the one with the stamped images already on it. 

So this basic technique required me to add glitter to my paint, so this photo above shows what it looked like after I just repainted it. I used a medium sized gold glitter, and mixed it in with my brown paint. Then I sanded some of the paint off of it to give it a distressed look. 

This worked better with some glitter than it did with other's, but I liked this look. 

This shows the before, and after sanding of the grey frames.  This glitter was of a larger size, and really showed up quite well after sanding. Prior to sanding it just looked lumpy, and dull.. 

You'll notice at the top of this photo, you can sand more, or less depending on how much shine you want to show through. There is another example below.

The more you sand the flatter the surface of the frame becomes, and more glitter shows through, see the top right portion of this frame.

Then I started on these two frames. For these I added a super fine glitter to the paint.

This is how the pink one's came out. It did turn out okay the more I sanded, but if I did this again, I think I would have used a larger size glitter, because I had to add a TON of glitter in the paint to give it even this much shine. 

It was the same with the blue frames as well.

I eventually added enough glitter to make them shine however.

Here in this photo is what I used to sand the frames with. The sandpaper shown is meant to be used on an electric sander, but I just used my hand to hold it instead. Super easy.

This is the only frame I didn't repaint. It already had Japanese images stamped on it, and I wanted to work with those still on there, so I didn't repaint this frame.

Well that is all you get till next week when my granddaughter Madison is here to help me decorate these the rest of the way! Till then Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 
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