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Friday, April 07, 2017

How to Help Stop Static Cling on Your Hands, and on Confetti.

While working on a project using plastic confetti, I soon discovered I needed a way to stop the static cling from getting on my hands, and the confetti.  I was trying to sort the confetti into colors, and styles, and then place them into a plastic organizer.

As you can see the confetti was sticking to everything! I could barely scrape it off of my hands.

So that is when I remembered the Perfect Crafting Pouch made by ScraPerfect

This little pouch is perfect for my problem, and it will also make for smooth printing on vellum, dries wet ink, releasing agent for clay, and is anti static bag for glitter, and embossing powders. So I used it on the confetti and my hands. I can't say it stopped all the static but it removed almost all of it, and made my project go so much smoother. I often use these little confetti pieces as the centerpieces of my DIY flowers, so having them sorted makes things go a lot faster for me when I am crafting.

Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny
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