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Sunday, April 09, 2017

How to Recycle Cardboard Canvases With Homemade Gesso

Hello fellow frugal crafters, today I am here to show you how to restore old cardboard canvases so they can be used again. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before photo, so you will have to imagine all of these canvases covered in failed art projects.

To make them white again. The first time I simply used a foam paint brush, and  applied layers of store bought Acrylic Gesso. Some of them required several layers, but it was easy, and simple enough for a child to do, however the price of the store bought Gesso was pretty pricey!

Then I found this YouTube Video that shows you how to make your own gesso using just Dollar Store products, and a little leftover white paint. Super easy, and cheap, or I mean frugal! LOL

In this photo it's hard to see since it's white on white, (I didn't think about that when photographing this however, duh) at any rate I had used my Cricut cutting machine, and cut out the word "Family" from a cereal box. I find cereal boxes to be an easy thickness to cut using my Cricut. I first covered it in my homemade gesso,  I then added brown distress ink, and finally glitter glaze. It's quite sparkly, in person.

That finished word is shown here on this layout. Super easy, and thrifty! Well I hope you had fun today, and till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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