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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Learn How to Make Scrapbook Layouts With Doilies

Good morning Penny here today I am going to show you how easy it is to make scrapbook layouts with doilies. Here is my pre-made wedding layout. On this layout I used the doilies as my photo mats, and journaling sections. Since I often make pre-made albums for my friends, I found that by using doilies in this way it not only saved me time, but it also saved me from purchasing more embellishments, since the lace on the doilies added so much texture to the layout.

To add to the doilies effects, I punched out several lacy butterflies in white as well.  You'll notice that the doilies, and the butterflies are in groups of threes. Odd number's of items on a scrapbook page are more pleasing to the eye. So place your embellishments in 1's, 3, 5, etc.. So on this layout you will see 3 butterflies, 3 doilies, 3 bows, etc.. In order to glue these doilies in place I used the Best Glue Ever with the No Clog Writing Cap from  ScraPerfect.

This combination of products, let's me do several things perfectly. The no clog writing cap make's is a breeze to glue the doilies, and intricate butterfly wings in place without leaving a huge mess. If I had tried to glue these items with a glue stick it leaves glue coming out of every hole in the doily, and butterfly as you apply it. This also makes you waste glue, and leaves your hands, and work area a mess as you try to remove the excess glue. The cap is also great for letting you just place as little, or as much EXACTLY where you need it. No waste, and no mess.

This glue will also glue so many different kinds of products as well, here it is used on gems, ribbon, the "soul mates" in an epoxy magnet, that I used as an embellishment. All of these things were glued securely in place with one type of glue. This also saves me a ton of cash since I don't have to go out, and buy several different types of glue to complete my project.

On my title it glued the fabric bows, the foam hearts, and the chipboard title.

In this section it held accents onto a highly glittered surface, (the checked paper), and helped to hold together my DIY flower till I could insert the brad into the center of it as an accent to the flower..

Well I hope you had fun today, and learned a few tips, and tricks. If you enjoy making pre-made pages as I do, check out the rest of this blog for even more samples. Till next time Happy Scrapping, Love Penny
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