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Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to Make Adorable Boy's Scrapbook Layouts.

Penny here today to show you how to make an adorable boy's scrapbook layout. This layout features my grandson Matthew who for once was nicely posing for a photograph.

So part of the reason this layout is so adorable is the look of sweet innocence on his face. Trust me this is not always the case. The reason he was so willing to lay still for this photo is because prior to this photo he had been running around, and climbing trees. So waiting till they get rid of all that energy is a large part of getting a great boy, or child's photo like this one.

A lot of the supplies for this layout came from Robin's Nest Scrapbooking.  They included both sheets of pattern paper the B side of Pink-Glitter-Coral, Charity,  Dew-Drops-Originals, and Diamond-Dew-Drops, Glitter-Cardstock, and "Picture Perfect" card from Saffron-Cards.

Another part of making this layout work is the color of his shirt, and how they work with the background papers. Since they are all light blue it effectively divides the layout into thirds which is always pleasing to the eye. The additional strips of washi tape also help to define these areas.The word "Matthew" was made using K & Co chipboard letters, they also made the photo corners

When making the tag "Hello Beautiful" I used a pre-made tag, and a sticker. I placed the Dew drops around each scallop in the center of the tag's edges. Placing, and gluing these in the correct position would have been almost impossible, without the help of ScraPerfect's Embellie Gellie

and ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever using both these together made a difficult task super easy, because the glue hold extremely well in small amounts, and the embellie gellie tool let's you precisely place even the smallest of embellishments. It's also great for lining up alphabet stickers. 

The arrows on the page also help draw the eye into the photo, and I loved the tag on the right hand side with the metal camera paper clip, just to give some balance to that side of the page. . 

Well I hope you had fun today while we took apart the design element's of this page! Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 
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Friday, July 21, 2017

How to Add More Photos to Your Scrapbook Pages.

Hello friends Penny here to show you how to add more photos to your scrapbook pages.

So this layout is features my granddaughter Madison, and her fondness for playing dress-up. To make the most of this page I cut away parts of each photograph so that I could fit more photos on this layout. What helped me do this with these photos is the matching background of each of these photos. Using a plain background during your photo shoot is a great choice when you know you'll be taking a lot of photos on the same day. While it's not totally necessary it makes your layout appear more cohesive when you are done. 

So I started this layout with some beautiful pattern papers from Robin's Nest Scrapbooking. along with a solid pink cardstock, and their beautiful glittered crown paper. I also used some of their Dew Drops to highlight the title, and other areas on the layout. The word "Fabulous" was from one of their card collections, and I spelled out "Madison" using their Glittered Alphabet stickers. 

For accents, title, and photo corners I used a brown solid, and another brown pattern paper as well. 

To add some girly bling I added strips of bling, glued in place with ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever/ with
the No Clog Writing Cap. This worked great because the glue hold's amazingly well, and the writing cap let me put glue in a fine straight line where I wanted the bling strips, and in just tiny specks for the Dew Drops. 

Along the top edge of this layout I also added a strip of washi tape, and under the bottom photo the word "Awesome" is also a cut out from some washi tape. Under each photo on top I added a ribbon bow.

This layout was super easy and even though it has 4 large photo's on it, it doesn't look cluttered, or boring. I hope you enjoyed today's layout, and until next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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Thursday, July 06, 2017

How to Make Great Couple's Layouts

Good morning friends, Penny here today to show you how to make a great couple's layout.

I found this great paper while shopping at a craft store recently. I loved it, and I knew it would match the color's of these photos. I used two sheets of it the background piece, and I fussy cut the flower/medallion from the other sheet. I also used a Core dinates paper which is the brown with the polka dots. 

The top strip with the feather is a strip of washi tape that I found with a matching feather theme. I cut some feather's from the tape to add to the other cards, so the theme could continue. 

to accent the layout photos, embellishments, and the large flower/ medallion. To make sure those Dew Drops stayed in placed I glued them down with ScraPerfects' Best Glue Ever. 

This process was made super easy since the glue bottle was fitted with the No Clog Writing Cap, which let me put glue exactly where I wanted it, and nowhere else. 

Here is a close up of the diagonal accents on the photo frame.

Here is a close up of the flower medallion at the bottom of the page.

In order to place those Dew Drops exactly where I wanted them I used the Embellie Gellie tool. 

This little gadget has been a life saver for me. It holds tiny items in place until you are ready to put them exactly where you want them go. Making that medallion/flower would have drove me crazy without this tool. 

Well I hope you had fun today, and till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny 
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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

How to Become a Guest Designer on This Crafting Blog

Hi ScraPerfect fans, Penny here with a special announcement on how to become a Guest Designer on the ScraPerfect crafting blog, and Facebook page!

Image result for Be our Guest Designer

If you already have our products and you made something amazing with them, or you'd like to purchase them to make a special project. Just leave us a comment on our Facebook page, or comment here. It could lead to you being our featured guest designer on our blog, and Facebook page for a day!

So if you are a newbie just trying to get your name out there in the crafting world, or a seasoned professional who just likes to create we'd love to see what you made with our products while letting other's see your beautiful crafting skills.

Till next time Happy Crafting! Love Penny
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Saturday, July 01, 2017

How to Upscale a Clock With a Sports Theme

Today I will be showing you how to upscale a clock with a sports theme, or your favorite sport's team name anyway.

This clock started it's life out as this jelly bean themed clock, which was cute, but just didn't fit anywhere in my house's decorating scheme, but I had looked at the back of it and realized that the back could be removed with just a few screws, and I could add any theme to the clock I wanted by just changing the outer circle paper insert.

So I knew I wanted to use the color's orange and black because that was the colors of our towns football team, which everyone loves. I also wanted it to be super sparkly.  So off to Style Tech Craft to look at the new Tape Technologies products Ultra Metallics vinyl color chart. 

For my black I chose this Ultra Metallic Black #128. It's beautiful, has a great thickness, and adhere's perfectly. These vinyls are perfect for inside or outside applications!

For my orange I also picked from the Ultra Metallic line, and chose the Orange #148. It is gorgeous, and I can see lot's of uses for this on some super cute Halloween decorations later this year!

So here is my clock with the insert removed. Whew, I like it better already! That jelly bean pattern was just a little too busy for me. 

So I took the jelly bean circle and used it for a pattern for my new black cutout The black vinyl has a white back so I just laid the circle down and traced around it then cut it out with some scissors. Here's a tip for you when cutting anything out with scissors: Watch the tip of the scissors when cutting, not the middle of the scissors, and you'll get a much smoother cut out.

So here is my new clock insert piece.

In this close up you can see all the glitter! Lovely!

So after cutting out the vinyl I placed it on a poster board to give it more strength since the jelly bean cut out was too thin, and flimsy.

After adding the vinyl cut out to the poster board it had a white edge showing which I didn't like. so I took a sharpie marker and colored the outer and middle edges. In this photo the inner circle has been colored already but not the outer edge so you can see what it looked like prior to me coloring it.

Here is the clock with just the black insert, without the rest of the letter's in case you just wanted a one color theme for your clock.

Next I used my cutting machines to cut out the letters, and the pirate cross bones.I used both a Sizzix, and a small Cuttlebug, to cut out these pieces, and both machines cut this vinyl to perfection. These vinyls also work great with other machines like Cricut, etc. In this photo I laid everything out before gluing them down so that I could be sure I had correct placement of everything exactly where I wanted it to fit.

Here's a frugal tip for you: Save all of your left over alphabet shapes for another craft later. Just be sure and save the tiny pieces that fill in the middle of the "R" for example! I'll try to make another project later showing you how to use these left over bits and pieces.

For the skull and cross bones, I used the brand new color in the Ultra Metallic's line Rose Gold #167, it's an unusual blend of gold and silver, that is really pretty. I added more of the #148 Orange for it's hat as well.

Here is the insert all glued in place and ready to be installed in the clock.

I'm leaving you with several photos of the completed clock face. Since the clock was domed it was really hard to get a good shot of the clock face that didn't catch the glare of the camera flash.

I love that you can see the glitter sparkle so well in this photo!

The best thing about this project is that if I get tired of this clock I can change it again! Well I hope you enjoyed this project today and until next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

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