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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Make a Super Easy Layout for Earth Day and Paperclip Challenge and Prize!

Good morning fellow crafter's Penny here today to show you my super easy layout for "Earth Day", and to tell you about our new paperclip challenge! Please see the bottom of this post for our paperclip challenge rules, and your coupon for free shipping if in the U.S., or $5.00 off international orders.

To those of you who didn't know it this month has an "Earth Day" celebration on April 22nd. So I thought I'd make a super easy "Earth Day" layout in it's honor using up some of my older stash items.

I also wanted to used up some of these die cuts I had been buying and hoarding. A lot of people don't realize that most of the packaged die cuts made for teacher's classroom's are also "acid free" so they are safe for your scrapbooks, and are a lot cheaper than die cuts made just for scrapbooks.

In this upper photo I am using my favorite glue made by ScraPerfect.  It's the Best Glue Ever.

The bottle in the upper photo also shows just how easy it is to use the No Clog Writing Cap around the edges of those die cuts.

The cap, and glue also made it easy to glue down the fabric bow,

and this felt flower! All without changing glues! This saves me so much time and money. I also used the glue with it's fine tip cap to re-glue the word sticker "hello" which had lost it's tackiness.

Next I added this cute chipboard camera, with a bling dot for it's lens.

Some more bling accessories, and a few foam flowers, and I'm all done. I can't wait to find just the perfect photo for this layout. I was also thrilled to use some of my older 8 1/2 x ll paper stash.  Now I'll only have to make 10,000 more layouts till I have a manageable number of sheets left! LOL  

Be sure and come back on the 29th of this month to see my take on this challenge, but everyday this week our Design Team will inspire you with this fun challenge. 

 4/21/18 - 5/15/18

1. First you must make a Paperclip Tag and upload it to your blog, FB page or other social media site. Please check out our DT posts this week for more inspiration. 

2. Then copy your URL address and enter the challenge at this Link

3. Follow the ScraPerfect  BLOG by emailClick Here  After that you will receive a coupon in your email good for for free s/h in US or $5 off international shipping fees.

Watch ScraPerfect's blog for ideas & tutorials of  
through the end of April 2018!

Thank You Linda Israel for the paperclip tag idea created for a junk journal


A random drawing will be held on 6/1/18
You MUST leave a comment on my original post or on any DT member's related paperclip post to let us know which product you want to win.

Well till next time Happy Scrapping, and do something good for the Earth today! Love Penny
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Saturday, April 14, 2018

How to Store and Organize Your Scrapbooking Brads

Good morning fellow crafter's today I am going to show you my favorite way to store my scrapbooking brads. (Yes, I know I have a lot of them, and yes, I will buy more! LOL)

No automatic alt text available.

Yes, in a kitchen spice rack!  I love that you can organize them by color or size, and the rack can sit on my desk (or floor in my case, because that is where I like to scrapbook) and it spins easily, but keeps the brads contained in those little jars. I won't bother telling you about how many times I've stepped on these little bugger's before I came up with this solution.  Stepping on these things is far worse than Legos"s at least with Lego's you don't have to pull them out of your foot like a tack! Ouch!  

You'll notice that the tops have little stickers on some of the jars, that is because when I am looking at the rack from the top down I can't see what color brads the jar contains, so I placed little stickers on the lids that coordinate with the color of the brads inside the jar. I love the jars with the pre-colored tops but I haven't been able to find anymore of those at a decent price, but I love them the best and I am still looking for more of them. These jars would also work for buttons, or other tiny embellishments, or beads.  I know I have two more spice racks already purchased just for that purpose. 

Well I hope you love my organizing tip for you today, come back soon and we'll have more fun organizing, and money saving tips for you, or fun projects we can make together. Till next time, Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 
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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

How to Clean Off Company Logo's From Your Water Bottles

Good morning crafter's Penny here today to show you how to remove those stubborn pre-printed logos off of your sports bottles.

I purposely didn't take a photo of the label on this container because I like the company name that was on this container, but I wanted to decorate later without their logo on it.

So this is what it looked like as I was removing the company logo.  I simply sprayed a small amount of The Best Cleaner Ever from ScraPerfect onto the logo and waited for about 5 minutes. I had to do little or no scrubbing.  If you do find that the cleaner is not taking the ink, paint, adhesive or stain off just give the cleaner a little more time. This cleaner is non-toxic, and is environmentally safe, safe for your hands and tools, and it is completely clear. Just the spray bottle itself is pink, so it is safe to use on lighter colored fabrics as well.

This is what my paper towel looked like after it removed the logo, and my bottle was completely clean and ready for my own creative decorations after a quick wash in the sink to remove any leftover cleaner. . 

Hope I helped you get your craft on today! Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 
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Friday, April 06, 2018

How to Make a Step By Step Mother and Daughter Layout

Good morning fellow crafter's Penny here today to show you how to make some fun layouts using supplies from some beautiful Graphic 45 paper collections.  I love how their paper collections go together so easily,  even for beginning scrapbooker's. Anyone can mix, and match them, and make a professional looking layout in no time.

These layouts include my 3 favorite girls, my daughter Sequita, and her two daughter's Madison, and Olivia (the boy's will be so jealous) on some of my favorite paper combinations. 

Later I will show you step by step how to make the top layout, but below you will see another layout that used the following Graphic 45 supplies:

I used pattern paper from this collection for this layout, including the title.: 
Patterns of the Past
This Old House
Attention To Detail
Creative Ideal

I also used chipboard and paper from:
August Flourish

This layout features my granddaughter Olivia, and her 6th grade school photo. One of my best designer tips that I can give you is that: I cut the title for this layout from the alphabet card included in this pattern paper collection! This was an easy to make title, and now it matches my layout perfectly. I then added an embroidery "iron on" number "6" to represent her grade.  A few added flowers, brads, some Graphic 45 chipboard, a gem or two, and some black matting. All held together with some ScraPerfect glue. Super easy, but still cute.

Now back to the step by step process for the first layout!  I started with the following Graphic 45 paper collections for this layout.

Natural Beauty
Creative Ideal
Patterns Of The Past

and this collection:

I also used chipboard from:

and the reverse side since these papers are double sided.(That makes them a bargain, since you can use different patterns from one sheet)  These photos also include the blue, and black cardstock that I used for matting my photo and accents with.

So to start things off I cut out a large square mat from the blue cardstock to frame my layout with, and then started matting the rest of my materials in black cardstock.

This also included matting my photo.

Next I chose my background paper. I loved how it picked up all the colors in my photo. I try to match my photo color's to my paper choices on all of my layouts.

Next I started placing my accents on the page..

My designer tip for you is to dry fit these accents in place prior to gluing them down so that you can rearrange them if necessary.  I learned this the hard way~ and that's all I'm going to say about that!

As I am arranging these embellishment pieces in place I have to keep in mind that the outer part of my layout will be covered in a large square mat so I don't want to place to much of my embellishments in that area.

This is important to keep this in mind when laying out these accessories, or important parts of your layout could end up being covered up by the space the mat takes up.

Here I am finally placing the title in place, and the blue square at the bottom of the page, but they are still not glued down yet.

Next I glued down everything except my title, and my photo. Before gluing them in place I placed foam squares on the back of them so my layout will have some depth, thereby giving my layout a more interesting appearance.

Here you can see the difference when they are finally glued into place.

Another designer tip is that when adding this camera sticker I only added foam to one side of the sticker because the other side of this sticker will be mounted onto my photo.  If I had added the foam to both sides of the sticker, the sticker would appear uneven when I placed it on the photo, because the photo already had foam underneath it. 

Now the sticker sits perfectly in place, and it's level on both sides.

 A few more stickers, and a little fussy cutting and this layout is beginning to take shape~

A cute banner sticker fills in an empty spot with ease.

Next I started adding some flowers, a butterfly, half of a doily, and a few gems to the layout just to give it some girl glam! After all what girl doesn't love some bling on their layout?

Now for my finished layout complete with the year the photo was taken using some alphabet stickers placed on a Graphic 45 chipboard embellishment.

Other supplies on this layout included:
ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever, Prima flowers, and butteries, gems, stickers, alphabet stickers, ribbon, floral leaves.

Again my two completed layouts:

Layout with Sequita, and Madison. By the way the title for this layout was included in the Graphic 45 paper collection that I used. 

I hope you had fun playing along today, and until next time "Happy Scrapping" Love Penny

Click Here to view another layout of mine previously posted that also uses Graphic 45 supplies.
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Thursday, April 05, 2018

How to Make a Wedding Layout For a Blended Family

Good morning crafter's today I am here to show you how I made a wedding layout for a friend of mine who was getting remarried, and blending together two families.

I started by trying to choose some colors, and patterns that are not normally thought of as wedding patterns, but that picked up the colors in my photos, and still looked elegant.

 Then I started doing some fussy cutting around some letters, and their frames to make my title. Since those tiny frames were going to be hard to glue without making a huge mess I used the Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect.

The No Clog Writing Cap that was added to my glue bottle making putting even the smallest amount of glue in just the right spot SO EASY!

I also used the glue to hold these tiny flowers in place, that I made from 3 different kinds of flowers. 

You'll notice I also added some gems to my title, and in a few other places. Yes, for the record I am hooked on these little beauties.

Here is another view of the layout after I added the additional bling to some areas.

Hope you had fun today playing along with me, and till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny

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Monday, April 02, 2018

How to Use Transparent Vinyl On a Football & Cheer Leading Layout

Good morning crafters Penny here today to show you how to embellish your scrapbook layouts and frames using transparent glitter vinyl.

Sadly I had been promising my brother I'd make him a football, and cheer leading scrapbook page featuring my grandchildren for several years now. Well I can finally say they are completed! Now I just have to make sure they get delivered to him~

So first I started with the football layout featuring Matthew.  I purposely left a space open on the layout so I could place his name on the OUTSIDE of the frame on the glass using Transparent Glitter Vinyl. from StyleTech Craft and Tape Technologies.

I like the way the Transparent glitter vinyl gives the layout depth, and tons of glitter color. 

Here is Madison's cheer leading layout. 

Her frame was decorated with the Transparent Vinyl Glitter as well. 

They had a large selection of colors to chose from but I chose the one on the far right which was
Sunflower 477TG

The shine on it was incredible, and the colors matched my layout exactly. 

In order to help line the letters up perfectly I used this Application Tape. If you have never used this with your vinyl application you are definitely missing out! This makes applying intricate cuts a breeze.  I have only currently started using it, and now I can't be without it when working with any type of vinyl product. 

 Once again my finished products.  I hope you enjoyed today's projects, and you stop by again! Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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