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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

How To Use Vinyl To Easily Decorate Your Tablescapes

Good morning friends today I'm going to show you how to dress up your dinner party charger plates with Gloss Craft Vinyl..

I was making my charger plates for my Christmas dinner party, but this can DIY project can be done to suit any holiday, or party theme. I started with a blank gold charger plate that can be picked up for just a couple of bucks each at most retail stores. This was is decorated for my granddaughter Madison.

Next I chose my vinyl. For the two finished plates shown here I used the colors above:
492 White, 445 Green, 484 Red, and 450 Ice Blue. They are made by StyleTech Craft,

If you would like to purchase some yourself this vinyl can be found at the following retailers. 

Glossy Craft Vinyl:

ATSMCRAFT (Southeast US & PR only)
JPI Blanks
MidSouth Crafting Supplies
Script Designs

This is top notch vinyl, it holds up very well, and cuts, and peels beautifully.

This is my second charge plate which was decorated for my grandson Matthew, who often has a hard time making the "Good List", but we love him just the same. 

Well I hope you enjoyed making these decorative plates with me today and be sure and make some for your own dinner party very soon. Till next time "Happy Scrapping" Love Penny 

Disclaimer: This blog receives free products in return for project use, and advertisement. 

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Monday, December 03, 2018

How to Make a Super Easy Book Marker With Scrapbook Paper

Good morning friends today I am going to show you  how to make a super easy book marker from your leftover scraps of scrapbook paper. 

I made this book marker using an older line of Foof-a-la paper that I just had bits and pieces of leftover from making scrapbook pages. It worked perfectly for this project! 

I also added some old eyelets to the top so that it would not be so prone to tearing during use. 

The black ribbon strips are really a type of flat cording, and are made of cotton that I bought on a spool, I have no idea what their orginial use was for. 

The part that say's (Read) was just made using stickers. 

This book marker would work perfectly for either a boy or a girl, and would make super easy Christmas gifts! 

I hope you had fun today be sure and leave me a comment and I'd love it if you became a blog follower. Happy Scrapping, Love Penny
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Sunday, December 02, 2018

How To Make A Santa Claus Scrapbook Layout

This was Madison's very 1st Christmas, and we couldn't wait to take photos of her Matthew, and our very own family "Santa". The photo's turned out great!  I love how Madison is looking at Santa like he's her hero, and she doesn't even know about the presents yet!

Matthew on the other hand wasn't sure who "Santa" was, but by the time all the presents were handed out he was definitely warming up to him! Luckily for him his name hadn't made to the "Naughty list" yet! LOL

For accents on my layout my frugal side broke out! The snowflake was a Christmas tree ornament. The clay Santa head was an old earring, and I stamped the Santa image on the background paper.  I used my diamond punch to make most of the other accents.  Merry Christmas to all of you, and yours!

To view this layout larger click HERE
Happy Scrappin! Love Penny
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Thursday, November 15, 2018

How to Make Matching Home Accessories, and Decor

Good morning crafter's today I am here to show you how I made some matching home accessories for my mother a couple of years ago. The first items are matching bookends.

The first thing I did here was to paint them green to match the scrapbook paper I was going to use. After gluing the paper in place I then I punched out flower's for the center and held them and the ribbon in place with furniture tacks. Super easy and Super Cute. 

This is the journal jar/box I made for my mom

This is the journal jar/box I made for my mom telling her all the way's I loved her. It was made with just a small circle box. I first covered the lid, and bottom with scrapbook paper, then I added the lace, and stickers. For the inside I also used some punches to make some flowers and cut out the circle pattern paper. I typed out all the text strips, and messages on my computer and printed those off. Then I added the punched out flowers, and cameo. It was a HUGE HIT! 

Next came the matching tissue holder.

I had found the stamped quote several years ago and couldn't wait to use it on something. So first I painted the tissue holder, then added the scrapbook paper, and ribbon. Then the mounted quote, and ribbon. SUPER EASY!

I hope you give these projects a try, and if you would like to see more altered art follow this Link, and I hope to take the time to follow this blog! Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny
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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

How to Make a Frugal Military Scrapbook Page.

This layout features my mother's first cousin Jay Jr. when he came home from the war.  This was a popular pose for returning servicemen so they could show off their Honorable Discharge papers, and express their joy at returning home alive!

The journaling reads:
"Homecoming 1945, Honorable Discharge! Like many servicemen being discharged Jay Sharpe Jr. had this photo taken to express his joy at finally being able to return home. "

You will have to excuse the blurred lettering as this was my very first attempt to print on a transparency.  I promise I will get better at it, however for a first try it ain't too shabby! From what I have since read you can get a better result by adjusting your printer to a transparency setting or a low / economic ink setting which uses less ink, and therefore produces less blurring.

I should have also used the Perfect Crafting Pouch from ScraPerfect. It would have worked wonders on the print quality on this layout. As explained in this Video.

Oh well at least I know better for next time.

Some of my frugal tips on this layout also include fake "dog tags" that I stole from my grandson's GI Joe.  Shhhh.......I didn't tell him, he thinks he lost it! 

The stars surrounding the "1945" are really little girl's hair barrettes! They already had the look of aged brass so they fit in perfectly with this military themed layout. 

The supplies used were:
The stars are really little girl's barrettes
Dog tags, were removed from a child's doll.

Happy Scrapping! Love Penny 
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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

How to Save Money on Your Scrapbook Layouts

Good morning frugal friends today I am going to show you just one way I save money on my scrapbook layouts.

Here's my tip for you today:
Often I like to add string, yarn or fabric which is notoriously hard to contain unless you use a brad, SO I started saving the sticker scraps from the tops, or outlines of my stickers, and use them to hold the strings/yarn/lace in place.

It works great, it's acid free, holds well, and I'm not out a dime! Plus these extra scraps don't end up in the land fill. Recycling at it's best, and environmentally friendly! I hope you liked this tip today and be sure and leave me a comment and I have tons of other frugal tips here so be sure and become a follower so you don't miss out! Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny

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Monday, November 05, 2018

How to Make a Scrapbook Layout With Hidden Journaling.

This is the layout with the jouranling and additional photo hidden behind the layout.  The additional photo is attached to the pull tab that says: The Champions
Be Afraid, be very afraid...the poor little player in the red looked terrified at Matthew (on the left) and the other larger players. 

This shows the pull tab removed, the jouranling is on the back side and it says:

In our county we have several really great football teams, with South Pittsburg Pirates probably being the best of these.  My grandson Matthew starting playing in 2010, for the last 2 years they have been undefeated.  They are wearing their black practice jerseys in this photo.  The opposing players are wearing red Whitwell Tigers colors.  Our front line dwarfed theirs and you could see the fear in the poor little guys eyes.  They gave it their best shot however, and it was a great game.  Matthew is 3rd from the left in the black.  Go Pirates! 2010.

The pull tab is held in place by just creating an envelope style pocket on the back side of the layout. The sides of the envelope are glued in place but not the center that way it lets the journaling card slide up and down in the envelope. Now you have a hidden journaling pocket that doesn't interfere with your photo layout. It also gives you display one extra photo, or several extra photos if you make the card bigger.

This is page 2 of this layout.

These layouts included lots of fun goodies, button, foam stickers, etc. So the next time you need added space on your layout remember this trick of adding hidden journaling or photos. 

Please leave me a comment, and I'd love it if you followed my blog! Till next time Happy Scrapping. 
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Sunday, November 04, 2018

How to Make an Easy Gift For Your Grandmother

Good morning crafter's today I am going to show you a super easy gift to make for your grandmother.

This was made with your everyday standard employee badge holder. They are so inexpensive you could make several for your friends or family, but this one was made so I could easily show off my beautiful grand kids.

I first cut out a small sheet of matching scrapbook paper, then I glued down a small photo on top of it. To measure the paper I just laid it under the badge then drew around the edges to see where I need to cut. I test fit it prior to gluing down the photo so I knew if would fit well.

To round the corners I used a punch but you could easily just fussy cut around the edges. Next I printed out what I wanted my badge holder to say. glued it in place, added some small flowers, and a bow. Perfect. These could also be made to show off your pets, or other fun things.

These are so simple even kids could make them!

For more fun easy gifts, and altered items check out this Link. I hope you had fun, and will become a blog follower. Till next time Happy Scrapping.Love Penny

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Saturday, November 03, 2018

How to Make a Funny Scrapbook Layout

This is my version of a funny layout about "eyes", I made this black, and white boy layout featuring my grandson Matthew.

I have wanted to do something with these photo's for a while now, and this was the perfect time! My granddaughter will pose in front of the camera all day long, but not Matthew, he has to be bribed, and after a few minutes of taking photos this is the pose he gives me until I finally put the camera away, and since the little brat....I mean darling can out run me it leaves me no choice but to give up.. or have a screaming fit depending on the day... I never said I was perfect.

I also want to "Thank" everyone for reading, and commenting on my blog. You have been great with your reply's, and it's nice to know I'm not just talking to myself AGAIN.....Although I often meet better people that way ....

This layout is VERY budget friendly, or frugal, which ever way you like to say it. The letters were from a pop out alphabet page set, and most of the pattern paper, and ribbon pieces behind the photos were just scraps! Gotta love that!

The google eyes came in a pack of about 100 for about a $1.00, and they were the perfect photo accents.

I have had that camera die cut for almost 10 YEARS, so it felt great to finally glue it down on a page, after backing it with scraps of the gingham pattern paper. I also added a clear plastic balloon disk to the camera die cut to make it look like it had a lens.

To give the journal block some detail I just used a standard paper punch, and punched out holes in a border pattern. Who say's scrapping has to be expensive! Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

The journaling reads:
"This is how he looks at me, when he is done taking pictures!  Matthew 2008"

The supplies for this layout include:
Cardstock - White, Black and Grey - DCWV
Pattern Paper - Frances Meyer,
Letters were from a pre-cut stack - unknown
Border Strip - Reverse side of a K & Co. border strip
Camera Die Cut - Ellison
Standard hole paper punch
Prima - White flower
Grey rick-rack - Unknown
Black clothing stud - unknown
Black Button - unknown
Small Brads - Recollections
Large Brads - Paper Studio
Google Eyes - Crafter Square
Ribbon - Offray
Ghost Words - Hedi Swapp, I believe.
Plastic Disc - This was used on the camera, to make it look like it had a lens.  This was a balloon disc, used for helium party balloons.

For more fun boy layouts go Here, and if you are not already a follower of this blog please take the time to do so! Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny
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Friday, November 02, 2018

How to Make an Easy Winter Toddler Scrapbook Layout

Good morning Penny here today with another great toddler layout for winter.

Layout I did of my Grandson Matthew, and I am in LOVE with this photo.  The trick to getting this great shot was that I strapped him in his car seat for a few minutes, left the car door open in order to get plenty of difussed light, and snapped away.

This works great because more than likely they will look towards you/the door, and the sunlight is just bright enough on most days to give you the "twinkle" in their eyes! Plus they can't get away which in Matthew's case is a good thing!! LOL

This is another budget friendly / frugal layout using mainly cardstock, a few brads, some ribbon, and some Sizzix die cut letters.  If you don't have a Sizzix you could subsitute some alpabet stickers.

I also used some photo corners and inked the edges of most of my cardstock. Quick, easy and still a great looking layout, if I do say so myself! LOL  Thanks for looking, and Happy Scrappin!  Love Penny
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Thursday, November 01, 2018

How to Make a Christmas Savings Bank Using Vinyl

Good morning crafter's Penny here today to show you how I made this cute Santa bank using a water container and some glossy vinyl. 

If you are like me it seems there is never enough money around at the holidays. So I started saving my change and smaller bills in this large office type water jug. It worked just fine, like it was but I thought I would dress it up a bit with some vinyl, just to remind me what I was saving this money for.  This also helped to keep my grand kids out of my change since they knew they would be reaping the benefits of the change at Christmas time.  

For my project I used vinyl from StyleTech Craft, they have a huge variety of vinyl, in lot's of colors and styles to choose from. Here is a link to their Facebook Page, be sure and check it out to keep yourself updated on the new colors, styles, and contests they have.  

These are the colors I used on some of my recent projects. They are some of the newest selections of the Glossy series. You can find their color chart located on this link. 

If you would like to purchase some yourself this vinyl can be found at the following retailers. 

Glossy Craft Vinyl:

ATSMCRAFT (Southeast US & PR only)
JPI Blanks
MidSouth Crafting Supplies
Script Designs

What looks like tan vinyl is actually Application or PreMask Tape, this is a life saver for applying the vinyl correctly lined up or with intricate cut pieces that are hard to hold. I adore it!  

I used my die cut machine to cut out all the images. 

I used a variety of Christmas themes on the middle of the jug.

It was a fun, and easy project.

This could also be a fun project for you and your children to make for any occasion.

You could also change the theme and make it a vacation savings jug.

Here is a close up of the deer, I thought it was too cute.

Of course it needed a Christmas tree.

and of course a dancing Santa.

Since this jug had some pre-made indention's it was easy to line up the Santa belt and other stripes.

A polar bear, a wreath, and some holly, added to my list of decorations.


I hope you give this project a try it will help you save money and keep these jugs out of the landfill. 

Another view of the top of the bank from the other side. 

Here is a link that lets you buy their products by the roll or by the sheet. StyleTech Craft Product Link, Be sure and stop by there to pick up your next project materials. 

Well I hope you had fun playing along today, and until next time happy scrapping. Love Penny

Disclaimer: This blog receives free products in return for project use, and advertisement. 

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

How to Make Cute Project Life Cards for Halloween

Hello crafter's today I'm going to show you some examples of inexpensive simple to make Halloween project life cards!

As you can see I made quite a few of them, I think in all total I made over 50, with a few duplicates, but not many. I became tired of buying the pre-made card sets due to the huge amount of duplicates in each box set. I really don't need 10 of each card so that is why I started making my own cards. On most of my cards I used a corner rounder punch as well. 

Each of these cards were made using just some spare Halloween paper, stickers, foam shapes, ribbon, fabric, gems, googly eyes, and some pre-glittered Halloween shapes. I bet all of them cost me less than $3.or $4.00 in supplies, and most of these supplies I already owned. 

So since I was going to have to glue all of these different kinds of materials, I reached for the Best Glue Ever from  ScraPerfect. I knew in advance from using this product before that it would successfully glue all of these materials, while using just the tiniest amount of glue.

Some of the items on this set of cards were pre-glittered cut outs, some really cool mesh spider ribbon, washi tape, and ribbon.

This set uses stickers, gems, and the witch's boot cards were made using really wide ribbon with the boots already printed on it, along with the glitter. I just cut the ribbon to fit the card, then glued the edges down in the back. SUPER easy. 

This set used mainly paper, washi tape, gems, ribbon, and the owl was made with felt, and googly eyes.

This set was just mainly paper, foam shaped skull, washi tape and stickers. 

Here is a close up of the skull.  I added the gems, and googly eyes. 

More cards, some of these are larger than a project life page protector, but I will use them on scrapbook pages. 

More pre-glittered shapes which can often be hard to glue, since the glue doesn't like to stick to the glitter, however the Best Glue Ever held it just fine. The mesh spider and bat ribbon would have also been a challenge for any other glue, but I had no problems. 

Well this is the last set of cards I hope I have inspired you to make some for yourself! 

For more fun Halloween Ideas check out this link Halloween Food, Fun, and Crafts
 Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny
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