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Monday, February 22, 2021

How to Make A Scrapbook Layout About the Titanic

 How to make a scrapbook layout about the Titanic! I found these fantastic scrapbook papers by Relative History Scrapbook Co. that had a full Titanic collection of scrapbook papers. These papers are super lovely and are great if you have actual relatives who sailed on this massive ship, or if you just love the history of it all. Either way these pages make it super easy to create a Titanic themed layout or project. 

Below I will show you exactly how this layout was completed. I started with this single sheet of Titanic 008 paper. I cut it apart to use the photo. The rest will be saved for another project.

Here you can see where those cuts were made. (This sheet was whole, but I forgot to take a before photo.)

Then I chose my background paper Titanic 002. I wanted to use both ship photos to show the whole tragedy of this vessel.

To this sheet I added a blue/brown wide ribbon. It looks more brown in this photo but it really looks bluer in person. I thought the colors and wrinkles resembled the deep dark water.

Next I chose this postcard accent sheet to make my journaling card. 

I mounted my Titanic journaling card on a blue wave paper to also represent the ocean waves. 

I mounted my photo on matching blue cardstock, but first I added some wave strips of border paper, and washi tape. Under my photo and journaling mat I used foam adhesive to lift my items up off the Titanic page layout. I loved the dramatic difference between the before and after photos. 

Then I added some punched flags. 

To those I added my subtitles made from alphabet stickers. I wished they had been just a tad smaller but hey you use what's on hand. 

To finish off my Titanic scrapbook page I added two different sizes of brads, a wooden anchor, and a circle accent from the Titanic Scrapbook Collection. These papers were super easy to work with and matched perfectly making it so easy to complete this Titanic scrapbook layout. 

Be sure and come back and check out more projects done by this wonderful design team. Love Penny 

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Monday, September 28, 2020

How to Scrapbook Vintage Couple's Photos'

 How to scrapbook vintage couple's photo. Vintage photos are always fun to do and this photo while not in perfect shape is the only one I have of this couple.  So let's get started!

To start this layout I chose a light grey paper that matched the pattern paper that I used for my background.

Next I used a border punch to punch out this black strip. If you notice there are two errors in my punching. It really won't matter though because that area will be covered up with my photo. I think it's important to show how to deal with these little upsets on layouts. Everyone makes mistakes so it's helpful to know how to deal with them. 

Then I added this lovely lace heart shaped doily to match my punched out border. The heart was used to represent the couples love for each other. To glue the doily down I used the Best Glue Ever from ScraPerfect

The No Clog Writing Cap allows me to place glue in the tiniest area's on the doily without making a huge mess. Its perfect for these jobs, and will also glue fabric, metal, and wood. 

Added next was my mounted couple's photo.  Sometimes it's more important to use the photos you have even if they aren't the best quality, rather than lose the memories altogether.  

To finish off my layout I added a title, some brads, and a cut out. I also added some pearl bling to give this layout even more vintage feel. 

I hope you enjoyed this layout process, and see how choosing the right paper and accents can enhance your vintage couples photos. Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

How to Make a Grandmother Scrapbook Page

How to make a grandmother scrapbook page. This scrapbook page is super easy to make and is perfect for your vintage family photos.

To start my layout I had to pick out my pattern paper. I started with these two patterns.

To those I added this lovely grey piece of pattern paper. 

Then I added my vintage photo of my grandmother reading one of her favorite westerns. This was her favorite pastime since she was confined to this wheelchair for the last 17 years of her life.

Next added was another piece of the tan pattern paper to give more weight to the bottom portion of my layout.

To that combination I added some beige cardstock where I wanted to place my title, and a strip of ribbon.

Now it was time to add a journaling box, accented with some washi tape, brads, and some epoxy stickers. To that combination 

To glue down all of my paper and accessories, I used the Best Glue Ever from ScraPerfect

I also added the No Clog Writing Cap  to my glue bottle so that I could easily replace the glue on this plastic embellishment that had dried out from the manufacturer. The tip made it super easy to fill in all the tiny letters with ease.

Next I used some washi tape to accent my title and add more interest to my grandmother scrapbook page.

Here again is my finished layout with the sticker title, bow, plastic words, and epoxy stickers. 

Till next time Happy Scrapping, Love Penny

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

How to Make Christmas Cards With Relative History Scrapbook Paper

How to make Christmas cards with Relative History Scrapbook Store. This is a great company for specialized scrapbook paper. I love many of their kits including the following: PoliceVotes 4 Women1960'sWinter WonderlandArmyHalloween, and more. Today we are working with this beautiful watercolor Christmas Collection

I started this Christmas card collection with these blank card fronts. This is the card prior to folding it in half. It is heavy duty cardstock and has a pre-made crease in the center for easy folding. 

Here it is again folded into a card shape. 

Next I had to choose my card fronts. There were many different styles of Christmas card images. (The one torn below was torn by me to add to a card front. )

The images above were cut from these full sheets. I carefully cut them out without cutting the frame. That way the frame can be used later on a scrapbook page, or to frame a 12 z 12 photo.

Here are some of the Christmas Post Cards

Here are some options for cards that you might want to make later, these Christmas tags are gorgeous. 

To start my first card I started with these supplies. The card base, the postcard, and a piece of the Christmas 6 x 6 Watercolor Collection, and a piece of white cardstock not pictured. 

First the postcard was mounted onto the beige cardstock.

Next the watercolor piece was glued to the blank card base. then the postcard image was glued to the top of that. 

For the inside I added a leftover strip of the watercolor pad. 

To finish off the inside a hello sticker was added along with a small tag, with a banner strip and some bling. Bling was also added to the front of the card along with the word "Hugs". The finished front of the card can be seen at the top of this page.

Here are the rest of the cards that were made using this Christmas Collection, and a few other scrapbooking supplies. First pictured with be the front then the inside. 

Pictured below are all the insides of the cards. 

Now the outsides of all the cards. Various techniques were used on these cards, including punches, bling strips, pearl beads, paper tearing, etc. You of course could use other techniques like inking, stamping, die cuts, fussy cutting. etc. On the card below for example I used glitter glue to highlight the ice and snow on the card. 

Again the card fronts. 

I hope you had fun following along today be sure and check out there facebook page and see the wonderful Christmas collection Video that was posted today showcasing all of these wonderful products. Love Penny 

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