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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Altered Skateboard for a Boy's Room

Altered Skateboard July Cricut 2012 Boy's Christmas gift.

This is the "Top Secret" (said in a low whisper while looking side to side) Christmas gift, that I made for my nephew last year, to help show off his skateboarding abilities.  The poor guy didn't make it home for Christmas last year, and by the time he did make it home, the magazine had already requested the board for publication, It was published in the July 2012 issue of Cricut Magazine. SO he has only seen images of his present, and has yet to get to hold, or touch it! (LOL sorry Levi, but what's a girl to do when a magazine calls?) He's not quite as happy about that as I am, and I can't blame him, but since he loves me he has chosen let me live for now!

This was his actual skateboard, but it was no longer usable due to a crack which appeared after a failed attempt of what I'm sure was a super gnarly trick. If the crack had been really bad I would have glued it back together before applying any decorations.

I removed the wheels, and spray painted the top black since I couldn't remove all the dust. (Not even a swiffer could have done it's magic on this board!) Then I added the paper, and sanded the edges so that it would appear distressed, or used. (Like the crack wasn't proof enough of that!)

Next I used my Cricut along with the "Dude" cartridge, and cut out the die cut shapes, and glued them together. If you don't have a Cricut you could always use stickers like I did on the second altered skateboard at the bottom of this page.

The state outline, and the "New PA" was something he had actually carved into the skateboard himself, (yes artistic blood flows through his veins as well) so I chose to highlight it by adding the blue paper to that portion.  Since this board was curved I had to add small tacks to some of the cardboard embellishments to hold them in place, which only added to the "manly" feel of this project.

I will be adding Modge Podge to this skateboard, but haven't yet due to the shine that the Modge Podge gives the project, which makes it harder to photograph properly.

 Left side
 Right side
This is the back with the wall hangers in place so his skateboard could be hung on the wall. I used really small tacks on the hangers, so that they didn't protrude through to the front of the skateboard, which I would have a hard time explaining!
The second skateboard is actually the very 1st skateboard I did in this fashion, about 5 years ago for my brother, but the main photo was too blurry to be used for publication.  This project was made on a REALLY old skateboard that I found at a local "Goodwill". 

 It reminded me of my brother's old skateboard that he rode as a child. Of course I am not old enough to remember anything that old myself! What's this you say? "He's my younger brother so I should remember them". Well okay then maybe I do remember them then, but don't tell anyone else, it'll be just our little secret! I chose to highlight his bike riding photo since I didn't have a photo of him on his skateboard, which at our age would have been almost a tin type!

This is not a very good photo of this skateboard, so I will try and get it back from him, and take another one. I tried to make this one look retro, and I didn't remove the wheels on this one since they were the old metal ones, and I didn't want to damage them, and they added to the "retro" feel of the project. 
If you have any questions on how to make these projects, feel free to drop me a line. 

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