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Monday, June 24, 2013

June's photo challenge: Bold Color
So this month's photo challenge on the Two Peas In A Bucket web site is the use of Bold color! So to give myself some inspiration I went back to some of my older photo's to see what I could find that I think would have fit this challenge!
Here are a few of my favorites:
 First on the list we have the blooms of the purple cone flower.  I choose this photo because I like the boldness of color between the orange flower center's compared to the purple flower pedals! These were about 2-4 foot tall perennials, and look best planted towards the back of a garden.

 Next we have Matthew doing his best Spiderman pose! While the colors aren't extremely bright in this photo, I choose it mainly for the wild graphic's on his shirt! Go Spidey~

 Then it was back to the garden for some great striped tulips! I love how bright the colors of the flower's were compared to the green foliage background! Sadly due to some ravenous squirrels in my yard this was the only time I saw these bloom!

 While the color's alone would have made this a "bold" photo, I loved how the pieces of Madison's pom pom's looked in this photo, giving it an even more graphic look!

 All my grand kid's at the Aquarium! While they were having a blast posing, I loved how the bold background in this photo was used in Olivia's "fake shark bite" pose!

 Another shot taken at the Aquarium, and while the color's on this photo don't scream out at you like some of the colors in the previous photo's, the wild pattern's on the fish more than make up for the lack of bright colors.

 I think this photo is a great contender from the color's of her clothing, to her fabulous pose, to her totally pink hair! What more could you ask for in a "bold" photo shot!

 This photo is from the local car show and the red paint job on this truck is almost too bold to look at!

 I chose this photo not only because of the bold graphic's of his uniform, and helmet guard, but also because it was a great bold expression on Matthew's face!

I loved the color's of this shot with Madison at the bottom of this blow up slide, with all the bright linear color stripes leading down to her at the bottom.

 Besides the fact that I am in love with the Alabama football team, this shot was great due to the maroon and white college colors, the contrast of the bright green of the artificial turf, and the many fans dressed alike. "Roll Tide!"

Great summer shot of Matthew in the sparkling water's of their pool, along with the bright colors of his life vest! Well this is the last of the inspiration photo's I have for this month's challenge.  I can't wait to see what the challenge is for next month! Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Missing you, Pennies from Heaven, Grief Quotes

Missing you...

Missing you today as always Adam, Love Mom
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Finally getting his stitches removed!
Well the day's finally arrived, Matthew is getting his stitches out, and he couldn't be happier! It's not that he doesn't like being waited on hand, and foot, it's that he hasn't been able to go swimming! Plus he can finally get rid of those crutches! 

Of course Madison had to get in on the action so she was ready to do some "Top Model" posing right there in the Dr.'s office, doing her best to show off her new purse!  She is definitely not camera shy!

Now here's a little secret game we play while waiting for the DR. The waiting room floors have different colored tiles, so while we wait the kid's play "Twister"  on those tiles to keep them out of trouble! It's something we started doing when they were very small, and into everything.  It's wildly fun, and hysterical to watch! Till next time Happy Scrapping, Love Penny
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flip Flop Wooden box

Today just in time for summer I'm posting about an altered wooden box I made several year's ago while I was working on a kit club's DT.  I just realized that I hadn't posted a photo of it on here since I didn't have a blog at the time, and I thought I'd better remedy that right away!

The box was sent from "Creating With Paper" as part of their wonderful monthly kits along with the paper that I cut up to use as embellishments.  The box came "naked" (shhhh...don't tell anyone) so the first thing I did was paint it all white with the paint that came in the kit.  Next I fussy cut out all of those flip flops, and words to use as the boxes decorations.  It took a while to cut them all out, but the end results were well worth the effort.

After that I played with the arrangement of those accessories putting them in an order I liked before finally gluing them in place. Then it was off to find the Modge Podge for a final coat to help further glue down all those loose edges of the paper, and give the project a nicer over all finish.

The last thing I did was add the flower ribbon which was also from the kit.  I glued, and tacked it on to the boxes outer lid which it fit perfectly.

All in all it was a blast to make, and I love how it turned out! These kit's were a great to get every month, and you could tell that the site owner had spent a lot of time trying to make the kit's supplies very cohesive, and easy to work with.  Thanks again Robin, you did a fantastic job! Happy Scrapping, Love Penny
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Sunday, June 09, 2013

DIY Snow Cone Syrup

DIY Snow cone syrup

As I promised yesterday here's the really YUMMY snow cone recipe that my granddaughter, and I made!
Of course straight to Pinterest we went to look for some great recipe's, here are two of our favorite's:
Snow cone recipe
Which came from this BLOG
Which sound's yummy, but this is the one we used yesterday from this :BLOG 
and you'll find it pinned here Snow cone recipe

Here are the basic ingredient's, and supplie's you'll need to make this syrup:
1 package of your favorite unsweetened powdered Kool-Aid, per flavor for each syrup that you want to make.
2 Cups of sugar (you can use less, but we used the whole two cup's because it makes the syrup thicker so
in my opinion you use less when putting the syrup on the on the cone's, per flavor.)
1 cup of water per flavor
1 medium sized pot
1 funnel
1 bottle for each syrup flavor
We used empty water bottle's, and the empty store bought snow cone syrup bottle's that we had bought before we tried making our own syrup. The store bought bottle's were nicer since they had squirt top's, but you could easily purchase squirt top bottles if you just have to have them.  You could also recycle ketchup, or salad dressing, or any other "food grade" bottle's with squirt top lid's.

Now onto the making of this delicious goodness!
I have read several different version's of how to do this with some people saying to "put the Kool-Aid in after boiling", and other's saying to add it right away, but I think either way would work just fine.

Pour Water, Sugar, and powdered Kool-Aid into the pot, over medium/high heat stirring occasionally till boiling. Make sure all of the powdered Kool-Aid, and sugar are dissolved.  You can remove it from the heat as soon as it start's to boil, or boil it for one minute more if you want a thicker syrup, but not any longer, or your mixture will be too thick.

Set it aside to cool down before attempting to pour mixture into the funnel, and into the clean bottle's, otherwise your bottle's will melt.
After the mixture's have cooled down you can then use the funnel to add the syrup's to your bottle's, Then place the bottle's in the refrigerator till the mixture has a chance to get really cold, and then pour it over your shaved ice. Instant snow cone deliciousness!

Due to my grandchildren's bottomless pit's our homemade syrup's will never last that long, but the mixture is supposed to last up to two week's in the refrigerator. (I found it will last longer than 2 weeks)

Our favorites so far have been:
Mango Peach, Black Cherry, and Grape, but really they are all great tasting, and taste a lot better than the store bought syrup's.  They are also much cheaper in the long run. Plus you know exactly what is in the syrup, and you know that your syrup's don't include all of those added preservative's that are included in store bought varieties! Sonic sell's their ice if you like your ice on the finer side.

So when the sun is blazing down this summer here is a cheap, and easy way to cool your family off in a hurry that they will all love! Happy Scrapping, Love Penny

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Saturday, June 08, 2013

DIY Homemade Liquid Soap

Liquid Soap Making DIY

Well now on to the promised homemade liquid soap making, with my granddaughter Madison.  We made approximately 6 bottles, not including the personal size one that Madison made especially for her purse! You know a girl can never tell if a public bathroom is going to have soap or not!

Since my granddaughter Madison is only 8, we tried the easy version of liquid soap making! So the first thing we did was go to the Pinterest boards, and hunt for an easy recipe!
We found one here: 
How to make liquid soap, from bar soap (bar soap must be the kind that has a moisturizer already included in the soap. Like Dove, Oil Of Olay, etc.
I think it was originally posted on this BLOG

We used 6 bars of Dove soap, and 12 cups of bottled water. (Some tap water contains germs, so we opted for bottled water instead of tap water.) We also needed some empty bottles, a funnel, a grater, and a large pot. (You can make smaller amounts we just opted for this much soap so we could give some away.)

The recipe was really easy, all we had to do was grate the bar soap, add the bottled water, put both in a pan, and cook it on the stove over medium heat till the soap was COMPLETELY melted, stirring occasionally. 

Then you let it cool, and pour it into bottles.  The soap thickens as it cools, and it turned out really great.  I think next time we make it however we will add just a little less water, but it was a great DIY for someone my granddaughter's age, as long as they have adult supervision. I let my granddaughter use the grater when the soap bars were new, and I took over when the bars were half gone to prevent her from getting her hands too close to the grater.  Just remember to only let the adult around the stove, and the hot soap mixture to prevent accidental burns.

We ended up with about 6 bottles of liquid soap, 3 of which we gave away as gifts.  Everyone who received a bottle loved it, and asked us how we made it, so I'll call this project a success, especially when you consider we also had fun~

Tomorrow I'll be posting about the DIY snow cone syrup recipes we made today, they came out REALLY yummy, and we'll be making those again, probably soon!
Happy Scrapping, 
Love Penny
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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Warning if you are squeamish don't look at the photo below because it's rather graphic! It's a little blurry due to the photo being taken with a cell phone, sorry.

I know I promised to tell you about my recent soap making adventures however, we had an accident in our family, and I thought we'd update everyone about that first instead.
On Matthew's first day of summer camp his mom received a call that he had cut his leg, and he needed to go to the doctor right away.  It seems that the school's gym had installed some new electrical outlets that were not completely embedded into the wall, so when he was jogging his laps in the gym, he ran into the edge of one, and it gashed his leg.

This was the cut, it needed 7 stitches to close the wound!

 My poor baby will be on crutches for the next 10 days! Of course he will be waited on like a king, but I'm sure he'd rather be running around, and not injured.  He told me that: "Some kid's think scar's are "cool", but he said: "He doesn't want to ever be this "cool" again"! I hope your family stay's safer than mine has this week! Happy Scrapping! Love Penny

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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

What we've been doing lately!

So what have we been up to lately?  My daughter was married in March, and sadly moved to another local town with my spoiled rotten grand kids! I miss them terribly~ Here is a photo from the wedding:
The only bright side is that during the wedding process I inherited two more grand kids: Jack and Olivia both pictured on the far right! Who doesn't love more kids!
Luckily they all seem to get along pretty well.

The water wheel in the background of this photo was gorgeous, and made a perfect back drop for the wedding, although it was slightly chilly there in March.
I'll be back tomorrow and chat about my recent adventure of making liquid soap with my granddaughter Madison! It was a blast! Till then happy scrapping! Love Penny
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