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Sunday, June 09, 2013

DIY Snow Cone Syrup

DIY Snow cone syrup

As I promised yesterday here's the really YUMMY snow cone recipe that my granddaughter, and I made!
Of course straight to Pinterest we went to look for some great recipe's, here are two of our favorite's:
Snow cone recipe
Which came from this BLOG
Which sound's yummy, but this is the one we used yesterday from this :BLOG 
and you'll find it pinned here Snow cone recipe

Here are the basic ingredient's, and supplie's you'll need to make this syrup:
1 package of your favorite unsweetened powdered Kool-Aid, per flavor for each syrup that you want to make.
2 Cups of sugar (you can use less, but we used the whole two cup's because it makes the syrup thicker so
in my opinion you use less when putting the syrup on the on the cone's, per flavor.)
1 cup of water per flavor
1 medium sized pot
1 funnel
1 bottle for each syrup flavor
We used empty water bottle's, and the empty store bought snow cone syrup bottle's that we had bought before we tried making our own syrup. The store bought bottle's were nicer since they had squirt top's, but you could easily purchase squirt top bottles if you just have to have them.  You could also recycle ketchup, or salad dressing, or any other "food grade" bottle's with squirt top lid's.

Now onto the making of this delicious goodness!
I have read several different version's of how to do this with some people saying to "put the Kool-Aid in after boiling", and other's saying to add it right away, but I think either way would work just fine.

Pour Water, Sugar, and powdered Kool-Aid into the pot, over medium/high heat stirring occasionally till boiling. Make sure all of the powdered Kool-Aid, and sugar are dissolved.  You can remove it from the heat as soon as it start's to boil, or boil it for one minute more if you want a thicker syrup, but not any longer, or your mixture will be too thick.

Set it aside to cool down before attempting to pour mixture into the funnel, and into the clean bottle's, otherwise your bottle's will melt.
After the mixture's have cooled down you can then use the funnel to add the syrup's to your bottle's, Then place the bottle's in the refrigerator till the mixture has a chance to get really cold, and then pour it over your shaved ice. Instant snow cone deliciousness!

Due to my grandchildren's bottomless pit's our homemade syrup's will never last that long, but the mixture is supposed to last up to two week's in the refrigerator. (I found it will last longer than 2 weeks)

Our favorites so far have been:
Mango Peach, Black Cherry, and Grape, but really they are all great tasting, and taste a lot better than the store bought syrup's.  They are also much cheaper in the long run. Plus you know exactly what is in the syrup, and you know that your syrup's don't include all of those added preservative's that are included in store bought varieties! Sonic sell's their ice if you like your ice on the finer side.

So when the sun is blazing down this summer here is a cheap, and easy way to cool your family off in a hurry that they will all love! Happy Scrapping, Love Penny

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Kimberly Kett said...

That is such a cool and clever idea! Thanks for sharing :)

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

sounds like so much fun! a great project to do with the grandkids! hugs to you, penny!

gale said...

Thanks for the post. I have my mom's old (vintage! lol) ice shaver from Japan and keep wanting to make some shaved ice. But I hate to buy the flavorings they sell at the store.

Penny said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! Since making this and trying out all the flavors, (just as a product tester mind you! LOL) I love the mango flavor the best, but each of the kid's like their own different flavor! Love Penny

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