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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Design Team Members for ScraPerfect

New Design Team Members for ScraPerfect 

Good morning everyone Penny here, and today I'd like to announce our design team members for 2016! You'll recognize some old name's, and I hope you will welcome some new member's as well. So without further ado here is the list of our new Design Team members, and their blog links:

Design Team for 2016

Penny Arnold - DT Lead

Bev Code - Co DT Lead 
Colleen Lovette - Co DT Lead

Deborah Mahnken  

Chelsea Barnes  

Monique Mixon

Jessie Hurley

Kim Slade-Fuller

Kim Norman

Tracy Feeley

Lisa Moen

Shelly Hein-Simmons

Please give them all a warm welcome, and check out their wonderful blogs! 

We here at ScraPerfect are also lucky enough to have on hand several Guest DT member's that you will see from time, to time.  They are the following:

Amy Roszak - ScraPerfect's Owner

Robyn Coburn

Kathryn Haynes Gibson

Wendy Keenan

Glen Henley

Please give them a warm welcome as well, and give their blog's a look for some other great work's of art. 

Thank you to everyone who applied, and please apply again next time we have a DT call. Till next time Happy Scrapping, Love Penny 
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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mr. Meat and Potatoes with ScraPerfect

Mr. Meat and Potatoes Pre-made layout with ScraPerfect

Welcome crafter's Penny here with another pre-made scrapbook layout. I have given away 6 albums in the last 3 weeks, but I hope they all went to good homes! This is another page from one of these albums. 

Okay so this is what I started with: Brown cardstock in two different shades, lace, coaster, and matching wine glass charm, a journaling sheet, a strip of pattern paper, a dinner invitation, an arrow punch, some fabric "Dollar Tree" flowers, a few brads, and of course my favorite "Best Ever Glue by ScraPerfect

Of course added to my glue bottle is my favorite No Clog Writing Cap  This tip gives me precise placement of even the tiniest amount of glue. I love it. 

So for starter's I added the pattern paper strip, and the dinner invitation. The invitation will now become my photo mat.

Next I added the flower's with the large brad inserts. The journaling strip (It came from a set of "Smash Book cards), and the drink coaster. I also punched out the arrow shape, and added it.

Now for a little bit of lace.  This is where I really love that No Clog Writing Cap it makes gluing that lace a dream come true, and the best part is the glue dries quickly the less you use, and it takes very little for the lace to stay in place.

Here is a close up of the coaster, and the "Dollar Tree" flower's. These flower's were on a stem of flower's that included silk flower's as well as these fabric flowers. I just pulled them all off the stem, and presto, I have a bunch of flower's for only a $1.00. Frugal scrapbooking at it's best. Works for me! This coaster came with a matching tiny wine glass charm that I attached with a small brad on the bottom of the photo mat / invitation.  The charm came with a hole in the top of it already that used to be attached to the glass ring clip.

Well here it is, all done except for a bow I added later that I forgot to photograph.  Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 
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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Football Is Life

Football Is Life

Well it's football time around here again, and I can't help but feeling a bit nostalgist of when Matthew played football, and Madison was his teams cheerleader. Those were fun times.  The cheering of the crowd, the edge of your seat tie breakers. there was much fun to be had by all. For this layout I used a lot of different items. The helmets, and large "SP" were cut out using my sizzix, the title was cut using my cricut, the skeleton was actually a cupcake holder. I hand stitched around the some of the embellishments. and added ribbon, and buttons to the bottom of the page. The photo was printed with the football frame around it. I also inked around the edges of the tan cardstock. Well off to watch some football, but on tv this time! Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 
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Friday, September 16, 2016

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Thanks Card with ScraPerfect

Thank You Card with ScraPerfect

Hello out there fellow crafter's Penny here with just a quick "Thank you" card.  This card was made with just some paper scraps I had hanging around.  I also used some bling dots, a chipboard "thanks" sticker, a "Dollar Tree" butterfly, a corner rounder punch, and of course ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever.  

The glue worked well for the paper, and the rest of the embellishments, including the butterfly. Hope you enjoyed this quick, and easy card today! Till next time "Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 
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Funny Quote

Funny Quote
iLoveToCreate Blog: 20 Creative & Crafty Quotes to Share  Your CARD-iologist Since 1997  Helping you create cards from the heart.:
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Monday, September 12, 2016

Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Beginnings Pre-Made Scrapbook Layout with ScraPerfect

New Beginnings Pre-Made Scrapbook Layout with ScraPerfect

Good morning crafter's Penny here with another scrapbook layout.  

So here are the paper supplies I started with.  I loved the pre-printed flowers on this paper, so I searched through my stash, and these are the embellishments I decided to use with it. Not all the embellishment's are a perfect color match, but that is not as important as it might seem to be.  As long as they are close that is usually just fine, so don't over stress this part. 

First I mounted this postcard onto a green cardstock mat. I used ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever to attach it to the mat, and paper.  I love that it take's so little of this glue to adhere all of my embellishment's to the pages. I also love the fact that I don't have to switch glue when I switch embellishment types. So I could go from metal, to paper, to vellum, to bling without ever changing glue. Super time, and money saver since I don't have to buy different glues, and worse yet remember where I stored them. 

This photo show's white bling dots, but for this layout I used yellow. 

Next I added the border strip.

Then another matching photo mat.

 Next it was time for some homemade flower's, and the title also mounted on a matching mat. I also added some gold bling dots in the center of all the pre-printed flower's, and a homemade tag just below the title.

A cute bow on the title, and we're all done! I hope you enjoyed making this layout today.  Till next time "Happy Scrapping!" Love Penny

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Craft Quote

I won't buy any more craft supplies until I use up what I have at home. (ha ha ha...) ;-):
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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Friday, September 09, 2016

Just Saying...........Funny Craft Quote

Just Saying...........Funny Craft Quote

10 Funny Crafting Quotes for Silhouette Crafters by
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Thursday, September 08, 2016

How to Clean Plastic Bins, with ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever

How to Clean Plastic Bins, with ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever

So this is what my plastic bin looked like when I was finished cleaning it with ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever .  I am totally amazed it removed all that gunk, marker, sticker residue, and just plain dirt from this trash to treasure"Goodwill" purchased bin.  To tell the truth I almost didn't buy the bin it looked so horrible. (before photo's below)

You can't see them very well in this photo, but on the top of the bin there is some sort of kid's marking's. I am not sure if it's crayon, pencil, or marker, but it had to go. 

The sides didn't look any better, but on this part it definitely looked like marker, pencil, and just plain dirt.

Here is a close up of the mess on the side of the bin.

If that wasn't enough the front of the drawer looked like this.  Ton's of nasty spots, and lot's of sticker residue. Thankfully the Best Cleaner Ever was perfect for this sort of work, and it's:

  • Safe for hands, tools, brushes, clear & rubber stamps, fabrics, & more
  • Removes: Solvent ink including StazOn; Permanent markers; Adhesive build-up on scissors; Latex, enamel, & spray paints, Duct tape residue; Best Glue Ever™-- even from fabric; & more!!!
  • Contains 99.9% active ingredients. No water, alcohol, or abrasives
  • Apply from the pink spray bottle; rinses off with water (The cleaner it's self is clear)
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Biodegradable
  • No Harmful Fumes

Just when you thought that was bad enough, we get a view of the side of the drawer! I have no idea what this was, and it was almost a deal breaker for me to even buy this bin with that on it. I knew I could use the Best Cleaner Ever on it, so I went ahead, and bought it. I think I paid $1.00 for it.

 So I started with the side of the bin, and sprayed it down well with the cleaner.

Then I used the Perfect Cleaning Cloth to scrub it down well. 

  • Erases fingerprints from photographs
  • Cleans eyeglasses, laptop screens, electronic touch screens, camera lenses, acrylic albums, and scanner beds without chemicals
  • Eliminates visible anti-static or Perfect Printing Powders after embossing - even from black or textured papers
  • Wipes away messy glitter, flock, and other fine bling from projects and work surfaces
  • Instantly lifts sanding dust created by distressing paper and chipboard
  • Attracts like a magnet.  Holds like a sponge.
  • Environmentally-friendly washable fiber made from recycled materials
  • Perfectly sized for portability and use on detail projects
  • Use alone or as a companion product to ScraPerfect's Perfect Crafting Pouch

After a little scrubbing magic!

Presto good as new, what an amazing difference. No trace of the marker, or crayon, and all the grime has vanished.

 Then it was time to tackle the grungy lid.

It came out perfect as well.

Now for the drawer (the scary part) yep it came out crystal clear, and was no longer frightening to look at!

Finally all cleaned and put back together, and clean, safe, and ready to use! 

So don't pass up those frugal trash to treasure find's! As long as you have the ScraPerfect Products on your side you'll be fine.  Till next time 'Happy Scrapping"! Love Penny

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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Be Happy Scrapbook layout with ScraPerfect

Be Happy Scrapbook layout with ScraPerfect

Well a dear friend of mine left some photo's with me a while ago, and this is one of them.  It was one of her grand kid's as a baby. Really a cute photo, but a LOT of different color's to work with.

So this is what I started with: Two different kind's of pattern paper.  The main background paper is REALLY old, but the color's worked great for this photo. The frame around the photo was pre-printed when the photo was made, and I just trimmed it down to the size I wanted. I also used some greenish blue, and orange cardstock, some sticker's, a project life card, an arrow punch, some DIY flowers, some ribbon a few brads, and the No Clog Writing Tip.
Use the No-Clog Writing Cap™ for precise application of fine lines without clogging of: adhesives, paints, resins, stains, glazes, lubricants, masking fluids, and other liquids.

That fit's my bottle of Best Glue Ever.
Apply to variety of materials including paper, plastic, metal, ceramic, fabric, foam, wood and rubber. So far I haven't found anything that it won't hold in place. 

So using those supplies this is the layout I ended up with, or I should say my friend Rhonda ended up with! 

I hope you enjoyed the layout today, and don't be afraid to mix up the color's on your next layout.  Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 
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