Monday, September 04, 2017

How to Use Vinyl To Decorate a Photo Mat

Good morning crafter's Penny here today to show you how to decorate a photo mat with vinyl.

So I started with an 11 x 14 gold photo frame. 

It also included a smaller photo mat just begging to have some flair added to it.  

This was the photo I wanted to use in that frame as a gift for my mom. It is a picture of my granddaughter Madison dressed up in a Tinkerbell costume while she was watering flowers at my grandmother's home. I always loved this photo. 

 So first I needed to choose the vinyl I wanted to use. For this project I chose the Gloss vinyls from
Style Tech Craft, and Tape Technologies Website. You can find their facebook page Here  They have a large assortment of vinyls in many different mediums such as Polished Metal, Transparent Glitter, Glossy, Ultra Metallic's, etc. . You can find one of their color charts Here.

For my project I chose the following colors, but these photos do not properly show off the shine on this vinyl. It is amazing!

Gloss Bubble Gum 469

Gloss Medium Green 445
 (FYI This green is more of a grass green, than the blue tint that this photo shows.)

Gloss Ice Blue 450

So after picking out my colors I then picked out a cartridge for my Cricut die cut machine, and started cutting out words, and shapes, and adding them to my photo mat. My blade on my cutting machine is not as sharp as it should be so I found that the settings that worked the best for me were "High" on speed, and "Medium" for pressure. To to help weed the vinyl's tiny pieces I used a sewing needle. I hope that information helps someone else while they are working on their projects.

To help transfer the die cut vinyl I used some Application-tape or pre-mask tape. I don't know where this stuff has been all my life, but I LOVE IT! That little word "Magical" on my photo mat would have been thrown in the trash were it not for this tape. The next time I chose to cut out something that has the word "Filigree" in the title somebody stop me! PLEASE!  Especially when it's this small.

So after using the application tape to apply my designs, I then placed my photo back in the frame.

I also learned that in order to get a better photo of my project I should remove the glass for the photo otherwise you get this horrible glare from the camera's flash as shown below. The same thing happens to the vinyl when you try to get a good photo of the glossy texture of this product which is a shame as it's gorgeous. .

Some other colors available in this gloss vinyl's are:

Gloss Black 499

Coral 433

Gloss Magenta 435

Gloss Orange 461

Gloss Red 464

Gloss Silver 493

 Well thanks for playing along today as I made my mom this gift. Come back soon for more fun making all sorts of projects.

Till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny
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Janet Trieschman said...

Such a cute photo and great idea to decorate the mat!

Katie said...

Lovely photo and frame