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Saturday, February 23, 2019

How to Make a Two Page Sister Layout. (video)

Good morning fellow crafters Penny here today to show you the two page pre-made layout I made for a sister.

For page one, I used several different shades of purple, and a floral purple/  Purple being my mother's favorite color since these layouts will be going in her scrapbook. This page included several items that the glue had previously failed on them from when they had been purchased including the buttons, and paper flowers. It also included some hard to stick super think twill type ribbon, and some purple bling strips without any previous glue at all applied to the back of the strip. Keep scrolling for page 2. 

In order to correct these issues I had to reapply or apply for the first time a better, and stronger glue. That is when I reached for the Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect

This glue with the added No clog writing caps was the perfect solution for all the the gluing needs for these embellishments and paper. 

If by chance I managed to get glue where I didn't want it and I needed the glue to lose it's tackiness, I could easily correct this problem with this Perfect Crafting Pouch.  This pouch is normally used to make your stamping projects a breeze, but it will also remove the tackiness from any out of place glue to keep your layouts from being sticky where you don't want them to be. (To learn more about the wonder uses of this product click here for the instructional video. )

Page 2 of this layout

You will notice it also included more of the twill ribbon, assorted bling / gems, and a selection of quotes and journaling areas.  These layouts were super easy, and would be easy to remake for your beloved sister as well. 
Again Page 1 \

For the large photo frame on this page, I only glued 3 sides of the photo mat so that it would be possible to slip a photo behind the photo mat. Super easy, but cute tip. 

 Page 2.  Enlarged Quotes 

Well I hope you had a great time following along today and until next time "happy scrapping" ! Love Penny 

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Thursday, February 07, 2019

How to Use Your Cricut to Make Your Scrapbook Embellishments.

Good morning crafter's Penny here today to show you how I used my Cricut to make all of my scrapbook page accents.

I made this layout of my granddaughter Madison and I loved the photo but I couldn't find matching page embellishments to match her clothing since most girl embellishments are pink, and I need a dark navy, and dark red. So I took out my cricut die cut machine and went to work cutting out exactly what I needed. 

I knew I wanted her name at the bottom of the layout so I cut out these flowers and flags. To glue all these tiny pieces together I used my favorite glue by ScraPerfect called the Best Glue Ever.

This glue when combined with the  No Clog Writing Caps

Makes for the perfect gluing tool for those tiny letters that are glued onto the flag. The fine tip on the glue bottle let's you put glue only on the areas you need glue, and nowhere else. It's truly amazing. 

I used the same glue to glue down all the embellishments on this page. It's super easy to use, dries quickly, and due to the no clog writing cap it uses very little glue.  It will also glue wood, metal, fabric, plastic, and of course paper. 

So the next time you need certain colors for your layout just grab your glue bottle and your die cut machine and you can make your own embellishments in no time. Till next time happy scrapping. Love Penny
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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

How to Use Household Items on a Scrapbook Page.

Okay first of all yeah, I KNOW, someone should have called the embellishment police and stopped me about midway through this layout! LOL Some of the placement of goodies on here would have been different but I was trying to keep the "feather" design on the pattern paper visible. Having said that my mom was happy with it so that's all that counts!

The jouranling reads:
"Mom's purse always matched her outfits, even if it was just a trip to the corner store.  She loves fashion! 2009 "

The reason I went ahead and posted this layout, is because I wanted to show all the different items you can use on a layout.  Here's a list of unusual items just off of this one:

The blue ring around the button on the top left is actually an earring.  So is the green rectangle on the top right.

Shoe Decoration:
The metal/ black scroll piece (I chose it because it reminded me of the peacock feather) is really a removable shoe decoration.

Peacock Feather:
This is a real feather, that I have had for YEARS waiting to use, now I just have to find a way to use the other 6, and I chose it for this layout because of the colors and the "feather" design on the pattern paper.

Applique clothing patch:
This is the small white heart on the "celebrate" arrow.

Cloth Rick Rack:
Both the tiny black rick rack on the tag, and the larger rick rack on the "Celebrate" arrow were from my sewing supplies.

Also from my sewing supplies.

Men's shirt snaps:
These are the black circle embellishments that are located on the brown stripe, and the maroon circle.

Bow, and flower rosette:
Both of these items were from my sewing goodies.

Bobbi Pin:
It's located near the top of the photo on the right, and the jewels were already on it.

Flower lace:
This is located on the left side of the photo.  This is also from my sewing stash, there is no telling how long I have had this tiny piece, and just this little scrap was all I had of it.

Well that's all for this layout, but you can bet, I'll be adding more unexpected goodies to another layout soon! I've been doing this for years, and it's a great adventure trying to find new goodies, that you wouldn't expect to see on a layout frm things laying around the house. For more fun tips on frugal scrapbook go Here. Hope you will become a follower! Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love  Penny
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Sunday, February 03, 2019

How to Make a Boy Scrapbook Layout Using Vinyl

Good morning crafters Penny here today to show you how I made a scrapbook layout using vinyl accents.

To start my layout I first made the plaid border at the bottom of the page by using two different types of vinyl to mimic the plaid on his shorts. I used the Ultra Metallic 130 blue, and the Transparent Vinyl Blue on top of a white cardstock. By using the transparent blue I achieved a true plaid because it gave me a 3rd color when it crossed over the Ultra Metallic blue. It was a super easy technique that I am sure to use again, and it matched his shorts and hat perfectly. 

Here are the front and back of the plaid border.

To purchase your own vinyls please check out the following locations.

Ultra Metallic:
 ATSMCRAFT ( (Southeast US & PR only)
JPI Blanks (
MidSouth Crafting Supplies (
Script Designs (Canada)
Vinyl & Crafts (
Vinyl Countdown (
Vinyl Spectrum (

Transparent Vinyls
(Southeast US & PR only) MidSouth Crafting Supplies (

Next I added my mounted photo.  It was first mounted onto acid free paper, since vinyl is not acid free. So to protect your photos you must add a layer of acid free material in between your vinyl accents. The glitter shine on this product is amazing. For a greater selection check out their Color Charts, and Product Line.

Here is the border in place on my yellow cardstock. I later added some brads just as accents and the vinyl sticks perfectly to most surfaces. 

You will notice in this photo I forgot to add my check patteren paper under the photo on the right. I later corrected this. Oppsie! 

I used the same two vinyls to make my title die cuts, Super easy, and the vinyl glitter is brilliant.

Here is my finished project again with the second photo mat in place. I hope you had fun here today and give this vinyl project a try for yourself. I believe you'll love it. Happy Scrapping. Love Penny

This blog is sponsored and supplied product in return for product reviews and crafting projects. 

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How to Make and Decorate Homemade Planner Pages For February

Good morning crafter's Penny here again today to show you how I made and decorated my own planner pages using vinyl. These pages were made for the month of February, but I made a whole year's worth of covers, so be sure and stop back by to see next months cover reveal, and go back to previous month's reveal starting in January.

I started making these planners by using some heavy cardstock that came in a birthday planner kit, that included metal rings to hold it together. Later as I needed more pages I just cut out more heavy duty cardstock myself, and using the store bought sheets as a guide for the size, and the ring holes. I marked where my holes needed to be for my rings, and punched them out with a standard hole punch. You however could make your planner covers larger or smaller depending on what size you needed, or the size of your outer notebook. 

Next I used vinyl from StyleTech Crafts to cover the cardstock, thereby making my planner much more durable, and the divider covers since they were covered in vinyl became waterproof/spill proof as well. The calendar pages, were also from the birthday kit,(these were made of regular paper so they are not waterproof) but they would be easy to buy or print off on your home computer, This month didn't include the pocket pages but they were purchased separately without decorations, but they could also easily be made at home then decorated as I did previously on January's pages..

These decorations mainly used the beautiful Ultra FX in silver and black colored vinyl. Then the cut out decorations were then placed on the Polished Metal in Red vinyl. You can find some of their color charts located here

If you'd like to see more product types, or to keep up to date on all the new products, and projects made using these vinyl types just follow along on their Facebook Page. To make it easier to apply my cut out decorations I used the Application Tape which I highly recommend, as it makes working with the vinyl so much easier.

You can purchase these vinyls at the following locations:

Transparent Glitter: ATSMCRAFT ( (Southeast US & PR only)
MidSouth Crafting Supplies (
Script Designs (Canada)
Turner Moore on Amazon Vinyl & Crafts (
Vinyl Countdown (
Vinyl Spectrum (

Ultra FX

ATSMCRAFT ( (Southeast US & PR only)
MidSouth Crafting Supplies (
Script Designs (Canada)
Vinyl Countdown (
Vinyl Spectrum (

Of course to make my planner more interesting I decorated both sides of all of my pages, except for the middle page. That one I left blank on the back side so if I needed extra space to write notes on it was available. I used my die cut machine, and punches to make all of my decorations for this planner. If you enjoyed this post be sure and look back at the future months to see how those covers turned out.

So if you are really into making and using planners, but can't find any in the styles you like, here is an option for you. This type of planner is also very environmentally friendly because you can reuse the monthly divider covers and just replace the monthly dated pages (pictured in the center of the photo), instead of throwing away the whole planner when the year is up. Or if one page get's damaged, or you are tired of that month's theme the whole planner doesn't have to be replaced, you just make a new cover. I hope you enjoyed following along today, and till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny 

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Saturday, February 02, 2019

How to Make an Easy Valentine's Day Layout

Good morning today I am going to show you how to make a beautiful Valentine's Day Layout , or a layout for someone you treasure. 

This is a simple pre-made layout that I started with the solid red 12 x 12 color in the top right hand section. I then added the 3 - 6 x 6 squares.

Next I added the red dollie and white bows.

I cut the word "Treasure" out with my cricut machine.

The journal block, and decorated envelope is really an un-printed wedding invitation, that I added a Bo Bunny die cut heart on to.

I cut this photo off just a little bit too short for you get a full picture of the heart, and when properly inserted in the envelope it is even with the top of the layout, and does not hang out over the edge.

The journaling block is large enough to add journaling or even more photos if you like. I love the colors on this page.  Sorry about the photo, but this camera I'm using is still giving me a fit!

If you need additional inspiration today check out this link for some other great Valentine's Day Food, and Fun or this link for Wedding Layouts and Decorations
Till then Happy Scrapping Love Penny
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